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Found 21 results

  1. Hi, I am a third year pa student & graduate in May 2020 (3 more months!) I just got my first job offer, which also happens to be my dream job, and I’m very excited about it. I want to share the good news with family and friends on social media, but I want to do it tastefully and with proper etiquette. What is safe/not safe to say publicly?
  2. Hello everyone, Due to the fact that I am a new graduate ( as of August ) I felt the pressure to take one of the first jobs that I was offered. At the time it was the only offer on the table, and I felt overwhelming stress of securing employment. Although it was not my dream job, I signed the contract on Sept 30th. I am scheduled to start this new job on or around December 14th depending on when hospital credentialing goes through. Today, I received my dream job offer. It has better pay & better hours. I have been given an amazing opportunity as a new graduate and do not want to pass this offer up..... however, I have already signed the contract to the other job. So my question is, I am a wrong for backing out of my original job offer (which I have yet to start) & take my dream job? The contract I signed is a one year contract commitment. The wording in the contract states the following " Subject to Non-Physician Provider’s satisfaction of the Prerequisites set forth in Section 1, the term of this Agreement shall commence on December 14, 2016, or such other date as approved by Company (the “Effective Date”) and shall remain in full force and effect thereafter for an initial term of one (1) year (“Initial Term”) " There is no other date that is called "Effective Date" other than December 14th, 2016. However, the contract was signed on September 30th, 2016. Does anyone have an input on this? My thoughts are that I should be able to get out of the contract without penalty since I have yet to start the job. Appreciate all advice and input.
  3. I have written a blog post that may be of use to you. It describes, in detail, the steps I took to get credentialed/ready to work after graduating from PA school. Steps to Take After Graduating from PA School
  4. Home health gig combination of primary care visits, wellness visits, palliative care. must see 120 patients per month but no minimum required working days/ week Seeing minimum of 6 patients per day ( based on m-f schedule, 20 days/ month) pay is 95K - This seems really low to me, but can work as much as one wants I suppose and make near 200K so I'm told. on call once per month Friday- Monday, phone call only- This seems terrible to me. Probably a lot of med refills, random complaints, weekend basically gone. benefits. malpractice. 6 patients doesn't sound like a lot, but considering transit time, charting, etc. I'm thinking it would probably take a full 8+ hour work day making the base pay not really worth it. What does everyone think?
  5. I've been accepted to a school that is ranked 70th in the nation. This certainly isn't a top ranked school, but it's a good program (continuing accreditation, 97% PANCE pass rate, etc). How much importance is placed on the rank of your PA program in the hiring process, post-graduation? Thanks for your input!
  6. I've been accepted to a school that is ranked 70th in the nation. This certainly isn't a top ranked school, but it's a good program (continuing accreditation, 97% PANCE pass rate, etc). How much importance is placed on the rank of your PA program in the hiring process, post-graduation? Thanks for your input!
  7. It's so frustrating to tell potential future employers that you may need to wait up to 5 months until gov Chris Christy gets off his bloated behind as the licensing process in NJ is slowww! Can you take a history, do the physical, write the note without signing it or making any orders in the interim? These are the same things that we do as students during clinical year. I went on the NJ state site, http://www.njconsumeraffairs.gov/pa/Pages/regulations.aspx, but it says nothing about it. I have some friends of mine whom were scribes before school and will be paid as scribes and will learn the software until they receive the license in the mail. 1. Does anyone know if this is an ideal option? 2. What kind of ways have you had your future employer utilize you until you are credentialed?
  8. Hey, how about areas that are still pretty hot for getting hired? Here's where my email box says is the best around me. - Tucson, AZ. Not a bad place I guess, but nothing impressive. I mean U of A is there, and that's about it. Tons of jobs. - Remote and/or small (read: crappy) desert towns such as Yuma or Bullhead City seem quite desperate. Some are only a few miles from Vegas if that is your thing. - Prescott (and Payson), AZ - in the high piney woods, seem like quite nice small towns and only an hour and change from both Phx and Flagstaff. I turned down an EM job there as a new grad, which hurt real bad, because I would retire there. Phoenix is about average demand, I guess. There are now three PA programs in the Metro, two of them quite large, so that may change... Where would you recommend someone who is mobile to find work easily?
  9. I am a soon to be graduating PA student who is beginning to look at jobs. I wanted to get some perspectives on starting out in a rural vs. urban location. I am currently in a large city and I've noticed that many (not all, of course) of the PAs seem to be more like glorified secretaries and don't seem like they make even simple decisions without consulting multiple attendings. There is just so much micromanagement. I know PAs in rural areas tend to have more autonomy and often develop more skills as a result. However, being a new grad, I obviously have less knowledge and skill than a seasoned PA and will require more oversight. I am not currently looking for much autonomy with being a new grad but I am still thinking about a few years ahead. I understand that a good employer will give me less responsibility and hopefully good mentoring as I begin my career but the opportunity to develop more skills and responsibility with time is appealing and I feel a rural area may serve me better. Please let me know your thoughts and personal experiences. Thanks!
