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  1. Yea is legitimate graduate level course that is on an official transcript from Univ of San Diego. It was a fantastic find and like I said it didn take a ton of time at all, especially if you have experience with medical terminology.
  2. https://pce.sandiego.edu/search/publicCourseSearchDetails.do?method=load&courseId=38327378 I took this course through University of San Diego. It is 300 bucks for 2 semester hours of graduate level medical terminology (I have no idea why it is graduate level) It took me less than a week to complete, but I had a solid base in medical terminology already. It is just 20 modules with a quiz at the end. Nothing proctored and no assignments. I can verify from first hand experience that you get an actual transcript from University of San Diego with graduate level medical terminology on it.
  3. I am not aware of any other programs that would offer you an externship. I dont know of school that would send you out to train in a clinic having never evaluated your clinical skills beforehand. With that being said, I think that having your certification should open plenty of doors, it did for me. At least in my state, there is no requirement for a medical assistant be certified. So a lot of practices, especially private ones and urgent cares will hire non-certified medical assistants and train them. So having your certification could help land you a job where they intend on training you anyways.
  4. mooredc


    Wow! That’s way different from when I took it. There was only one test and no quizzes.
  5. I went through USCI for the medical school and it has its pros and cons. It is a very easy program. I completed it in less than a month and that was going slow. You could easily decide to crank this out in a weekend and have no problems doing so. It does a fairly good job at presenting material, especially if you have experience in the medical field and just need to get a certification. The problem with this program is that it does not go very in depth with hematology or EKGs, both of which are big parts of the certifying exam. Now on to the exam. Because this program does not offer an externship, you are only allowed to sit for the CCMA Exam (Certified Clinical Medical Assistant). This is a nationally recognized certification but not every employer will accept it. Where I am from, the big hospital systems and all of their offices would not accept the certification. However, I was able to get some amazing experience at two different urgent cares with the experience. Obviously you dont get any hands on experience during the training, so the hardest part is trying to find a way to learn the clinical skills. I was lucky to have a job already in the medical field and some of the nurses trained me on the clinical skills. Also I took a job at a larger urgent care that put all of its employees through training which helped alot.
  6. I only took biochem through doane but I loved it. I draw on that class more than any other in PA school. It was a challenging course but it was definitely designed for the student to succeed if they put in the work. I put 1-3 hours of work in a night and came out with an A. The bigger concern for you will be finding schools that accept online lab portions for the prerequisites.
  7. mooredc

    CCMA or CNA

    I was a CCMA and it was a great decision.
  8. mooredc

    Online Medical Terminology

    https://pce.sandiego.edu/search/publicCourseSearchDetails.do?method=load&courseId=38327378 I took this one. It is 600 bucks and fairly stress free.
  9. As I finish up my first year of PA school in South Carolina haha.
  10. mooredc

    Online classes at Doane?

    You get a letter grade on a Doane University transcript.
  11. If you look in the pre-pa section of the forum you will find multiple discussions about online courses and Doane specifically. But overall I think Doane has the best online health prerequisite program out there. I highly recommend them.
  12. mooredc

    Will I be competitive?

    What schools did you apply to?
  13. I took labs at one school and lecture at another for multiple courses and it was never mentioned.
  14. I would also throw a vote out for pathoma. I think it is a lifesaver.
  15. mooredc

    Doane U- Microbiology

    I had Dr. Beio but again I took biochemistry. I dont know how the micro class is laid out. Biochem was about 90% assignment based. There was only one exam.

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