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  1. Just email updates that I am still currently active on the waitlist
  2. Hey! Maybe reach out to admissions to see if interviews are still being conducted. I have no idea how COVID has affected interviews as far as timing goes; with a majority of decisions going out in March, definitely reach out and see! I am wishing you the best of luck!! Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions.
  3. WOW! Impressive stats! From what I have heard, on your interview day you are paired with someone with similar stats and at the end of the day they will choose the better interviewer. You are an amazing applicant, but sometimes its just luck I think; so if you plan to apply again, spend more time preparing on the interview portion of your application! You will get in, its only a matter of when. Feel free to reach out to me privately with an questions you may have! You are on the younger end of the spectrum so your patient care hours are below the average stats, so they could just want to see yo
  4. Waitlist is not a death sentence! A lot of people give up their seat! Fingers crossed for you that you get pulled off the waitlist!
  5. Once you pay your entire deposit, then that information will become available on your application status page
  6. On further dates in the student portal once you pay your deposit. They haven’t started the award process yet! I got an email that my FASFA was received and that they haven’t started awarding yet.
  7. Still have hope! People get pulled from the waitlist all the time! Fingers crossed for you!
  8. I am sorry this is helpful to know for lots of people! Keep pushing! Being a PA is a rewarding career path!
  9. Thank you much. And I am so sorry you’ve had such a rough go. I am not sure of what all the ins and outs of admissions; it seems it tends to be heavily dependent on what the application pool looks like. I am wishing you all the best. Don’t hesitate to reach out should you have any questions, should you want someone to look over your PS etc. etc. wishing you nothing but success. Let’s hope the next one is a charm
  10. Also, for those who were rejected, I was a third time applicant this cycle. I have gotten interviewed the last three cycles with Western. First I was rejected, then waitlisted, then finally this year, accepted. If Western is your dream school and you plan to apply again, especially with the next cycle opening up in April, here is my best advice: if your GPA is below a 3.5, I would consider retaking some classes if possible. They do a GPA tier system when screening applicants for interviews. For the actual interview, come up with 5 personal stories that you can potentially rela
  11. For those accepted, if you are planning to accept your offer and you would like to get added to the Facebook page please send a picture of your acceptance letter and a photo ID to: 2023mspa@gmail.com If your FB name is not the same as that on your ID, please mention that in the email. Thank you, and congrats!
  12. Just be patient and hopeful! I am sure you will hear soon good luck my friend!!!
  13. CONGRATS EVERYONE!!! HOLLA at yo girl if you need a roommate! Once you pay your deposit, you'll be able to submit a roommate request form so people can see what you're looking for etc, but just thought I would reach out on here too!!
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