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Urgent care as a new grad?? Big no?

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Hello again, 

in the height of job offers, I’ve been posting a lot on this forum lately asking for feedback. 

I’ve personally been told by a professor and then read comments that highly discourage New grad PAs from going into Urgent care do to the minimal oversight. 

I really want to get into ER, but have had no luck so I applied to a few UCs because it is still acute care and possible ER exposure. 

I got a call back for a new UC opening up and their offer and schedule is something I was looking for (3-4 12 hour shifts alternating). They said that patient census will be about 10-15 first year and then steadily increase after based on their data with the other clinics they opened in the last 2-3 years.  

Training is about 1 month with the physician on site, and then two APPs will be onsite at all times solo with access to physician on call/through text. Obviously as a new grad, this somewhat concerns me, but I learn on the spot pretty quickly and can adapt if needed. 

Pay: 55 per hour base with up to 14% RVU bonuses 

schedule: 3 12 hour shifts and 4 12 hours shifts alternating with every other weekend. off on 4 major holidays. Paid more on other holidays 

Benefits: 401k, dental/medical, no PTO


given that I want to get more experience with procedures and variety of patients, is this okay to go in as a new grad or a big red flag? 


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I encourage all students and new grads to find a supportive work environment for their first job. It is rare to find the ideal job right away, so once you've got some experience under your belt, transfer those skills to a job with your preferred pay, preferred schedule, preferred location, preferred specialty, etc.

One month of training seems short and "training" means a lot of different things to different people: the hiring manager may have one idea and the physician actually doing the training may have another. Chat with the physician directly and discuss their experience and interest in training a new grad and discuss what the training/onboarding will look like. (Has the physician even worked with a new grad before?) Another thing I would evaluate is if the PAs are willing to continue your training. Just because they're available and on site doesn't mean they're willing to train...

I've never worked in UC so hopefully someone with more insight weighs in. The AAPA salary report might be helpful in finding out what new grads are being paid in that geographical location and field. 

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