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  1. MediMike

    Need 50 CME each year?

    Agreed. I just don't pay $20/credit for them.
  2. MediMike


    Eh. Noncompete clauses aren't all the unheard of and I definitely wouldn't consider it a red flag. Would be nice to be able to get a 1 year contract rather than 2 just in case but by no means is it as bad as to 3-4 year contracts we see pop up here all the time. Big thing to look into is what the penalty would be for breaking it. Salary for UC can be pretty rough though. Lets say you shut the doors at 2059 and a patient strolls in or there are still some waiting, that will be uncompensated time. It IS very nice (and necessary in my opinion) to have an additional provider on site with you being a new grad.
  3. Forget "old school", I'm a 2015 grad of UW and tout my BS all over town. Was looking at UTRGV as the cheapest and quickest bridge to MS but thanks for the NOVA link EM, food for thought...
  4. I don't know, I kinda wanna start a fight with the guy saying paramedics are dangerous...
  5. For reference, I'm in the PNW in a moderate COL region. The UCs around here start new grads off at ~125k-130k/yr with full bennies, vaca, CME, sick retirement etc. for 36hrs/wk. For a 1099 in a high COL I'd shoot high.
  6. Is that because WE KNOW THAT THEY DID?! https://www.sciencealert.com/were-unicorns-real-fossilised-skull-reveals-siberian-date-last
  7. MediMike

    New Grad Urgent Care

    Yikes. 4 year contract is a terrible idea. Benefits are poor. Salary for urgent care is terrible. Sounds like there are significantly larger, well established UCs in the surrounding area, why would this place start to grow? You sound like you'll be solo on site. Bad idea for a new grad. The taking your own vitals and xrays thing, pretty much unheard of to me, as mentioned above many states require special training etc. to help prevent Bruce Banner type situations I think you can find better.
  8. MediMike

    Lecom Apap Graduates

    This will end up being a quasi-useless response but SOMEWHERE in the past 3-6 months I ran across one of the 800 posts on here regarding bridge programs etc. which actually detailed out the matching for LECOM I thought. I guess they say that hope is the greatest gift of all right?
  9. I work at two different shops, one requires in person, the other does not. I completely agree with the above assessment regarding the appropriate audience for ACLS being nursing and FP/Derm/Non-resuscitation providers. I find it continually frustrating to have to attend these courses when I am more likely to deviate from the algorithm than follow it. Suppose someone has to check their boxes though. I have never seen nor heard of the lifetime sites and I suppose if you aren't required to do the in-person rigamarole (i.e. have some jumped up power hungry instructor try to trick you over the course of a 30 minutes megacode...I may have had some bad interactions) then it sounds great. Would definitely check with whoever the paper pushers are at your place though!
  10. CME $$$ is ridiculous. I rage in the night at the $1500 we get at my current position. Any PTO other than sick days? I understand from your posts that jobs are difficult to come by, but $100k is a high COL region is pretty untenable in my opinion. I'm up in the PNW and we have new grads starting off as hospitalists at ~$125k, 6wks PTO (I think) and other benefits that are much better than that which you are describing in a moderate COL area. Just a thought, seems like this is a less than ideal offer in a specialty you don't really have interest in staying in. Consider relocation?
  11. Hah! I was thinking the same thing.
  12. MediMike

    em photo quiz( occasional series)

    Many the time I've seen the fellows throw dopamine onto a non-hypotensive patient with rates that they "just aren't comfortable with" with a resultant BP in the 180s+. Dobutamine is a fantastic +ino and +chrono agent, but as has been mentioned above, agree with doing nothing if no symptoms.
  13. MediMike

    Nocturnist hourly rate

    In the PNW you'd be looking around 135k for 10+yrs experience as a hospitalist nocturnist w/ one group I'm aware of, ICU you're gonna get bumped up higher, think Swedish was paying mid-high 140s not counting their QA/QI bonuses when I looked at them a couple years ago, although that was a mixed days/nights position.
  14. The enforceability of a NCC is completely state dependent, first step would be to take a look at your local laws. Second, I'd bring those concerns up to whoever it is you are interviewing w/ vs. whoever your main point of contact is. In my personal experience it is almost impossible to get out of them, especially in larger systems. I had to drop down to 0.47 FTE, lose my benefits and retirement so I could moonlight in a different system to maintain my sanity. You could also contact lawyer for some advice, get an idea of how often they are actually enforced, what the consequences are etc.
  15. MediMike

    New Grad CCM Job resources

    Yeah what they said. Marino's is a fantastic reference...to help augment your knowledge and style. It's what I started off with and I got some pretty dang funny looks when I would spout off some of his stuff. Without knowing your background it's a little difficult, but SCCM has VCCR "Virtual Critical Care Rounds" which is fairly simplistic but a good starter. I'd recommend some podcasts as well, SMACC, EMCrit, VCCR, LearnICU are a few. Most academic centers have "prep" manuals online for residents doing their critical care rotations, searching these out could be helpful for understanding inotropes/antibiotic selection etc., or if you have the time and money finding an FCCS course locally might be good. What kind of CCM will you be doing?

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