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  1. I am doing it purely for personal gain and satisfaction. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Nice! We will have a couple classes together. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I just started the program this session. Taking two courses as well.
  4. Butler does not require a bachelors degree for the DMS. I am in my first courses there and really enjoy it.
  5. I had a similar situation regarding the name of my genetics course and it ended up not being much of an issue. I just sent the schools I was interested in a copy of the syllabus/course description and every single one of them approved the class.
  6. Hey folks. I came across this course the other day and figured I would share. The national center for outdoor and adventure education in Wilmington, NC has been offering a 19 day intensive EMT course. However, due COVID-19, they are now offering this as a hybrid course. You complete 12 days of online training (which is conducted live through video conferencing) and then you go to Wilmington for 7 days of hands on training. https://ncoae.org/trainings/19-day-intensive-emt-basic-emt-b/ I do not know all fo the details and I can not speak for the quality of the training, but it does appear to be a very quick route to becoming an EMT for those that could manage going to Wilmington for a week.
  7. Hey folks. I am doing some PRN work at a little health clinic inside of a manufacturing plant. Does anybody know if there is a cheap (free) program I can download where I can input the patient information and script and it print out the script? We are paper based charting so I don’t have the option to e prescribe.
  8. The founding program director at my program, and one of your friends, told us one time that there was a couple of countries where his DMS qualifies him as a physician. Know any bring about that?
  9. Take the medical assistant course from us career institute. You can finish it in a weekend if you wanted to. Go to the national healthcareer association website and buy the study guide for the ccma certification, study that for 2 weeks and then take the ccma certification. Boom you’re a certified MA in a month. That’s what I did and it opened multiple doors. You can volunteer at medicinal clinics, work part time as an ED tech, an MA at an urgent care, etc.
  10. I know an AT who got a job making 80K plus as a PE in an ortho urgent care. So if you like that kinda stuff, might be worth sticking it out.
  11. https://pce.sandiego.edu/search/publicCourseSearchDetails.do?method=load&courseId=38327378 I did this course. Its a 2 credit hour, graduate level medical terminology course for 300 bucks. You get a letter grade on a University of SanDiego transcript. I had no problems with schools accepting it.
  12. The future is genetics. Finish the course.
  13. I just put mine directly onto CASPA and nobody ever asked me a single question about it.
  14. It is just a normal Doane University transcript. For example mine says CHEM 330 Biochemistry I.
  15. It was good. I would recommend it. I have seen on here that the format has changed a good bit since I took it. It would be worth reading the others posts.
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