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  1. That's not what the title of this thread is. You didn't show that any NPs are opening clinics and hiring PAs to work for them. You are clearly just looking for attention and I regret feeding the troll.
  2. I'm sorry, where's this happening? NPs opening clinics and hiring PAs? Are they also hiring a physician to collaborate with the PAs? Or is this just a clickbait title?
  3. Which is all anyone in healthcare is these days, whether you're a physician, PA or NP, we're all lackeys to the healthcare corporation. Dropping the individual doc requirement makes it a lot more palatable for many as the liability isn't targeted to a single person. Also helpful if that doc were to lose their license, quit or straight up for suddenly someday.
  4. You may have luck reaching out to the state academy! Good luck forging a new position, it's how I started my career
  5. And I'm sure the younger PAs who aren't struggling would. See what anecdotes get us? Quit being so hyperbolic. I didn't say everything was amazing but it sure isn't the pit of despair that you make it out to be. Even the Bitcoin guy is making >$150k/yr. We see good offers put up on this site for review on a regular basis. I'm sorry you're struggling, I truly am. I guess that's all I can say besides hoping you find some joy in your field, change your field or get out of the profession with your mental state intact.
  6. Sorry for the delay in responding folks! Life got a little lifey. This program is brand new, the fellows will be the first to go through. The benefits are listed on the website, include the stipend (which I think just got bumped up some to a weird number) as well as full medical and the listed classes. Hours will vary based on what rotation your are on, I can't speak to what the weekly commitments will be but I'd expect 50-60+ hour weeks. No clue how competitive it's going to be, we'll see after the apps get in The first cohort will ideally stay in the Tacoma/South Sound regi
  7. So I am around 6 years out of school. I make close to $150k/yr working 120 (12) hour shifts per year giving me an hourly income >$100/hr. I am published, active in research, maintain a fantastic work-life balance and practice full scope medicine. Through my 6 years I have taken multiple students and been involved in teaching at my local program. Every. Single. One. Of. Them. has obtained a successful job with goodworking conditions. I am sure there are regions of the country where many of these things aren't true, but there are plenty of areas where it is. The regions of
  8. This sounds insane. I have read a lot of contracts, seen a lot of offers posted on here and haven't run across this. Check with a lawyer regarding the enforceability of this as it MAY be state dependent?
  9. One is a result of unforeseen effects, the other is a factor of the inherent terribleness of human kind. The oxy-family continuing to push meds after the proven harm clearly being an exception.
  10. That...was a lot. I think your preceptors' advice is pretty good. You don't need longevity, you need something to keep your mind somewhat in the game. I'd do either of those things, contract work for COVID is wide open these days. Maybe do something PT and just immerse yourself in whatever your specialty is going to be on your off time!
  11. Surprised that the hourly rate in NY is so low. The CME thing sucks as does a lack of reimbursement for licensing or DEA. Outside of per diem or contractor positions that's pretty unheard of in my experience. Those things are required for the job, therefore should be provided for by the job. Insurance stuff and retirement looks ok.
  12. Can't help but feel like this is going to turn into a marketing thread for crypto...
  13. Anyone heard any rumblings re: how the trials have gone? Looks like they are moving forward with an EUA soon! https://www.cnn.com/2021/05/03/health/pfizer-covid-vaccine-teens-fda/index.html
  14. You're confusing the Second Continental Congress as a different body when in fact it was referencing the second meeting of the same body. By your logic, every time the HOD disbands and reconvenes it's a separate body, same with the PAFT board, our current congress and every state government. Every colony besides Georgia was represented by a delegate. I consider the initial response to the Intolerable Acts as the beginning of the American Revolution. A revolution isn't defined by a violent act (although the idea of you running at the AMA swing a CPAP mask Braveheart style is enjoya
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