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  1. mooredc

    Online classes at Doane?

    You get a letter grade on a Doane University transcript.
  2. If you look in the pre-pa section of the forum you will find multiple discussions about online courses and Doane specifically. But overall I think Doane has the best online health prerequisite program out there. I highly recommend them.
  3. mooredc

    Will I be competitive?

    What schools did you apply to?
  4. I took labs at one school and lecture at another for multiple courses and it was never mentioned.
  5. I would also throw a vote out for pathoma. I think it is a lifesaver.
  6. mooredc

    Doane U- Microbiology

    I had Dr. Beio but again I took biochemistry. I dont know how the micro class is laid out. Biochem was about 90% assignment based. There was only one exam.
  7. mooredc

    Doane U- Microbiology

    I would email Katie in enrollment and address your concern. They are very intentional about making these courses the best they can be. I took biochemistry through Doane and had an amazing experience.
  8. mooredc

    Undergrad /Human Physiology

    My degree in undergrad was in Spanish it provided many indirect benefits for me as far as getting in to PA school. I was able to offer up my Spanish skills as an interpreter and go on multiple medical mission trips for free through the local church. While no school I interviewed at asked me about academics, every single one of them wanted to know about my medical mission work. I know that your question was regarding the major but I guess I am saying don't neglect that minor. It could really benefit you.
  9. Yes it does. I got an A. It is a normal graduate level college course and you get a transcript from the University of San Diego.
  10. https://pce.sandiego.edu/search/publicCourseSearchDetails.do?method=load&courseId=38327378&selectedProgramAreaId=19248&selectedProgramStreamId= You cant beat Univ of San Diego for medical terminology. It’s a 2 hour “graduate” level course, self paced and it’s 300 bucks. I paid and started the course the same day. Best part is, it took me 2 days to complete. Definitely worth it, especially if you have extensive experience in the medical field and just need the course to say you had it.
  11. mooredc

    Why UNE?

    I for one had a horrible experience at UNE and think that Doane University's online health prerequisite program is significantly better.
  12. mooredc

    Prereq GPA

    I would say that this is very school specific. Some schools simply look at the sGPA from CASPA which includes every attempt at every science class that falls within the category while other schools calculate their own prerequisite GPA. Of those schools, I would imagine it is done either way depending on the school. I know that my school puts the most weight on their calculated prerequisite GPA and use the highest score in each class.
  13. mooredc

    LOR from NP

    In my opinion, the letter of recommendation that I received from an NP was my strongest letter.
  14. I am very interested in this program. The dean of health sciences at my school (a god of PA education in my opinion haha) is on faculty for the DMSc and speaks very highly of Lynchburg's PA Program. It will def be on my radar after graduating.
  15. Obviously nobody can say for sure for every program, but I have seen multiple programs list chiropractors as valid PCE so I would just assume working in that setting would count as well. That could be very naieve of me.

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