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Found 39 results

  1. cboylb

    urgent care salary

    Anybody know what the average salary/hourly wage is for urgent care work in Ohio? Is the data on Zip Recruiter reliable?
  2. Anyone have an idea of the average urgent care salary/hourly wage in Ohio or surrounding areas? Is Zip Recruiter accurate?
  3. New grad here currently considering taking my first job at an urgent care clinic. The goal is for me to act as a solo provider at a new rural location to be opened in the coming months (with an off-site supervising physician.. the specifics of who I should contact depending on when a question/concern comes up are to be discussed and I plan to have them included in my contract in writing.) It has already been discussed that I would have at least 4 weeks of one-on-one training with a supervising physician at the existing clinic, where there are always at least two providers working, before beginning independent work at the new location. I know all new grads experience some hesitation and nervousness about their first job, even WITH colleagues on-site for questions and I can appreciate that these feelings are in fact healthy and will keep me working hard to continue expanding my knowledge and improving my skills. I also know how important receiving sufficient training at your first PA position is, essentially building the foundation for the rest of your career. My question to you: when you started your first position (whether it was urgent care or something else - it would be helpful if you specify), what kind of training did you receive and for how long, and did you feel like it adequately prepared you for independent practice?
  4. I am currently still in my clinical year--I have 2 rotations still left to complete. This is the second job offer I've received. My first offer was from a local ED, which I declined because 1. It was my first offer, and from this forum I've learned that you probably shouldn't just jump on the first offer that you see 2. Before PA school, I worked as an ED tech working the 1400-0230 shift--and back then it was just my wife and I, and since then we've added 2 little girls to our family--and I just don't think I want to take on the ED hours, stress, etc 3. I ran my offer by a few different PAs that I know (PA school faculty and practicing PAs), and they were less than impressed with the offer ($115k starting, but didn't increase yearly as much as it probably should have; PTO was minimal; etc.) 4. In hindsight, I think I made the right decision. 12 hour shifts, 14 total shifts per month. This position is an urgent care where I'll be "training" with an MD or experienced APP for 60 days at a monthly pay of $6834 (would be salary of $82k--$40.67/hr). After this time, I'll move to my regular pay of $59.52/hr, $119,992/year. 3 tier PA job ladder--starting at PA1 (years 0-3), then move to PA2 (years 4-7), then senior PA (years 8+). They haven't said what the pay scales will be yet for PA2, senior PA. I told them I will not be signing until I know what that scale looks like with exact figures. They agreed that they would have that information before I sign. License reimbursement of $1170 $1500/year CME UpToDate annual subscription--approx. $500 Benefits eligible 1st of the month following 60 days of employment--Is this normal?? Non-compete clause--they haven't stated the exact details. I will get this information before I sign. 401K plan--have to wait 1 year to receive a match, but after that year I am 100% vested. After 1 year of employment they will match 100% up to 4%, then 50% of the next 3%. PTO accrual: 2 weeks in the first year, then increases incrementally yearly after that. They haven't stated exactly what it will incrementally increase to yet though. Again, will not sign until these numbers are firm and included in the offer. Thoughts?? Initially, I asked for $64/hr, which breaks down to $129, 024/year. I am thinking I want to counter with $61/hr--only a difference of $2984 over the course of a year (extra $248/month--that's a good chunk of our childcare). In any case, let me know honest thoughts. Anything that stands out as concerning? Thanks Forum! I've been reading other's post their contract offers, and have been waiting for my opportunity to post!
  5. What? Per diem job opportunity described as easy, straight-forward, laidback, fun with good pay. Expect low-acuity urgent care cases. Where? Manhattan When? Various open shifts throughout September and upcoming months w/ a particular need for weekend coverage Full-time Sept 27-Oct 12 How? If you have any questions, message me directly. If you have interest, please email your resume to alexandrajscialdone@gmail.com.
  6. I just switched into Urgent Care. I have 1 year of hospital medicine under my belt. I find myself getting stumped on some occasions, simply because I would treat the issue differently inpatient. Since I am feeling the learning curve, I am interested in what resources (books, journals, sites, etc.) my fellow PAs in UC use on a daily basis? All suggestions are helpful! Thanks in advance ?
