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  1. Thanks for this information!! I am so hopeful to get an interview but have no idea if/when I might hear...just glad to know that there is still some time left. Congrats to everyone who has been accepted as well as those who have interviewed! If anyone has advice for someone who is still waiting for an interview invite please let me know worried I might be missing out on a way to better my chances for an interview
  2. So glad to know that I'm not alone in this feeling/experience -- thank you SO much for making this topic so people can share their stories of success! I applied last cycle for the first time and unfortunately got no interviews. It has been incredibly tough and quite taxing on my mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Hearing from others who went through this and then got accepted a following cycle is what I need to cheer myself up and motivate me to continue on....I am confident in myself pursuing this profession but not in the process, so this feed is very appreciated. Thanks to ev
  3. Side note -- I was mistaken about the price. It is free to students, but programs have to pay. The website was not totally clear on that. Still wondering whether or not this event is worth it! Thank you!
  4. Hello everyone! PAEA is hosting a PA Virtual Fair coming up on April 7th, and this all day event is quite costly. I am wondering if anyone has heard whether or not these virtual fairs are that helpful? I work full-time currently and would have to try to get the day off of work, and before I go through the hassle of doing so I wanted to know just how beneficial these fairs are. Is it overwhelming? Or are you able to really get a feel for each program and not have to rush? Do the admissions teams give any extra information that isn't on their websites? Looking for any insight into the event
  5. Congrats to everyone who has interviewed, as well as those who have gotten in! Does anyone know if there will be more interviews held? Super hopeful for and excited about the St. John's program!! Thanks for any feedback
  6. I received an email from LIU on 6/24 stating that they received my app and it’s under review...and haven’t heard a peep since. Anyone else in this situation? I attempted to reach out to the program a month(ish) ago and never got a response..might’ve contacted the wrong person. Has anyone been successful at reaching someone from the program? This anticipation is killing me ahhh
  7. I am also in the same boat, just a few days behind you guys. I received the email acknowledging that they have received everything on 7/16 and haven’t heard back. Beyond relieved that I’m not the only one in this position!
  8. I'm in the same boat too! Has anyone heard of a potential timeline to hear from them?
  9. I am also in the same boat! Definitely a tough waiting game, but rooting for everyone!!
  10. After closer examination the website mentions that any prereqs not completed at the time of application will need to have official transcripts sent straight to the program, so I think it is ok to have one outstanding. I submitted my supplemental and am waiting for the email from Garrett regarding a phone call -- that is the next step in this process, correct? Good luck to everyone who has an interview or who is waiting to hear back!!
  11. Does anyone know if outstanding prereqs are ok? I have one and the website does not address outstanding prereqs. Good luck to everyone!
  12. same, I haven't heard anything and my application has been complete since 6/6. Not even a denial email...unsure what to think about this.
  13. I received an email on June 17th with verification that they received my application, but I havent gotten anything back. Huge bummer, was also hoping to be in the first interview round. Hoping they have another round and that this doesn't mean the end of the road for me. Good luck to everyone who is interviewing soon!!
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