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  1. The "safe road" is them trying to make a point by exaggerating and over interpreting the bill. Rather than doing the right thing and continuing to do their job as allowed and expected they are going to endanger their citizens and responding personnel. I'm pretty sure that the Seattle chief is showing a hell of a lot more of a backbone than a group exhibiting behavior like TC's. In fact, if your argument is that people should be scared of legal repercussions it sounds like they are the brave ones for continuing to show up. The idea that you can't show up to a call unless you are allow
  2. https://www.thenewstribune.com/news/state/washington/article253124303.html?fbclid=IwAR2Z6OeDAe0Xd0GYYCbTokccKAk4-gSpTgQg4WzsL3T6Lmrs1u5FKGV2gnI Not sure if it's an open article or subscription only, but really has everyone tearing apart your county's response to this bill, which I would have to agree with. Have a very hard time relating their interpretation with the wording of the bill, which focuses only on use of force, not their ability to respond. Unless they presume that every time they show up they are going to knock someone's head in Even the Police Union supports this
  3. Doesn't excuse one's actions or decisions. May explain them, but does not validate. Must...fight... Godwin's...
  4. Nope. There is plenty of good information out there. People are willfully ignoring it. That's not to say that these a#&$ole talking heads and whackjob "influencers" on social media shouldn't be held liable for preaching their BS of course...
  5. ....That's insane. If I remember right it runs ~$1.25/u, dose is normally 25u/kg? What a ridiculous markup. I hate healthcare.
  6. Frequent fliers will get you. Precisely why you can't stigmatize all of them. Great pickup... although I'm sure the SBP helped a bit
  7. Read the book. Test comes right out of it. Understand basic vent management i.e. how to increase oxygenation vs ventilation. Identify different types of shock. Have a grasp of basic vasopressors, know how fast to correct sodium, recognize the basic approach to broad spectrum antibiotics. Depending on the ACLS status of all the folks they may include the cardiology section which is a weird mix of basic NSTEMI v STEMI, cardiogenic shock and arrhythmia management. Honestly if you do the pre-reading and pay attention in lecture you should be fine. I've been an instructor for the last 3 y
  8. Yeah I had two in my class. They struggled a bit with the didactics but crushed their rotations. Suppose if you can deal with the OR culture you can deal with anything.
  9. Had this question posed to me by one of the paramedic students a couple weeks ago and honestly it stunned me. What the hell am I going to be doing in 5-10 years? I'm in a similar boat where I don't want to do admin and am not really sure what the best way to advance myself clinically. We've got a fellowship starting so that may provide some distraction (depending on how it goes). Don't want to head back to medical school at this point sooooo...if you figure something out let me know!
  10. "Yeah this guy was smelling my head on the daily" should be enough to clear things up for any future HR person.
  11. Hiring for CTS in Washington! Come on over! (Up?)
  12. Ugh. There's a local ED doc at an outlying hospital who's ICU I cover, he has started using phenobarbital on a lot of patients then ends up intubating due to ALOC. So now they're intubated AND hypotensive with these creepy blown pupils. Know that FOAMEd has been screaming about it's use in ETOH withdrawal but man... it's side effects are no joke.
  13. It's funny, dex is the ketamine of the upstairs. The K resistance is a real thing. Have my students tell stories regularly re: 280lbers who go down like a tranq'd rhino after 250 IM while a little 120lber takes 500.
  14. As I was slowly scrolling down on my phone it looked like it was going to be a picture of a platter of burritos, thought some family member may have brought you a gift. The end result was not as appetizing.
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