  7. Okay. So I have been having trouble finding a job out of PA school. I graduated in December. I applied to a few residencies and fellowships and made it to the final round of one of the residencies but ultimately was not chosen. (This process took 2.5 months of my life= 1.5 months waiting for the interview and 1 month waiting for the results). So now I am 7 months out of school and without a job. The biggest problem is that I struggle with confidence. I did very well on all my tests in school but I feel like 2 years in school wasn't enough for me to be ready to practice medicine. Unfortunately, all of the fellowships and residences have deadlines that have passed so I am trying to find a job that will be welcoming of a new grad and be training heavy. I have a few interviews/job offers but need some advice of which would be best for me. One job primary care. They will give me 1-2 weeks of shadowing the doctor then 2 months of working in the same clinic with the doctor who I can utilize for questions. After that time I would be solo at one of the clinics. Pay is okay 90k but job is in California which is kind of expensive. One job is Urgent care. Shadowing for maybe 1 month then would be solo "sometimes" at 2 of their locations. But able to call doc at other locations if I have a question. Better pay and benefits than the primary care job. But I have read on the forum that Urgent care may not be the best for a new grad to start in. One jobs is endocrinology (I am scared this may be too specific for my first job and I may not be able to get out of this specialty if I end up not liking it). Any advice of which I should take if offered the position (knowing that I am a new grad who struggles with confidence)? I wish there were more residencies and fellowships for pAs! Thanks!
  8. Hi all, I am a new grad PA-C in MI and just received an Urgent Care offer at the first clinic I interviewed with. Seems to not be great, but not bad and I’d appreciate any feedback you have for me moving forward! First off, I interviewed yesterday and received the offer today. $45 per hour was offered and I countered with $50. We settled on $47. Pay: $47 per hour, shifts are usually 3 12’s, holiday and OT pay is time and a half. Possibility of bonuses dependent on revenue were mentioned. Ability to pick up shifts at sister locations. (OT wouldn’t kick in if time was split between locations though) Malpractice: covered (possible tail, office manager said yes when asked, but didn’t sound confident) Health Insurance: 50/50 but find your own coverage CME: 2k per year PTO: 2 weeks accrued per year Training: 2 weeks, $30 per hour Pro’s: No non-compete clause, 1 year contract ( no penalty to leave early) office manager stated “no one has ever done that besides one girl that went to work at a hospital and still picks up PRN shifts” Brand new office and they anticipate 4-8 patients per day until they build a pateint base. I would have an MA to complete front and back office duties. Con’s: I would be the only provider on site, collaborating physician would be available by phone/text and could run over to the office “if needed” (I wouldn’t count on this). They also said they “aren’t allowed” to send the contract via email. I can come into the office to review it or she can read me the highlights over the phone while I write them down?...I’d like to have it looked at by an attorney, is this reasonable? They’d also like me to make my decision ASAP. My background was in a busy surgical office and where we saw 60-80 patients a day. A lot of them I saw independently for post-op dressing changes and suture removal. Spoke with two of my preceptors that think the offer is reasonable and I could handle the amount patients on my own, without a physician on site. Thanks in advance for any insights/help you can provide!
