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  1. I thought some of the pre-PAs looking into the profession might want to know what it is like to start working your first job out of PA-school. Check out my post below: PAJourney - What It's Like to Work as a New Grad PA
  2. Hey there, I have been working in an Urgent Care clinic for 2 months now as a PA-C. Just wanted to share my experiences getting started in the field for those interested. Check out my post below: What It's Like to Work as a New Grad PA
  3. I have written a blog post that may be of use to you. It describes, in detail, the steps I took to get credentialed/ready to work after graduating from PA school. Steps to Take After Graduating from PA School
  4. I recently wrote a blog post describing a typical day for me in PA school. Hope you find it useful and that it gives you an honest understanding of what PA school is like. I did one post for didactic year and one for clinical year. Enjoy! Didactic Year Clinical Year
  5. Just wondering how many other schools do a Summative Week before graduation and how similar or different it is to ours at Penn State. I wrote a blog post describing my experience with Summative Week. Please feel free to share yours below.
  6. Hi all, My name is John and I am a graduate of the 2017 class. Just wanted to stop in and say good luck to all of the applicants. You have chosen an amazing career. If you are questioning whether you are up to the challenge of PA school, know that I felt the same way. It is a difficult path but a rewarding one. Penn State is a particularly tough program, but you will graduate feeling like your degree is worth more for the experience. I couldn't be happier with my decision to attend (and I am still shocked they chose me). I also want to direct you to my blog, PAjourney.com. It chronicles my experiences in PA school and offers advice for those considering the profession. Essentially, I wrote down everything that I wish I had known prior to PA school. This includes advice on applying, writing the essay, and interviewing. I hope you find it useful. As Sue said, feel free to message me on here with questions. Although, be forewarned that I don't check my account that often. Again, best of luck to everyone! -John
  7. I have been sharing advice/experiences from each individual rotation on my blog. Hope you find it helpful! The link down below is for women's health, but there are links to all of the rotation posts on the site. PAjourney | Clinical Rotations 5: Women's Health
  8. Don't give up Cecilia! If you do not get pulled from the waitlist, ask the program for feedback on what you can improve going forward. Do the work to make changes and apply again. Showing that kind of determination will really bolster your chances next year. Good luck!
  9. Hi all, I am a member of the class of 2017 at Penn State. I haven't posted on here in a while, so I thought I would take an opportunity to direct future applicants to my blog at PAJourney.com. I created the blog as a way to give back to students who are interested in the PA profession. It contains a journal of my experiences in PA school as well as advice on the application/interview process. In general, I try to make every post advice-driven. I hope you find it useful and encouraging on your own journey. If you are waiting to hear back from Penn State, best of luck to you. Candidates have been pulled from the wait-list as late as the week before school, so there is always hope. It is a fantastic program, and I hope you can be a part of it. Feel free to message me on here (be forewarned, though, that I don't check it that often). Best of luck! -John
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