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  1. Pretty brutal for the area. Have a friend doing outpatient pulm clinic in academics (normally much lower pay) for 168k
  2. Nocturnist position would be good, you'd been spending a decent amount of time down in the ED admitting, would give you the opportunity to network. And I agree with all of the above. If you open a bakery that'd be pretty cool too.
  3. Quite a few posters seem to be focused on making goals of care decisions and "saving the insurance companies money". Around 65% of bankruptcies in the US are related to healthcare. If we're going to continue to ruin people's lives with our healthcare policies then it certainly should be a factor in our healthcare decisions. While I've only been practicing in critical care for 4 years I can tell you that we have a definite tendency to prolong death while thinking we are extending life
  4. That's about $41.80/hr. I'd say no, regardless of the associated benefits, especially for a specialty position, especially for NYC, especially for...you know...a PA
  5. So by signing their offer letter you are accepting the terms set forth in that letter (compensation rate, PTO, insurance, retirement etc.) The formal contract usually consists of additional items (all the legalese) such as non-compete, intellectual property, and other stuff that I'm blanking on at the moment. Honestly unless there is a time clause anywhere in the contract you can back out at any time, it's poor form and doesn't look great professionally but... and those time clauses are only usually present if there is a signing bonus that you have to repay. Be on the look out for any mandatory notice that is required (60 days etc.) Think you're going to have to either take a chance on these guys or get things spelled out. I'd try to get them spelled out. Not gonna rescind an offer because you want the details engraved in stone. Probably. There may be some real sucky people out there.
  6. Unfortunately I think you know what our advice would be...namely to contact the SP or office manager or HR or whoever it is you've been in contact with and ask for those specifics to be placed into the contract. It's pretty standard to have everything spelled out, not undisclosed amounts being contributed towards health and specifics about retirement at a later point. That's ridiculous. I had more information after a job interview at JCPenny's 20 years ago.
  7. Ridiculous. Horrible customer service by any measurement. Likely unethical. Would be interesting to get the viewpoint of state or major medical associations, have them weigh in on this, issue a statement. If a colorectal surgeon won't see you for a dental abscess why should you be seeing patients you aren't equipped to help?
  8. That's a different situation as you are able to provide that service. If the patient showed up to your office wanting their...heck I don't know...their deep brain stimulator adjusted I guess would you bring them back, inform them you couldn't do it and charge them for a visit? If I read this thread right the whole discussion is revolving around whether to bring the patient to the back when you may not be able to provide the service they want/need. I just got nailed by my PCPs office for this so I'm mildly fired up about it.
  9. I'm guessing the reasoning is multifactorial, not sure what you and your fellow PAs production numbers are but if the docs are cranking out that many more per hour it could be one of the reasons, plus can you imagine the blowback from the major EM organizations if they started cutting MD positions over APPs? I'd guess add in production #s, ability to bill 100% on all patients, and playing nice all together. While I don't work the ED my wife does and both of her shops are actively hiring MDs and APPs in the PNW.
  10. Multiple hires at the same time huh? Are they expanding or big turnover? (You'll notice a lot of us are borderline cynical and/or bitter, have seen a lot of horror stories over the years)
  11. Hours? Expected patients per hour? Backup in the form of another provider when you're at these different sites (and especially the van)? Insurance? Retirement? Nice number of days off! CME could be better, remainder looks pretty good!
  12. Unfortunately as mentioned earlier in this thread when you work for a University system as faculty they pretty much own you and all that you do in regards to medicine to include intellectual property rights, ability to practice outside the system, volunteer etc. Think you may be out of luck but a discussion to be held with your department head.
  13. Ah...the frozen sands of Marquette. I vaguely remember some amazing pizza place, but that may have been seasoned by a day of flying with the door off doing line inspections... absolutely gorgeous region of the country.
  14. Geeze! Did you happen to get an ionized Ca++? I imagine he was pretty malnourished. Lowest I've seen was a post-thyroidecromy patient who came up post-op completely contracted, no idea how long she was in PACU, total Ca was around 4ish with an ionized of 0.38
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