  10. An orthopaedic surgeon in Biloxi, MS is looking to hire a PA with surgical experience immediately. Please contact me for any additional information.
  11. I am looking for a Derm PA with a minimum of years of Derm experience and to be able to manage all aspects of patient care with limited supervision. Competetive salary with unlimited potential growth. Practice has multiple locations in surrounding areas of Dayton and Cincinnatti. Shedule and locations may be tailered to meet your needs. Contact Matt Kintz, Practice Manager, directly at mkintz.reeder@gmail.com and at 937-438-5333X263
  12. http://www.pardeehospital.org/employment/physician-opportunities.html Physician Assistant (PA-C) or Nurse Practitioner (NP) -- Pardee Emergency Physicians Opportunity to join our fast-paced, efficient interdisciplinary team with the common goal of providing caring, compassionate, and excellent patient care. At Pardee UNC Health Care we pride ourselves as being a leader in patient-focused, state-of-the art health care services. Our 12 provider team serves more than 30,000 patients per year in our 24-bed, level two Emergency Department. Provider will work under the direct supervision of a Board Certified ED physician to provide a broad spectrum of comprehensive medical services, treating patients with physical ailments, ranging from superficial injuries to acute medical disorders. Case mix complexity consists primarily of routine cases in a structured environment with ample supervision. EMR experience and prior Emergency Department experience required. For consideration please send Resume to: Lilly Bonetti, FASPR Physician & Advance Practitioner Recruiter Pardee Hospital 800 North Justice Street Hendersonville, NC 28791 lilly.bonetti@pardeehospital.org No Visa Sponsorship No Recruitment or Placement Firm Inquiries Accepted
  13. Hey guys, if anyone is looking for a full-time Urgent Care position in Lancaster, PA please email me at zjjupin@gmail.com I'm moving to CT and just seeing if anyone is interested in taking my place. >1 year of Urgent Care or ER experience required Lancaster General Health system Very good benefits and lots of paid time off CME reimbursement 403B Liability insurance Every other weekend required Excellent attendings and other PA's Competitive pay Hours: 9-9 weekdays, 8-8 weekends http://www.lghealthurgentcare.org/
  14. I am a new grad (soon, at least) gearing up to apply for my first job. I'm open to working in a variety of settings, but I've received some worrisome advice from a friend: "Make sure you don't accept a job with a lower pay, not because you desperately need the extra income, but because you set the bar for income level at all future jobs." How true is this advice with regards to the PA profession? I was told that prospective employers frequently call previous employers to find out their salary. And because of this, employers tend to "low ball" these applicants and view them as less deserving of a higher salary than others with previously higher incomes. While I can see how this could be true for other professions with more flexible requirements and employment history, I'm wondering if this applies to PAs. I'm wondering especially with providers who switch from clinic to surgery or vice versa. This seems more apples to oranges than clinic to clinic or surgery to surgery, where the comparison might be clearer. I'm curious what everyone thinks.
  15. Recently I separated from an employer and they have asked me to complete my EMR charts (complete some random omitted/overlooked CPT codes, some billing codes, etc.) ...since the first of the year. (about 100) They gave me a stack of paper charts and asked me to complete them and sign. I was paid for the services rendered,( I thought) however, now I am told that I will be paid for these because now they can submit them...I am concerned why i am getting "paid twice" ...Didn't they submit them to to Medicare already? I believe maybe they paid me all along in good faith they would be reimburse...And, if they did not submit, are they now submitting them under my NPI number? And because i am no longer their employee...how can they submit under my NPI? Who can I call to ask about this thorny issue or confirm this is on the up and up? Honestly i do not trust my old employer in asking them. And it seems weird they are "paying me twice" anyway.