  9. I live in the capital region (Albany) and I am now seeing advertisements for Five Star Urgent Care opening in the area. I see the salary being offered at >$150k with experience. I am an experienced emergency medicine, urgent care and interventional radiology PA who is open to a good opportunity if it comes along. This almost sounds too good to be true and wonder what the expected patient load is, benefits, PTO, etc. Does anyone on here work for them (they are all over western NY) or know about the company? Thanks in advance for any help. Dave
  10. Looking for a thumbs up/down opinion on a recent offer I received. I'll try and keep it short. My wife and I are moving back to the Southeast soon, hence the job search. I'm 4 years out of PA school. Spent 2 years in urgent care, and last 2 in neurosurgery. And I'm very much the "work to live" type. Don't mind working hard, but cherish home/family time too, thus not staying in NSGY at a level 1 trauma center. Location: Urgent Care on steroids: basics + onsite XR, CT, MRI, U/S, full lab. Manage some occasional high acuity stuff (they've done chest tubes, mild sedation, intubate, etc.). (sort of a satellite ER feel). They direct admit to local hospitals if not safe to send pt home. PAs run most of the show, expected to be able to do solo coverage after a while. -Hours: 8am-7pm M-F, 10-6 Sat, 11-6 Sun. Not open on holidays (1-2 wknds a month depending on season) -$50/hr x40hrs a week x 52 wks = 104k -Anywhere from 3-5 pts/hr roughly depending on season. -Full medical/dental etc after 3 months. (no payout if forgo insurance) -Malpractice coverage (occurrence based) -1k CME -401k + match -No PTO or vacation stipend. -No productivity bonus but 1.5 pay after 40 hrs -Medical Scribes on site Honestly seems like a great place to work and I feel like I will be valued as a PA and much will be expected of me. Plus decent hours. My biggest hesitation is the no PTO/CME/Vacation time. Basically I'm penalized for taking vacation. I either take a pay cut or I have to work extra and give up home time the rest of the month to make up for lost pay. Is that standard/common? My previous UC job gave a vacation stipend that helped when taking longer vacations. Also would love more like $55/hr but they wouldn't budge, not even to $52. Any red flags to y'all? Is no PTO or vacation stipend acceptable in an UC setting? I also feel like salary is a bit on the low end, especially considering eventually doing solo coverage? But that's in a mid-sized city in the southeast so COL is relatively medium to low, but not rural small town low. Thanks
  11. Hey there, I have been working in an Urgent Care clinic for 2 months now as a PA-C. Just wanted to share my experiences getting started in the field for those interested. Check out my post below: What It's Like to Work as a New Grad PA
  12. Hello folks, I'm currently a PA-S graduating in a few months. I'm posting in the general discussion since I wanted to get opinions from PA-C's, particularly w/ urgent care experience. I've applied for a number of EM jobs, and am in the process of applying to urgent care positions as well. I've decided work life balance is very important to me, and Urgent Care seems to fit the bill from what I've seen. My question is, do you guys think Urgent Care is an appropriate field for a new graduate? I will have had 2 rotations in EM by that point, and will not be solo at any of the UC locations. However, I've heard some members stating it is a poor choice, since you have more "autonomy" and need to have a good sense of what is high acuity and what isn't (which comes from experience). Given that it fits the lifestyle I want, should I still consider it? Thanks!
  13. What the typical pay rate per hour or salary for experienced Urgent Care PA in NYC full time. See about 3-4 patients per hour. Established company. Can anyone help?
  14. Hello, I’m currently a second-year PA student and I’m looking for some advice from people who have more experience than me. I graduate in May and this week I was talking to a health system that has openings in both urgent care and family med. Throughout my rotations I have enjoyed my experiences in both and I’m just wondering if anyone here has experience in either and would like to weigh in with their thoughts. I know personal preference plays a big role in this, but I’d love to get some information on the pros and cons of both areas. Thank you!
  15. Wondering what the opinions of experienced providers are on the pros/cons of a new graduate taking a job in urgent care vs emergency medicine. Anyone care to share their thoughts? Feedback greatly appreciated.
  16. What is the going hourly rate for a PRN urgent care position with a large academic hospital system? I'd be doing 40% urgent care complaints and 60% occupational med stuff. Located in a large Midwest city, employed by hospital (not IC), no benefits (strictly PRN). There will usually be an MD on site during the day, but for the evening shifts it is almost always an NP and/or PA closing the clinic alone. I have approx 1 year experience in general practice.
  17. Hello- I will be moving to Boston, MA with my SO who will be a fellow at Brigham & Womens Hospital next June. I am currently practicing in Urgent Care in Pennsylvania. I have a little over 1 year experience with a company I love, this was my first job out after graduation. At the time of the official move in June 2017 I will have 2 year of UC experience. This being my first PA job, I have no experience with relocation (new state license, when to start searching for a job, headhunters, etc). I had planned to start looking in October - is this too soon? When should I get my MA state license? Thanks for any input!
