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  1. I have no frame of reference for the COL in WV but doing the math you are earning a flat rate of $34/hr right now, not even accounting for OT. Thats preeeeeety ridiculous. While a commute can definitely wear on you, when you're only doing it a couple of times a week it's not that bad, and if you are getting an offer of $50/he to see about 1ish patient an hour in the ED and you have interest in the ED I'd say go for it. Can also check the AAPA salary report for the going wage for ED providers in your neck of the woods. Let us know if you get a formal contract with the ED group, good luck with the kiddo
  2. Leaving my first position (CCU/Advanced Heart Failure/Transplant) after 3 years for a Pulm/Crit position closer to home for less commute, better pay, better schedule, more procedures
  3. MediMike


    This. This at 0210 is amazing.
  4. There have been a multitude of studies on the efficacy (or lack thereof) of steroids in sepsis with the majority of ICUs continuing their use in septic shock. The numbers purported by Marik et al in his original HAT article in CHEST blows any regular steroid regimen out of the water, and continues to do so with continued case reports. There is a physiologic basis for septic patients being deplete in VitC and for VC's role in pressor responsiveness with quite a few trials demonstrating the same. Will be great to see a couple big ones coming through this year though, think Emory and maybe Duke(?) should be starting their analysis this spring. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6206928/ Anyways, sorry to derail from the K2 thing! Carry on!
  5. I had an RN on our CCU bring up our seeming negligence for not utilizing K2 in front of one of our patients on rounds. Referenced the fine Dr. Mercola. Shut that down real fast.
  6. While I don't honestly have much of a clue what an endocrine PA does I'm willing to bet if you contacted your state organization they could set you up with the contact info of one. And I'll go ahead and disagree with the above post, do what you want out of school. Unless you happen to fall into IM, FM or EM you're going to run into the same issue. Hell, you'll have a better chance at a lot of the material (in 10 years when you recert) than someone in CTS or ortho
  7. CMDT (Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment) was always my go to in the past. Fairly quick, evidence based, good breakdown.
  8. This! I was out in rural SE Washington and there was free food. Every. Dang. Day. Loved it. They would just watch the poor student cram his face full while they sputtered on about some IBS med...
  9. MediMike

    Need 50 CME each year?

    Agreed. I just don't pay $20/credit for them.
  10. MediMike


    Eh. Noncompete clauses aren't all the unheard of and I definitely wouldn't consider it a red flag. Would be nice to be able to get a 1 year contract rather than 2 just in case but by no means is it as bad as to 3-4 year contracts we see pop up here all the time. Big thing to look into is what the penalty would be for breaking it. Salary for UC can be pretty rough though. Lets say you shut the doors at 2059 and a patient strolls in or there are still some waiting, that will be uncompensated time. It IS very nice (and necessary in my opinion) to have an additional provider on site with you being a new grad.
  11. Forget "old school", I'm a 2015 grad of UW and tout my BS all over town. Was looking at UTRGV as the cheapest and quickest bridge to MS but thanks for the NOVA link EM, food for thought...
  12. I don't know, I kinda wanna start a fight with the guy saying paramedics are dangerous...
  13. For reference, I'm in the PNW in a moderate COL region. The UCs around here start new grads off at ~125k-130k/yr with full bennies, vaca, CME, sick retirement etc. for 36hrs/wk. For a 1099 in a high COL I'd shoot high.
  14. Is that because WE KNOW THAT THEY DID?! https://www.sciencealert.com/were-unicorns-real-fossilised-skull-reveals-siberian-date-last
  15. MediMike

    New Grad Urgent Care

    Yikes. 4 year contract is a terrible idea. Benefits are poor. Salary for urgent care is terrible. Sounds like there are significantly larger, well established UCs in the surrounding area, why would this place start to grow? You sound like you'll be solo on site. Bad idea for a new grad. The taking your own vitals and xrays thing, pretty much unheard of to me, as mentioned above many states require special training etc. to help prevent Bruce Banner type situations I think you can find better.

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