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  1. Hey guys, I'm conflicted regarding a position offered to me for a Hospitalist positions via a staffing company. My concerns are: They are about to hire me and I never actually had an interview, met any supervising doctor, been able to even shadow. There is just 2-3 days of "shadowing/training" AFTER I sign up with the group. The program is growing and the salary is above the national average >120K (14 shifts/month 12 hr each/nights/swing), 1.5K CME, 3 weeks vacation 1 week sick, flimsy medical/dental, and claim to have malpractice w/tail. No cap on the census w/ lots of admits. I'm coming from mostly ICU with a bit of hospitalist experience. Given that there is no real training and they expect the APPs to be nearly completely autonomyous from the moment they walk through the door, I'm feeling some red flags at least from where I am coming from. Also since its a for profit, no longer eligible for PSLF, not strong benefits, and no proper on- boarding. Am I crazy for thinkiing on passing on this?
  2. Thank you, everyone, for posting. I just sent out my application today.
  3. Sounds like a pretty good offer. Do you get overtime if you are needed for an extra shift here and there? Also find out if they provide some free CMEs with grand rounds.
  4. It's so frustrating to tell potential future employers that you may need to wait up to 5 months until gov Chris Christy gets off his bloated behind as the licensing process in NJ is slowww! Can you take a history, do the physical, write the note without signing it or making any orders in the interim? These are the same things that we do as students during clinical year. I went on the NJ state site, http://www.njconsumeraffairs.gov/pa/Pages/regulations.aspx, but it says nothing about it. I have some friends of mine whom were scribes before school and will be paid as scribes and will learn the software until they receive the license in the mail. 1. Does anyone know if this is an ideal option? 2. What kind of ways have you had your future employer utilize you until you are credentialed?
  5. mic87

    NJ License

    NJ is a really bad state for PA's. The process takes 90-120 days. I have met PA's for whom the process took 5 MONTHS! There no longer is a temporary license offered.
  6. I'm in my last few months of PA school and was wondering if anyone knows if PA's are permitted to perform procedures such as EGD, Colonoscopy, ERCP...?
  7. Cannot wait to start school!

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