  18. Hi I just wanted to know if anyone made the switch from primary care to urgent care and what their experience was. Im interested in the position because it would be nice to work 3 12 hour shifts (weekends and nights dont bother me) but im afraid i might miss managing chronic illness. Did you feel taken advantage of as a PA? Thanks!
  19. Large teaching hospital: - 83,000 - Full benefits - 40 hours per week in 12 or 8 hr shifts - Every other weekend - Malpractice & tail covered - $5,000 scorecard bonus (average amount received $3,700). - I would be the sole provider in some clinics after my short (3 week ish) training period. Likely only the slow clinics that see ~12-15 pts per day.They placed a strong emphasis on me being independent quickly. - 24 days PTO/year - $2,500 CME + 5 paid days. - Site has UpToDate, etc. - no 401k match but does offer pension plan after 5 years. I'm so torn. This job offer is with the company I love and the specialty I love but it seems low compared to all the other offers on this forum. However, AAPA salary 50%th percentile for new grads in UC is $84,000. I have already negotiated salary once and so that is set in stone. I am considering negotiating max scorecard bonus?? I am also locked into location for right now so I don't want to scare this company away. I'm also in a very low cost of living area (about 11% below national average). Thanks in advance for all the help!
  20. Getting some advice from my state APA that legally it sounds more kosher to refer to my House Calls business as a "Service" rather than "practice". Any thoughts about this? I am hatching a business: providing a " service to Doctors" So, marketing to them. Huge interest so far whom ever i approach. =
  21. Taking a job in Guam in December for 18 months... just wondering if anyone has worked there or had a similar experience?! I am super excited, and a little scared. :)
  22. I am a recent new graduate and will very soon begin a job in urgent care. Does anyone have any good reference books they would recommend? Two books that I have found online that look promising are: "Minor Emergencies: splinters to fractures" and "Textbook of urgent care medicine" . Any one that knows which one may be better or any other options for a new grad in urgent care, please let me know! Thanks.
  23. Hey guys, if anyone is looking for a full-time Urgent Care position in Lancaster, PA please email me at zjjupin@gmail.com I'm moving to CT and just seeing if anyone is interested in taking my place. >1 year of Urgent Care or ER experience required Lancaster General Health system Very good benefits and lots of paid time off CME reimbursement 403B Liability insurance Every other weekend required Excellent attendings and other PA's Competitive pay Hours: 9-9 weekdays, 8-8 weekends http://www.lghealthurgentcare.org/
  24. Hi All, I am a PA with 9 years of experience in family medicine but am transitioning to per diem urgent care work. I was offered 65/hour, physician covers malpractice, and no benefits. Is that a reasonable hourly wage for an urgent care PA? I am in NJ. Thanks.
  25. Hello again, I am having a bit of a dilemma/ internal debate and would like some feedback. I am between two jobs that were offered on the same day. Let me start with I have my CT license to practice, always wanted to do peds, but urgent care & primary care are tied for second place. I was offered an ENT position (had never considered this field but applied anyways because it is in my ideal location- Southern CT). Monday-Friday 8-5ish, some on-call, no surgery, procedures in office, one Dr and one experienced PA who were both very nice and eager to teach. Salary and benefits could be better- 60k prorated for 6 months while training and then 75k after. Malpractice & licensing fees covered. 2wk PTO, 1 wk CME, pays only for registration for 1 CME conference, no set allocation for CME. Retirement after 1 year. Can't remember if health insurance is completely covered, life insurance & disability. Would be able to start as soon as I would like. Second offer was from an Urgent Care in my home town in Maine (4hrs from where I want to be). There are 3 locations and they are opening a 4th location all are affiliated with a nearby hospital and I would be an employee of the hospital. 3 12hr shifts per week with opportunity to pick up extra shifts. They will provide a precepted period, would not be expected to carry a full patient load. Hospital benefits (have not seen the official package- jobs were offered yesterday but HR will be sending along the official offer). Start at $47hr, $53hr at year 1, $57hr at year 2. Estimated start date of end of June due to credentialing. I did see there were a couple of posts regarding ENT positions a couple years ago.... I'm wondering if it has become more difficult to leave ENT and go into one of my preferred fields? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!!
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