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Can you work as a student on rotations while you wait for your license?

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It's so frustrating to tell potential future employers that you may need to wait up to 5 months until gov Chris Christy gets off his bloated behind as the licensing process in NJ is slowww! Can you take a history, do the physical, write the note without signing it or making any orders in the interim? These are the same things that we do as students during clinical year. I went on the NJ state site, http://www.njconsumeraffairs.gov/pa/Pages/regulations.aspx, but it says nothing about it. I have some friends of mine whom were scribes before school and will be paid as scribes and will learn the software until they receive the license in the mail. 

1. Does anyone know if this is an ideal option?

2. What kind of ways have you had your future employer utilize you until you are credentialed? 

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in NJ, you can't work without a license, especially in hospital. It can take a long time to get licensed in NJ especially if you are not a new grad. As a new grad, my licensing process took less than a month after graduation (could have taken less but I delayed paying the licensing fee by more than a week). 

1. As a new grad, you could get temp license until your result for the PANCE become available, the license is expired once you get the result. One other caveat is that you can't get credentialed with a temp license either. 

2. Credentialing can take a long time, even longer in NJ because you'll need your license (4-12 weeks), CDS (3-4 wks) and DEA (1 weeks). You need your CDS to apply for the DEA. You can call DEA one week after you submit the online application to fax you the DEA number (waiting for it in NJ takes forever) 

There is nothing you can do to expedite the process in NJ in the state level but you can start the credentialing process without none of the document listed above. 

I was lucky enough that my credentialing took about 2 months, really lucky. 



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