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  1. There is no such law where I'm at...but is it possible to do a quick screenshot on the computer and upload it? Windows has the 'ol Snip & Sketch which you can assign a hotkey to. Worked wonderfully for putting images/reports in the Cerner charts.
  2. Do you have a source for this? There was one SNF/AL that recorded around 30-40 infections that they think MAY have been related to a hospital discharge that I'm aware of. And rather than waiting two years do you have an explanation for the CDC's current levels of excess deaths? As for what it would take to change my mind? Evidence that 200,000 extra people haven't died so far these past 8 months I suppose. Hell. Evidence that an excess 100,000 people haven't died these last 8 months. I don't think I'm going to see a model where you can balance economic repercussions against deaths that I can morally feel good about. The things that seem to have changed your mind seem to be the natural course of the disease process. We knew nothing about it, a lot of people died, we learned more, less people have died. The fact that we can treat a disease *better* doesn't make it any less terrible, and shouldn't lead to the downplaying of previous responses.
  3. But like, the pelvis just has naughty bits right? Guts are in the stomach. Gawd. Assistants.
  4. I trust the first thing the CDC says on a topic, not their retractions or their 2nd iterations after getting their hands slapped.
  5. For our group of APC intensivists, we are separate from the docs group.
  6. We actually have a PA as the medical director for our group, and I guess his point may have been referring to your statement...that all common sense is lost once you enter administration so they may do something that dumb.
  7. I haven't heard of anything developing here in the PNW, don't think we got hit as hard financially, have some pretty huge healthcare systems that run everything. My medical director repeatedly told us to feel lucky we weren't getting furloughed and I was like..."We're the ICU?"
  8. Having taught off/on the last couple of years biggest advice I can offer is: 1) Teaching is hard. These are adults you are dealing with, the teacher-student relationship that most faculty fall back on is what they remember from grade school or high school as this is what is most familiar to them. Remember, these people have life experiences maybe surpassing your own, and they are paying a lot of money to receive a service from you. Treat them like the adults and quasi-customers that they are. 2) Ego can seriously get in your way. Admitting that you are wrong to a group of individuals that you want to have complete faith in you is HARD, but the biggest failures I've seen in teaching is with those who refuse to admit they are wrong. It is impossible to know the breadth and depth of all the medicine we teach, there are going to be questions that you don't know the answer to and that's OKAY! You'll also be blatantly wrong at some point, acknowledge it when it happens, research it, and let the students know the right answer. Make sure you keep yourself clinically competent and applicable. You now have even more of a responsibility to stay on top of clinical trends and evidence. Congratulations on the position and being able to still pick up shifts, I turned down the application for a position once I was told I could only maintain a 0.1FTE for outside clinical work Let us know how it all goes!
  9. Pretty close to 10 weeks to be honest. I'm assuming they are waiting for a couple cohorts to take it to allow validation of questions?? 100% concur with your assessment of the test though. While the unit is clearly different than strict hospitalist medicine I thought there'd be more overlap. I'll be damned if I know which 3rd line PO abx is appropriate to send a MSSA SSTI home with... Edit: Wait! You got to have questions on DI on your test? Way jelly over here...
  10. Yeah I googled a couple of the guys and didn't find much. That address is to a lovely home on 3.5 acres, very reasonably priced too!
  11. Ketamine! I've heard you ED people have actual blowguns loaded with K-Darts? Now, is it just ketamine or are you required to mix a variety of drugs in it to make a cool new name? Ketofoledex? Dropofolamine?
  12. What's his anatomical hangup for central access?? Stenosed?
  13. Embarrassingly so. Noticed the lack of the words "residency" or "fellowship" throughout the entirety of the statement?
  14. What EM said. Had a friend of a friend who attended the Mayo fellowship, absolutely raved about it, did the Heme/Onc focus as well, high functioning individual in the clinical realm. They have an ICU track as well if I remember right.
  15. I did the opposite...kinda. I started off doing advanced heart failure/transplant but in a CCU, did no outpatient stuff and have since transitioned to pulmonary/critical care. I'm assuming a large part of your position will involve immunosuppression so consider reading up on whatever the preferred agents are for lungs (we were all about tacrolimus), therapeutic levels and what time frame they have established for those. Meds that will effect those levels as well and titration strategies. Be able to recognize rejection, understand the workup necessary to evaluate. Now in the pre-transplant arena I'm assuming you'll be working on ensuring all goal directed medical therapies are being followed and there will likely be a formal workup orderset/template available which is organization dependent. Read up on UNOS, criteria, how organs are allocated. As I've learned, lungs are a LOT different than hearts (way harder in my opinion) so good luck and let us know how it goes!
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