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  1. Is the exam for the interview multiple choice? What can you tell me about things to review if you remember???
  2. Hey! I received an interview invite today! so excited! Any words of advice regarding the basic anatomy and physiology 150 question exam we have to take??? I would love to review material and feel prepared. Thank you kindly and congrats on making it into an outstanding program. And, you're almost a PA!!!! whoot whoot!!
  3. Received an interview invite today!! I am elated!! Rejected last cycle. Anyone who has interviewed before have any advice for what to review for the basic anatomy and physiology exam we have to take??? The U is my top choice. Time to dust off the ol’ text books. Good luck everyone!!!
  4. I interviewed back in 2018 (pre-COVID) and it was MMIs, a written essay, then tours!
  5. Just FYI. I reached out to Aven and she said they could be interviewing as late as February/ early march. So don't be discouraged if you haven't heard anything yet (I haven't either)..Good luck everyone :)!!!
  6. I interviewed there in 2018 and took a tour. It is a nice facility. Their simulation lab was quite impressive!
  7. Thank you much!! Again, no losing hope! I am still waiting to hear back from like 11 schools lol. Just know, you WILL be a PA one day! It's not a matter of IF just a matter of when! This is my 3rd time applying and that has really helped to change my outlook on this process.
  8. Don't lose hope! On other PA forums I've seen people who got interview invites days before the interview date. Fingers crossed for you. Good luck for all your applications, friend!
  9. All spots are full? Is that true? I haven't heard anything yet. I know with rolling admissions it can be tricky... Good luck to all and congrats to those accepted already!
  10. Sorry to hear! Keep your head up as you WILL be a great PA one day. Not a matter of if, only when!! Good luck with all your other applications, friend!!!
  11. Good luck to everyone out there anxiously waiting. I am still waiting to hear back as well, but best of luck to you all and congrats to those who have interviewed and have already been accepted! It probably feels really good!! I hear Pacific is a great program and I hope to have a chance at an interview!
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