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  1. Geeze! That's a lotta arrests. Also a lot of neuroprognostication. Sounds like a sweet gig!
  2. I actually totally agree with the above. There may come a day when the need to prove yourself won't be there, but that will either come with a significant amount of time in the same area or some sort of "board" certification. Or med school. I know too many people from my class who passed the PANCE to be comfortable with just anyone treating patients.
  3. What kind of volume do you guys see arrest wise? The more I think about it the more fun this sounds...
  4. I would guess that only arrests due to coronary occlusion, HF, channelopathy etc would be going to that service if they end up in the CCU. I work both academic CCU and private MICU so it's always a nail biter when you see the arrest role in. Etiology often determines where they end up. Sounds like a fun service though, chance to be involved in resuscitation and post arrest research would be a blast.
  5. There's no hard and fast rule on time out of school without a job precluding employment. I would expect some serious questions on the part of interviewers though. Be prepared to answer how you've managed to keep UTD on your clinical knowledge and skills. Keep looking.
  6. 1). This should probably be moved to the clinical rotations section 2). I'd reach out to the state PA association and see if they have any takers. Good luck!
  7. Yeah what you said. What's the point of all this investment in learning and advanced procedural skills of you're going to get shoved into an UC for 2/3 of your shifts? Plus the whole half pay thing is kind of obnoxious, unless it's set up as a true "fellowship" as in you get didactics, off service rotations etc then all you are is cheap labor. Expected PPH for #1 is great, sounds like they let you start slow and work your way into it. CME is a joke if they don't cover licenses, DEA etc, I'd try to negotiate that. Also 8s and 10s do suck. I'm sorry.
  8. Pay seems pretty on par with what I've seen (in the PNW at least, actually better than several) CME is about the lowest acceptable No PTO does suck but is more common than not in the ED environment Agree with above about figuring out the expectations early on, what kind of mentoring you'll have, patients per hour you're expected to see etc. Otherwise, congrats on an ED offer as a new grad!
  9. MediMike


    Thanks for the info! Sounds like it could be an interesting mix. Appreciate ya!
  10. Looks like it!! No collaborative agreement after 4000 hours, after that it's all decided at the practice level
  11. Anyone have experience working in one of these facilities? I'm splitting time between two positions and am unsure if I will reup my contract with the academic center, may need a bridge and saw a locums opportunity in an LTAC fairly close by. Appears to mainly specialize in ventilator weaning, census would be around 14 with up to 2 admits per day. Swing or day shift available. Currently work in a transplant CCU and pulm/CC, so I know my vents but I can imagine some nightmare social situations...
  12. MediMike


    I'm splitting time between two positions at the moment and will likely not renew the contract at one. Just saw a locums position pop open for a position at an LTAC specializing in vent weaning. Anyone have experience working in such a creature?
  13. I hope so! I wandered into a discussion on SDN and man. oh. man. I've always heard about how toxic it is but I was blown away by the ED MDs perspectives (or at least this small sample) Best of luck to you all!!!
  14. Agree with above. I've worked in CC since graduation 4yrs ago, have convos with my wife over breakfast (she's an ED PA) and am blown away by the complaints she addresses WITHOUT a $5k workup and every single bit of information possible. Plus she's real smart and stuff. And her skill set is much more transferrable to other arenas of medicine and life. While I can suture in an art line, trialysis cath or CVC in a heartbeat trying to do a running suture on my puffy jacket the other day almost broke me. I'd take the residency unless you truly want the crit care aspect of things. You'll learn more and get the best exposure to what sounds like the field you really want. As long as it's a reputable residency and not a cheap labor scheme.
  15. I also think there was a fair amount of "dagger" throwing in that post. I'm will to bet a large portion of those refusing to fill out FMLA forms or disability placards are individuals NOT working in primary care, and no, as an ED or UC provider you should NOT be filling those out. I also think that some individuals explained themselves quite well in their decisions to not write for handicap placards for individuals who would benefit from exercise over a more sedentary lifestyle. Oftentimes uncontrolled diabetes, HTN, obesity etc are due to patient non-compliance (duh). I think this post was a good outlet for folks to vent, while I do agree it kind of moved away from the original intent.
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