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  1. I know an AT who got a job making 80K plus as a PE in an ortho urgent care. So if you like that kinda stuff, might be worth sticking it out.
  2. https://pce.sandiego.edu/search/publicCourseSearchDetails.do?method=load&courseId=38327378 I did this course. Its a 2 credit hour, graduate level medical terminology course for 300 bucks. You get a letter grade on a University of SanDiego transcript. I had no problems with schools accepting it.
  3. The future is genetics. Finish the course.
  4. I just put mine directly onto CASPA and nobody ever asked me a single question about it.
  5. It is just a normal Doane University transcript. For example mine says CHEM 330 Biochemistry I.
  6. It was good. I would recommend it. I have seen on here that the format has changed a good bit since I took it. It would be worth reading the others posts.
  7. They do. I was accepted there with Doane and other online credits.
  8. I did not. If you have any experience in the health care field, you shouldnt really need the book. Its just going through and taking the quizzes. If there is a word or concept I didnt know I just googled it.
  9. I did the one at San Diego. I literally did it in a week. When I started the course I called the instructor and explained my urgency. She was super nice and the second I completed the course she I emailed her and she submitted my final grade that day. I was able to get my transcript the next day. It’s a 2 credit hour graduate course and comes on a University of San Diego transcript with a letter grade.
  10. If it’s anything like their medical terminology course, it won’t be bad at all!
  11. I did that as well. Just marked that I took it online.
  12. It calculated it as 2 credit hours. It also calculated it as part of my graduate GPA not undergraduate.
  13. My first email from them was an invitation to interview. No confirmation.
  14. I found that it was a non issue. I took multiple classes where the lab portion was in person and lecture was online and nobody ever questioned it.
  15. There is no supplemental application. Good luck yall. Its a great program.
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