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  1. Alright man, we're going to need you to start firing off some editorials in response! Put aside your brood/gaggle/flock (can't remember how many you have at the moment) and get to writing!
  2. Thanks for reposting the rotated 12 lead! If I recall the esoteric criteria for LVH outside of the standard S wave in V1 or V2 + R wave in V5 or V6 being >35... aVL > 12 (remember this as the "l" and the "v" are both in the word twelve) aVF> 20 (Remember this as "Fo' Twenny", I wasn't the most responsible young man) aVR > 14 (I've got nothing fancy for this one) Doesn't quite seem to meet these limits.
  3. If you are 8 years out, making $90k with those benefits I'm afraid you're being taken advantage of, unless you are in either an incredibly low COL area or are incredibly dedicated to/in love with this practice; which it sounds like you may be as you've come back twice. When I counsel new grads in FM I advise to not take less than $90k. Consider obtaining a salary report and asking for an increase in your base rather than renegotiating the bonus as it seems you're likely not to make it regardless?
  4. Try doing a search on State Department here in the site, topic has been discussed quite a bit. CIA not so much.
  5. Better get that NP and then your MBA. Maybe they'll let you in the C-Suite after that...
  6. Which organ service are you going to be on? If I remember right you are a UW student? There is a lot to learn on transplant, especially if it's a fancy organ like heart, lung or liver. Kidney are bleh. I mean they're totally important but not as glamorous. Transplant medicine is heavy as you have to master the organ and it's disease processes, you learn how to work up that specific failure, prognostic factors and ideally you'll see the ins and outs of immunosuppressive medications. If you wants cards or hospitalist try to score extra rotations in those fields! Nothing like immersing yourself in a field of study to learn it. There's a reason residents spend so much time in house on rotations
  7. A lot depends on where you end up rotating and working. Many rotations will provide you scrubs if they want you to wear them, specifically the OR and the ER. Most outpatient rotations I'd be expecting to wear business casual. In regards to when you start working, again it kind of depends on where you end up. No point buying a bunch of scrubs if you're going to end up in FP. And for the record, I may have established a nice souvenir scrub collection from the various rotations...
  8. Slam dunk huh? Makes me feel better about my reading skills. Don't suppose there was a prior ECG in the system anywhere? Did you check a myoglobin?
  9. Do you disagree with Cuomo? Are you suggesting that overeating doesn't lead to weight gain? Or that a lack of compliance with safe behavior during a pandemic will lead to increased spread? I honestly have no idea what you're getting at here The attached chart shows that the unemployment levels pre-COVID have been on a steady trend down since the bubble burst back in 2008-2009, sure he didn't make things worse, until he fumbled the COVID response. The three countries talking is fantastic, but nothing has actually been accomplished. The major bone in that deal was Israel backing off of the West Bank which if I remember right goes against the Israel-Palestine peace proposal Kushner initially put out. I'm not sure why you are so incredibly hawkish on Iran, they are "reeling" because we withdrew from our nuclear deal, assassinated one of their head honchos and have crushed them with sanctions in the midst of a pandemic. NK launched multiple missiles in 2019. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_North_Korean_missile_tests Thanks for trotting out the party line of "educated elitists". With that, happy Thanksgiving all, I'll be spending it with people who aren't you!
  10. No it doesn't but you were wrong so figured I would let you know. I don't particularly care that there will be a redesignation to Class III weapons as I believe these items to be luxury purchases rather than necessities. It's not a general "tax" leveled against the public, it's a fee you pay to play with your toys, and if magazines with less capacity can lead to less dead kids during the next inevitable school shooting I'm for it. And since all lives matter I'm sure you are too. But, again, perception right? To me it's not a tax. We are talking about taxes.
  11. Dude...better dump your bumps. https://www.atf.gov/rules-and-regulations/bump-stocks Not a Class III, they have to be destroyed or surrendered. How many folks linked to extreme leftist militant groups were identified this year? To my knowledge the VAST number of people arrested were...normal people. From the suburbs. And quite a few right wing extremists, probably as many of them as there were "antifa".
  12. Congressman in 52, Senate in 58 or 59 I believe. Think he was born in the late teens so there's some math that I've maybe had one or two too many beers to think about at the moment. What were the major differences in the 64 and the 68 act? I have no idea to be completely honest. I'm not sure who you are referencing? And was there a reason for that individual to get any press attention before they ran for a congressional position?
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