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UC Offer - New Grad, VA

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Large teaching hospital:

- 83,000

- Full benefits

- 40 hours per week in 12 or 8 hr shifts

- Every other weekend

- Malpractice & tail covered

- $5,000 scorecard bonus (average amount received $3,700).

- I would be the sole provider in some clinics after my short (3 week ish) training period. Likely only the slow clinics that see ~12-15 pts per day.They placed a strong emphasis on me being independent quickly.

- 24 days PTO/year

- $2,500 CME + 5 paid days.

- Site has UpToDate, etc.

- no 401k match but does offer pension plan after 5 years.


I'm so torn. This job offer is with the company I love and the specialty I love but it seems low compared to all the other offers on this forum. However, AAPA salary 50%th percentile for new grads in UC is $84,000. I have already negotiated salary once and so that is set in stone. I am considering negotiating max scorecard bonus?? I am also locked into location for right now so I don't want to scare this company away.

I'm also in a very low cost of living area (about 11% below national average).


Thanks in advance for all the help!

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I'm not too familiar with the CoL in your area, but if you think the salary is appropriate for where you are then that's all that matters.  Can't compare to other regions of the country.  As long as you're above 80k in FP I'd be okay with it.


Everything else in the offer sounds great, except for the solo provider within 3 weeks thing.  Regardless of the amount of HCE you had prior to school I would be seriously questioning this.  You will most likely need someone to bounce things off of, ask questions etc., or at least I know I sure as hell would.


Everything else though sounds great, pension after 5 years is kinda rough, are you fully VESTED at 5 years, or do they not start making contributions until then?

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3 weeks solo provider for a new grad is super scary to me.  I honestly wouldn't take it just for that reason.  I have been in GI for 13 years and did a bit of Urgent Care my first couple years.  I was recently offered a part time gig but would not have an MD after a few weeks and I declined.  I have been practicing a long time but not in UC and I knew I would not want to be on my own until I had looked at enough x rays and ekgs to be back up to speed, probably a few months for me.  I have been out long enough that I know what I really don't know. 

Can you see if they would allow you to be with an MD or even another experienced PA for a bit longer?  I really think for a new grad a year with somebody there to look over things is more appropriate. 

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