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  1. Hi everybody, I am selling my rosh review account for $100. It is the PANCE 365 version with over 3,000 questions. I bought this account less than 2 months ago and it is valid until October 1st, 2021. Also included in there is the Mock PANCE 1 Boost exam which I purchased for extra. Please send me a message if you are interested. Thanks!
  2. I would stick with it just because I thought biochem was really cool, but my program had absolutely zero biochem in its curriculum so I don't believe it will help you much in PA school unless your school specifically teaches it.
  3. Let's bump this thread back up. 1. Fever, RUQ pain, Jaundice, Shock, AMS - 2. Coffee Bean Sign - 3. Butterfly/Batwing pattern - 4. Grey turner sign - 5. Honey colored crusts - 6. Trousseau's Syndrome - 7. Samter's Triad - 8. Lofgren's Syndrome - 9. Pencil in Cup Deformity - 10. Multiple Corrugated Rings - 11. Boas Sign - 12. Herald patch - 13. Salvador Dali's Mustache - 14. Trousseau's Syndrome 15. Squared Off Shoulder - 16. De Musset's sign - 17. Fat Pad Sign - 18. Nitrazine paper tes
  4. The new edition has mostly the same info as the 2nd edition, with a couple of new diseases listed in the book along with expanding more on some of the previous diseases. Overall the book is ~200 pages longer than the previous one, hence why it is split up into 2 separate books. I only looked through the cardiology chapter so far so I can't speak for the majority of the books content, but I saw that they go over how to manage a posterior/inferior MI with RVI as opposed to the 2nd edition which just had a "one treatment fits all" approach for an MI. HTN guidelines were updated instead of the now
  5. Hello, I am headed to my boston interview at MCPHS next week and just wanted some tips on interview in general. Questions, types of interviews ... Thank you. 

    1. bocc54

      Hi I am so sorry I just saw this post and it seems like you already had your interview. Please let me know if there are any other questions you have. Would be happy to answer them. 

  6. I don't have a specific calendar, but classes start the beginning of September, and rotations end the last week of April/first week in May, approximately. So the class that just started PA school this September should be graduating around the beginning of May, 2022. The school follows the undergraduate semester calendar for the 2 didactic years, so you will have a week off for spring breaks, time off for thanksgiving, about a month off for christmas breaks along with any other random holidays in-between. In between your first and second didactic year, you have a 4 month summer break. Once the
  7. I'm currently a 3rd year MCPHS student. I think the faculty just recently started inviting students in for interviews, and I believe they will continue doing that until approximately late January-early February. When I interviewed we had 3 separate interviews lasting 10 minutes each. 2 of the interviews are with current faculty members and the last one is with an alumni of the program. The interviews are fairly laid back and the faculty is just looking to get to know you on a personal level. No trick questions or questions out of left field as far as me and my friends can remember. I can't giv
  8. I am a 3rd year student at MCPHS - Boston and in all honesty I love my program. If you have any specific questions feel free to send me a message I would be more than happy to answer them for you.
  9. About 3 months but I went very slowly. It can easily be done in a month.
  10. I personally found orgo lab to be much easier then gen chem lab, but if you hear horror stories from the professor you are about to take it with then I would be cautious. One of my professors refused to give any students an A on their lab reports because "theres no such thing as a perfect lab report." That class was a nightmare.
  11. Your GPA is on the low end but your PCE hours are very good. Obviously doing well in your outstanding prerequisites and having them incorporated into your sGPA will make you a more competitive applicant, but if you can afford to apply knowing you may have to apply again next cycle then go for it. I would also keep in mind that only applying to 2 schools is not a lot so you will probably have a better chance of getting interviews if you cast a wider net.
  12. To my knowledge the sGPA is usually what they first look at, but your GPA seems fine so I would not be too worried.
  13. I know some schools do not weigh it as heavily as other forms of PCE and some don't even accept it as PCE due to the fact that you are only working with one patient. I would contact the schools you are interested in applying to and see how valuable they consider the experience.
  14. An equipment package is included in our tuition so not really sure the price of that. I have never spent any money on textbooks so far. There were a few that were required, but I ended up finding free PDF versions of them online.
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