  16. TotalCare Walk-In Clinic (a primary and urgent care practice) in Chino, CA is looking for a Chinese-speaking full-time PA to join. No experience is necessary. Interested candidates should email lynn@totalcarechino.com. Thank you. TotalCare Walk-In Clinic is a leading urgent and primary care practice in Chino. We opened in 2006 and our physicians have 30+ years of medical experience each. We provide for 18,000+ patient visits a year. We offer a fast-paced work environment and the unique opportunity to accelerate your growth as a medical practitioner in a wide range of clinical areas. The role will be a unique learning opportunity as you will be practicing alongside an experienced MD. We are seeking an NP/PA to work full-time, Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm. Compensation Compensation will be on an hourly basis Rates depend on experience Malpractice insurance is included Requirements No experience required; open to fresh graduates Excellent clinical skills and bedside manner Familiarity with the diagnosis and treatment of chronic conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, coronary artery disease Proficiency in the diagnosis and management of common urgent care cases such as infection, women’s health, ankle sprains, minor surgical procedures, abscess I&Ds Passion for leveraging technology to deliver better care (experience with EHRs and fast typing speeds are a bonus) Strong initiative, curiosity, and ability to learn Positive attitude and high energy Mandarin Chinese speakers strongly preferred Current NP or PA license
  17. A full time Ortho Spine PA position now available at Norton Healthcare in Louisville Kentucky. PA will work office only Monday through Friday. Minimal call from home. No ED call. PA will be on his/her own schedule and must be able to see patients independently with the ability to read their own X-rays and MRIs. Two surgeon and two PA staff. You will be the third. If interested see the job posting at www.nortonhealthcare.com
  18. Seeking experienced surgical PA-C. These are full-time positions, excellent benefits, and relocation assistance available. • Baltimore, Glen Burnie, and Columbia MD • Westchester NY • Newton NJ • Raleigh and Columbia NC • Orange CA • Lakeland FL Surgical Physician Assistants (Operating Room) Positions Looking for a change Looking for work life balance Looking for a new opportunity As the Surgical First Assistant, you will partner with renowned surgical practices to optimize surgical performance and deliver exceptional patient care. In this role you will be responsible strictly to perform first assistants’ duties in the operating room; you will not partake in clinical duties, hospital rounding or any kind of pre-op or post-op work. Benefits • Competitive base salary; • Health and dental insurance, short and long term disability, life and accidental death, and dismemberment insurance; • 401(k) plan with company match; • Company paid malpractice insurance; • Yearly continuing medical education allowance; • Generous Paid Time off accrual program; • Reimbursement for state licensure fee; • Reimbursement of two national and/or state association dues related to the profession. Requirements • PA-C Valid State License • Minimum 2 years minimum recent surgical first assist experience • Proficient experience and skills assisting with at least half of the following fields: General, Vascular, Orthopedics, Cardio-Thoracic, OB/GYN, Urology. Neurology, ENT & Plastics/Reconstructive • Laparoscopic and Davinci Robotics experience a plus • Active/Current Hepatitis vaccination • BLS/ACLS Certification Intralign is a new kind of healthcare company that creates substantial and sustainable improvements for hospitals. We focus on the intra-operative space, where we help hospitals create efficiencies by making highly qualified clinical support staff available and by enhancing intra-operative processes through alignment of clinical and operational goals. This means that the hospital can reduce costs, increase throughput and enhance clinical quality. Jacqueline Yaro www.intralign.com 602.845.5566 Explore all of Intralign’s career opportunities at: www.intralign.com/careers
  19. This post includes international resources for physician assistants including job resources, links to international PA programs, links to international PA organizations, and general guidance for a pre-PA, PA student, or current physician assistant seeking international opportunity. http://doseofpa.blogspot.com/2014/04/international-physician-assistants.html If you have any additions or notice anything that should be updated, please let me know. Thank you for reading.
  20. I will graduate in May with an undergraduate degree in psychology from PSU and, for the life of me, can't decide which career path is the right choice. My goal has always been PA school and I've worked my butt off to earn PA grades, but lately I'm becoming concerned that there won't be many jobs by the time I'd graduate from a PA program (Summer 2018). I have a family friend who works in a traveling nursing company and she strongly recommends choosing Nursing over PA as a future career path. There are many factors which contribute to a decision like this (and I could write a small novel debating the two careers), but employability is the most concerning for me. For any/all of you that work in hospitals or are familiar with the industry, do you have any insider information on the future of the PA position? Will there be jobs a few years down the road? Can you answer these questions with confidence? My preference lie in PA because I want to practice medicine and I believe I have the work ethic and commitment necessary to be an effective practitioner, but those loans are daunting for a position that's less popular than nursing, for example.
  21. Hi Everyone, I have been reading the forum for a while and haven't found a clear cut answer regarding the best way to get into derm. I have just started as a 1st year PA student. I plan to do my elective rotations in Derm if I can find the sites. I have looked into doing a fellowships/residencies after I graduate. I am wondering what is the best thing I can do to help enter this field upon graduating. Is the fellowship worth it? If so are PA's chosen for the fellowships based on their PA school transcripts. What is the likely hood of getting a job in derm without doing a fellowship? I live in AZ. I don't mind doing a fellowship, however I just want to know the best way to get into the dermatology field. Thank you :wink:
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