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  1. Just wanna make sure I'm on the same track after the acceptance and confirmation, did anyone do anything else or get any updates after submitting the FAFSA and after being confirmed that they recieved it?
  2. Oh ok, then I'm guessing we probably had around 1200 total applicants this year similar to other schools.
  3. Curious, does anyone know how many applicants applied to Sullivan this year or any other year?
  4. During my interviews they mentioned that if you want a specific place for rotations and have a preceptor in mind they are willing to work with you for your choice of place (max of 2 rotations out of state). They will find a preceptor for us regardless though, just like other PA schools.
  5. Undergrad School: Middle Tennessee State University Cumulative Undergrad GPA: 3.68 Science Undergrad GPA: 3.60 Age at application time: 22  GRE: 289 V - 143 Q - 146 AWA 4.0 Healthcare experience: Total 4995 hours. (3050 hours as a CNA at an Intensive Care Unit at a hospital and 150 hours as a CNA at a Rehab Centre. About 1900 hours as a Medical receptionist at a hospital, and other HCE related work as a CNA.) Research: 150 hours as a Research Assistant Volunteer: About 1600 hours. Consisted of volunteer work at a medical mission trip to India, data manager at American Red Cross, college's honor society work, college tutoring, lab works, and various other places. Extracurriculars: Club treasurer, College honor society membership, Indian club membership, and various other. Shadowing: 190 hours. (125 hours shadowing a Physician Assistant in a Neurology Intensive Care Unit at a Hospital. 65 hours shadowing the PA's MD team (Physicians) at an ER and Neuro Intensive Care Unit. LOR: 4. 1 from a Physician Assistant that I shadowed, 1 from a Physician Assistant Student that I worked with, 1 from my Diagnostic Microbiology Professor, and 1 from a Clinical Staff Leader at my workplace. Schools Applied: 14 (6 non GRE schools) Application Submitted and Verified: Some on first week of June and some on mid July. Interview Invites: So far, 7 invites: Lipscomb University, University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC), Bethel University (TN), Sullivan University, Lincoln Memorial University (Harrogate), Lmu knoxville, Morehouse School of Medicine. Interviewed: 4 places out of 7 invites: Lipscomb, University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Bethel, and Sullivan University. Waitlisted: Lipscomb, University of Tennesse Health Science Center. Accepted: Sullivan University and Bethel University (Tennessee). Attempts: 1 Attending: Sullivan University
  6. I got an interview yesterday for December as well but I had to reject due to an acceptance elsewhere:) so one of you will get an interview invite soon.
  7. Got the same email upon sending my application in July, but still haven't heard back
  8. I emailed them for an update but haven't gotten a reply yet. Did you move up or down from your group since the last time you checked?
  9. How do you guys or your acquaintances like Sullivan University and its PA program so far? Trying to gather some opinions prior to finalizing my acceptance:) any Sullivan students out here who would like to share any opinions or experiences? Also was wondering if there is a Facebook group yet for the accepted students.
  10. Did anyone move up from their waitlists? They havent replied any updates on my waitlist
  11. Email. I also recieved a denial.
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