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Home health - Advice please

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Home health gig combination of primary care visits, wellness visits, palliative care.

must see 120 patients per month but no minimum  required working days/ week

Seeing minimum of 6 patients per day ( based on m-f schedule, 20 days/ month)  pay is 95K - This seems really low to me, but can work as much as one wants I suppose and make near 200K so I'm told.

on call once per month Friday- Monday, phone call only- This seems terrible to me. Probably a lot of med refills, random complaints, weekend basically gone.



6 patients doesn't sound like a lot, but considering transit time, charting, etc. I'm thinking it would probably take a full 8+ hour work day making the base pay not really worth it.

What does everyone think?

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Personally I always disliked home health/house calls because of some (many) of the places I had to go. Filthy homes in scary neighborhoods. I went in one house for a house call for respiratory problems and there were several piles of cigarette butts and ashes 5-6 inches tall all over the house. You can imagine what the rest of the house was like.

I'm not a good enough person to do that day in and day out.

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