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  1. I am interviewing this coming Friday, Dec 7th. Does anyone know if this will be the last interview or if the school have another in January? Also, for those who have already interviewed, what was the day like?!
  2. Accepted!! So happy and excited to start this journey with you all (((:
  3. I will be interviewing on Friday as well! I am going to be at the dinner too, can't wait to meet you and everyone else ?
  4. Hey! I am interviewing on the 19th too, coming from Illinois, looking forward to meeting you ?
  5. Both of mine were right around 500 words, I felt like I needed all of that writing to elaborate on my points and be as convincing as I could have been
  6. Hi guys! First time applying this year to St. Ambrose so I have a quick question: how long should the "brief answers" in the supplemental application be? Just a couple of sentences or more like a paragraph? Good luck to everyone applying this cycle!
  7. I agree with @whitecoatrosegold in that you should contact schools because some of them really do use GRE scores as a filter, and if you don’t reach their minimum requirement of 300 total or at least 50 percentile in each section, it would be a waste of your money since you would automatically be screened out by a computer.
  8. You should definitely submit your application so that you can get placed in line for verification faster! It can take weeks after you hit submit for your app to actually be verified, so that will buy some time for ETS to process your GRE scores. You don’t have to submit your CASPA and send GRE scores simultaneously, some schools even have a separate deadline for sending in GRE scores, and that deadline could be later than the school’s CASPA deadline, so it’s reslly fine if you don’t send scores right now. Even if your app gets verified before you can send test scores, schools will most likely email you and say “we are missing your GRE scores and we require them by this date” or something, they definitely won’t reject you if their deadline hasn’t even passed yet. Good luck on the GRE!
  9. Hi everyone, Since some programs require you to attach or upload a document of your resume, I was wondering what would be an appropriate "objective" to have typed up. I have only ever used my resume for job applications, so I am not sure how to tailor it for PA school applications. My current objective is: "Innovative and passionate university graduate seeking a position that will allow me to apply my education, experiences, and certifications toward quality patient care." Any thoughts? Should I change it? Thanks!
  10. Thank you all for the responses! I will ask my professor asap.
  11. Hi guys, For those of you who have gotten or are getting LORs from professors, do you usually wait until the end of the class, when you receive a final grade to actually ask for a letter? I want to ask my microbiology professor, our final isn't for another 2 weeks but I'm at a 99% in the class and I'm pretty confident that I will finish with an A, so I am not sure if it would look bad if I ask him in advance. Does anyone have an options on that?
  12. I can tell you that I applied last year with a sGPA of 3.14 and cGPA of 3.48 and got multiple interview offers, so I think you should be fine as long as your experiences, personal statement, and letters of recommendation are good
  13. I used myPAresource and I thought their service was very helpful. The editor gave me a lot of feedback and tips that I used in revising my PS. After making my revisions, I was given $20 off to send it back to them for one final read through. I wouldn’t mind reading yours and giving feedback if you’re still looking for other opinions, let me know!
  14. What were your responsibilities as a lab tech? I’m not familiar with that job, so I’m hoping it’s something where you worked hands on directly with patients. Your GPA and shadowing/volunteering hours look good, but even with a good personal statement and letters of rec, I think that PCE number is way too low. Most schools have a minimum of 500-1,000 hours, and those are just minimum (not even competitive) I would definitely suggest taking some time to work and increase those hours, because PCE is a big deciding factor for admission. Maybe you might want to apply to just a few schools this year that don’t put a lot of emphasis on PCE? There are a number of programs who don’t have a minimum. And that way you could familiarize yourself with the application process and become an expert if you need to re apply next year!
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