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  1. Hello All, Time has come for me to decide between Pace University (Lenox Hill in NYC) and Rosalind Franklin (North Chicago). Rosalind Franklin is higher ranked, costs an estimated $40,000 less, has a smaller class size, is interprofessional, is closer to my hometown (I can see my parents more often, they're older), and I felt like their curriculum was better organized. The main pros to Pace is the location (who wouldn't want to live in Manhattan!), and ties to hospitals in NYC- I could see myself living and working in a big city like NYC post graduation. I'm reaching out to this forum, desperate for advice- which school would you choose and why? I feel like my heart is pulling me to NYC, but my logical choice based on cost and ranking would be Rosalind Franklin. Anyone who's heard about either program and/or has first hand insight, I would GREATLY appreciate it. Best, Rosie
  2. Hello CurrentPacePAStudent, I've been accepted to Pace, and as much as I enjoyed my time and fell in love with the campus, I feel like I still need to get to know the program better- it started downpouring during our tour, and I think that may have cut things a bit short. Now that I've interviewed at few other schools, I have a few questions to see if Pace has some of the same features as other schools. 1) I loved how another program really focused on interprofessionalism. For example, both PT and PA students would work together on cadavers. This is beneficial because whereas PT students may know a bit more about muscles, the PA students may be able to help them with vasculature and nerves. 2) Does Pace provide students with a pharmacology course, and would you say it's extensive? Another school I interviewed at had a great pharm course, and students would take this course with Pharm D students, again helping with the interprofessional aspect. 3) Do courses align well? As in- do topics covered in one course related well to the topics in other courses simultaneous. An example of this that I saw and loved at another program was, while the PA students were in the cardiology unit, they attended a pharmacology course that was focusing in on cardiac meds. 4) Do students get to work on an entire cadaver for the entire length of the anat & phys course? Have these cadavers been studied and used for courses in the past? 5) Are their many guest lecturers at Pace? If so, how do you feel about those guest lectures? 6) Are all lectures recorded? (So, if sick, one can view the lectures that they've missed) 7) How did you like your rotations? When at Pace I was told basically all the clerkships are located in NYC. Is there any leniency to this? For example, at another program, the directors negotiated with a student if they wished to be near their partner in another state for a few of their rotations. 8) Sorry to be so blunt with this question but I am hoping for honesty from a current student; would you say that Pace is overall at the same caliber, or better, than the other schools you looked at, or interviewed at? So far, do you feel like your didactic year has truly prepared you to work in the field? Thank you so much for your answers and honesty- I really am hoping that Pace is a good match for me, and that I'm a good match for Pace! There are so many things that I absolutely loved about the program. Best, Rosie
  3. Would you two mind sharing your stats? A huge congrats on the interview invite! My application was verified beginning of Sept as well, and I haven't heard anything, so I'm wondering if that's pretty much a sign I won't be getting an interview.
  4. Invited to interview on 12/12. Will be attending the Feb 1st and 2nd interview. Congrats to everyone that got an invite, and good luck! Hope to meet some of you:)
  5. This was super insightful, thank you so much. I am excited about the school I've been accepted to based on the program's success, the faculty, and the location. I know it isn't a super well known school, but as you've said, I hope the name isn't the only item my employer is looking at.
  6. Got invited to interview on Sept 1st, but a number of factors didn't allow me to fly from CA to interview until now- I'll be interviewing tomorrow. Just wanted to thank everyone in this thread for the advice on MMI and the process overall. Any last minute advice from others who have recently interviewed would be appreciated!
  7. I was also on the interview waitlist, and was denied yesterday- Same email, saying all spots are filled. Congrats to those who got a seat!
  8. Declined my invitation to interview on 11/17 after being accepted to another program. Hopefully that opens a spot for someone! Best of luck everyone.
  9. Wow, I feel pretty stupid for weighing in the ranking system so heavily. This is good to hear- thanks for the insight! I knew to weigh in the school's accreditation first, then PANCE pass rates, but then I generally would look at "rank"... interesting to know PAs don't consider these a real metric.
  10. I've been accepted to a school that is ranked 70th in the nation. This certainly isn't a top ranked school, but it's a good program (continuing accreditation, 97% PANCE pass rate, etc). How much importance is placed on the rank of your PA program in the hiring process, post-graduation? Thanks for your input!
  11. I've been accepted to a school that is ranked 70th in the nation. This certainly isn't a top ranked school, but it's a good program (continuing accreditation, 97% PANCE pass rate, etc). How much importance is placed on the rank of your PA program in the hiring process, post-graduation? Thanks for your input!
  12. Accepted via email today! Interviewed Oct 9th. Pumped because Pace was one of my top choice schools! Congrats to everyone else who's been accepted, and good luck to those still interviewing. Relax- they just want to get to know you :)
  13. I got the same e-mail. Yeah, it's odd, it sounds like they're just now starting to look at everyone?
  14. For those who flew in to interview: Any recommendations of relatively cheap but safe lodging near Pace? I'm flying in from San Diego and looking for affordable options. (Also, I'm interviewing October 9th if anyone who's interviewing the same day would want to meet up before or after.)
  15. Congrats all! I too am interviewing, on 10/9. Let me know if you have this date, it would be awesome to meet up. PCE: 2,378 hrs (EMT, CNA, volunteer first responder, first aid provider for kids camp) HCE: 162 hrs, Shadow: 50 hrs, Research: 192 hrs GRE: Verbal 155 (69th percentile), Quant. 159 (73rd percentile), Writing 4 (60th percentile) GPA: overall 3.89 science 3.84 Pace is definitely one of my top picks :) Good luck to everyone!
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