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  1. I was actually accepted to a program this year that was on probation and lost their accreditation a few months later after their review. The next review for Penn State is not until Sept 2021 so there is no chance of this happening. Once matriculated into the program, if it shuts down, there would be a teach out option for the current classes. I guess what I am saying is to not worry. I know we all want a top notch PA education but in the end you want to be able to sit for the PANCE and after passing that is when the real education begins.
  2. I think it went well enough, I am more excited about the program now then I was before the interview. I did have a hard time sleeping last night, I kept second guessing my responses to some of the tougher questions. There isn't much I can do about that now though and now its time to patiently wait for final decisions. Good luck!
  3. The school I was accepted into and planning on attending lost its accreditation. I was waiting to hear back about that situation and cancel my scheduled interview but it looks like I will be there on the 16th.
  4. They sent an email to those who have already been accepted.
  5. Heritage withdrew from accreditation there will be no more interviews.
  6. I got it too, the subject line was "Tips for..." and my heart sank. I thought it was an email telling me how to better next year lol. 4 more weeks, the wait continues.
  7. Yup. I cant help but feel like it is not uncommon for there to be misinformation spread on this forum but its the best source we have for info. Perhaps the current student misunderstood or the faculty changed their mind about how they were going to proceed. I was told 2-3 week at the interview and next Monday IS my birthday, I am still hoping for that miracle.
  8. Congratulations to everyone who got the call, I am a little bummed I did not because I own a home that is a 10 minute drive from campus and have lived in Indy for 15 years. I hope that they will continue with acceptance calls on Monday and there is always a chance at the waitlist, otherwise I am packing up and moving 1500 miles for the next few years as I was accepted into another program. For those of you who are new to town I hope you enjoy all that Indy has to offer, it truly is a wonderful city.
  9. The grades are averaged, I got a C in genetics and retook the course and got an A so the average was 3.0 in CASPA. I was able to select the A in the prerequisite selection though and that was my goal.
  10. I withdrew from this weekends selection process due to acceptances into other programs. Good luck to everyone!
  11. Phew, all done with the interview and now for the hard part. At least they committed to sending invitations in 2-3 weeks, I have waited almost 2 months for other programs. Good luck to everyone!
  12. The video tells you the answer, that is why I told you to watch the video again. The interview portion of the day can be completed at any time during the day but they recommend that you attend the info session before doing it.
  13. You should have received an email titled "PA Interview Day-Instructions-Read ASAP!" It is very clear what happens on interview day from the video that is included. Good luck!
  14. I heard back from other schools first =/ I was wrong though, I love that I have to put down multiple deposits now!
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