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  1. Butler’s DMS does not require a masters to matriculate and no extra classes required. Im in the program currently and throughly enjoying it.
  2. ACEP is worried about their pockets but should be focusing that concern on the insane number of low quality EM residencies popping up at for profit institutions. PAs will not be the downfall to their profession, they will do that to themselves.
  3. I would strongly look into a bachelors of interdisciplinary studies if you have that option. It won’t benefit you at all for getting a job but I think it’s an ideal degree for those wanting to go to graduate school. Take the classes you need/want and avoid the gpa killers. I’d go knock out those chemistry classes and then look into seeing what you could transfer to an online BA/BS in IDS.
  4. Launchpad is an interactive site and you will have to complete assignments through it.
  5. https://pce.sandiego.edu/search/publicCourseSearchDetails.do?method=load&courseId=38327378 I took this self paced class from university of sandiego. It was the cheapest option I could find and took me about a week to complete. I don’t exactly know why but it’s two graduate hours instead of undergrad hours. But it comes on an actual transcript with a letter grade for 2 graduate hours of medical terminology.
  6. Absolutely! My wife teaches there so I can vouch for the validity of the school.
  7. During COVID times, many PA programs are waiving the requirement for lab sciences to be taken in person. If this applies to the program you are applying to and are in need of prerequisites, Spartanburg Community College in South Carolina is offering free tuition for anybody who enrolls in 6 credit hours or more for the upcoming fall and spring semester. While they do not offer every class online, they do have quite a few prerequisite classes available online to include down general biology, A&P and micro. They also have an online pathophys course that could be used to help boost gpa. below is a link to the course catalog https://selfserviceprod.sccsc.edu:8172/Student/courses And here is a link to the information about the free tuition. https://www.sccsc.edu/financial-aid/tuition/free.php
  8. Dude, I logged in to the first day of biochem and about peed myself. I was not ready for all this
  9. I’m not the OP, but I’ve been doing 4 classes per semester since January and it’s very manageable. The medicine classes are much more engaging and fun than the more “public health” type classes, but I felt the same way in PA school as well.
  10. https://www.logan.edu/academics/bachelors-human-biology/ Logan University also has a very affordable, online bachelors in human biology. I have a friend who just completed it and it was a solid program. Its only $275 a credit hour.
  11. I am not sure where you live and if this would be an option, but I posted this a few weeks ago. The national center for outdoor and adventure education in Wilmington, NC has been offering a 19 day intensive EMT course. However, due COVID-19, they are now offering this as a hybrid course. You complete 12 days of online training (which is conducted live through video conferencing) and then you go to Wilmington for 7 days of hands on training. https://ncoae.org/trainings/19-day-intensive-emt-basic-emt-b/ I do not know all fo the details and I can not speak for the quality of the training, but it does appear to be a very quick route to becoming an EMT for those that could manage going to Wilmington for a week.
  12. The thing you have going for you is experience. Atrium wont touch a new grad for the most part because they have their fellowships.
  13. I took the Ma course through US career institute. It wasn’t bad, not great. When I finished I bought the study guide and practice exam for the NHA CCMA exam and studied that for a week and then took the exam. I went from nothing to CCMA in a month. And I found plenty of opportunities with the CCMA. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Absolutely. It’s a non issue. I graduated from here and while I myself identify as a Christian, the program itself was separate from the rest of the school and religion was not discussed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. I am doing it purely for personal gain and satisfaction. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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