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Science gpa vs. prerequisite gpa?

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Hello everyone,

I’m applying to PA programs in the upcoming cycle and was wondering if anyone could provide any information about how heavily science gpa weighs on the overall application versus the gpa of prerequisite courses. Unfortunately, my science gpa is not as high as I would like for it to be (around 3.4). I earned Cs in 3 of my undergraduate upper level science courses, 2 during my sophomore year and one one during my senior year. Only one of these courses was a prerequisite (biochem). My gpa for prerequisite courses, however, is much higher (around a 3.8). I feel that the rest of my application is fairly decent (3.6 gpa, good GRE, a few hundred patient care hours, and tons of community service). Also, I don’t know if it matters much, but I am a former teach for amarica corps member. Is it likely that my subpar science gpa will hinder me from gaining acceptance? If so, is there anything that I should do to strengthen my application?

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