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  1. I have no idea. Still havent heard anything as well; not sure if COVID has slowed down the interview process compared to cycles in the past. I would imagine so. But good luck; hopefully we start hearing back sooN!
  2. same. Its so strange with rolling admissions. I've applied 3 times, was interviewed the first time, didnt get an interview last cycle... and now we are here lol.
  3. Anyone with any sort of Update?? Really hoping they have plenty of interview days left
  4. Thanks so much! Congrats and good luck my friend! You’re attending a wonderful program:)
  5. Me either! Good luck! Hopefully we all hear something soon whether good or bad! Wishing everyone good luck.
  6. Congrats! That is awesome. Penn state is a top program for me. Did they say when they would be interviewing until? Also, I believe after you submit your deposit admissions sends out students that information.
  7. Thank you for this! Did they say when interviews would continue to?
  8. Hey! I had a 297 GRE and I was invited for an interview today! So don't worry there!!! Good luck!!
  9. received an invitation to interview this morning!! Good luck to all.
  10. not yet! But I have started to hear back from other schools though! Good luck!! Hope we hear soon!
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