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  1. I did that as well. Just marked that I took it online.
  2. It calculated it as 2 credit hours. It also calculated it as part of my graduate GPA not undergraduate.
  3. My first email from them was an invitation to interview. No confirmation.
  4. I found that it was a non issue. I took multiple classes where the lab portion was in person and lecture was online and nobody ever questioned it.
  5. There is no supplemental application. Good luck yall. Its a great program.
  6. Podiatrists are allowed to supervise physician assistants in some states so I would assume this would count as PCE.
  7. Jackson State University has a one year, online Masters of Science in Teaching Biology. It includes I think 24 hours of graduate biology. It is only 460 bucks a credit hour, which is fairly cheep for a masters degree. I started the program and took 14 hours of the biology courses and they were challenging but fairly doable. I got an A in all of them. The down side is that you do have to take 12 hours of education courses, but the one I took wasnt awful. I would have finished the degree if I hadn't of gotten in to PA school. And even now I am wishing I would have finished it just to have it.
  8. I will be in same amount of debt as you when I graduate. I sat down with a financial adviser before starting school and came up with a game plan and I will sit down again with him when I graduate and regroup. The debt is scary, but it's part of the process unfortunately.
  9. The University of South Carolina Upstate offers genetics online in maymester. It is 4 weeks all online. It requires daily submissions but nothing crazy. I got an A without too much stress involved.
  10. There are multiple threads regarding Doane's program if you search for it. However in short, it is a phenomenal program. From my experience the text book was an online book included in the course.
  11. Does anybody have any personal experiences regarding the pediatric fellowship with PM Pediatrics? I have a phone call set up with them today, but would be very interested to hear from others.
  12. https://www.dmu.edu/terminologia-medica/ Des Moines University offers a Spanish Medical Terminology Course for $99.
  13. Probably the only thing I will beat you at in my career! haha
  14. I had 12 or 13 and nobody ever asked mea bout it.
  15. Sure thing! The program director for Presbyterian College's PA Program mentioned to me that he had worked in genetics, or had an interest in genetics and that he had planned on trying to do PRN work at Greenwood Genetics Center.
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