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  1. UTRGV has a scholarship you can apply for which makes their bridge VERY affordable
  2. Sat down with our manager and let him know that the hospitalist PAs/NPs we're making more than I was hourly. The hospitalist PAs who call me to come intubate their patients, run their codes etc. Showed the impact our group had on quality measures (Leapfrog scores etc), billing we did for procedures
  3. The surveyors didn't look specifically at other organizations but MCP polled much higher among the physicians and general public than associate. Dude. I was hoping once you got out of the field you would find some chill. As long as we are consistently tied to physicians in 48/50 states and are governed by the medical board we have to take these things into consideration. If we had started out with our own board then maybe we could scream eff off at the physicians trying to hold us back but you have to play the game man. You know this. It's the long game and we got a late start. And unless I read the prior post wrong nobody said that they gave a shit what NPs thought. With that being said, they have the lobbying power and clout to do some serious damage.
  4. I mean...the nurses are leaving hospital "A" to go to hospital "B". There clearly is a shortage of nurses at hospital B which is why there are openings there. And there are not enough nurses to cover hospital "A" so there are supply issues there. Hospital "A" doesn't have enough supply to meet their demand. This has happened to us. Our admin have been dragging their feet finalizing a contract and a bunch of the amazing nursing staff left us to go travel, now we are short staffed and have trouble making our staffing quotas.
  5. The difference is counting summer as a semester I believe. @ventanathat's awesome that your dad is a vet. Is he still involved in education? I imagine that much like all medical (critter or human) education is has expanded leaps and bounds since he went through. I'm not convinced on the toughness of PA school is probably the issue here. But that is probably a topic for another thread.
  6. How are those semesters spent? Guarantee you the depth and breadth are greater. But we can drop it otherwise someone is going to pop in comparing PA to MD school and start that whole mess over again. Totally agree ENT is probably the closest comparator, they are amazing clinicians that I had no clue about before starting inpatient medicine, super impressed.
  7. It's. A. Different. Job. Average salary of a veterinarian is $99k/yr and they go to a lot more school than us. You should feel better about yourself. Average base salary of a lineman is around $82k/yr, while they have less school they physically work a lot harder and have a much higher chance of dying at their job than we do, maybe we should pay them more? A plumber averages $60k/yr and gets covered in $!&* a lot more than any of us (excluding GI and ED probably), what are your thoughts on comparing our salary to theirs? You can't compare the salary of a different job to ours. The training is different, the responsibilities are different, the risk is different and the labor is different. And if you do a 0.00015 second google search you see that the average salary for a SLP is $80/yr which ends up being around $40/hr. Maybe your buddy does rake in the dough, but I make over double per hour what your quoting the PAs making in your post, what does that tell you?
  8. There's also the COL adjustment for rural Wisconsin. I have no idea what that would be, and while I agree with @EMEDPA we're both coming from the upper left hand corner of the country where COL is up a bit compared to everywhere else. I would definitely ask HR for more, but in a way that compares yourself to other PAs or (maybe) MDs.
  9. I don't think you're undervalued I think you're undercompensated. They know your value as you are acting as a fully functioning ED provider from the sounds of it. I'm sure some of it is supply and demand, there are plenty of PAs who want your job. I work ICU, but my wife works ED in western WA, she made $68/hr a year out of school (2016) dropped to per diem and was making $90. Agree with the above that the RNs are likely making the appropriate wage for the market.
  10. There are people in finance and IT making a s!&T more money than anyone in our fields be they primary or specialty and nobody seems to care. There is a massive nursing shortage and no shortage of PAs, especially in the ED. I'd worry about making similar money in comps to other PAs in the region, ED PAs specifically.
  11. My wife works ED and they won't hire NPs, only PAs.
  12. The problem with that analogy is: https://www.onepoll.us/40-percent-of-americans-think-they-could-compete-in-the-olympics/
  13. Vaccination reduces viral load and the incidence of transmission. Yes you can be vaccinated and still contract and transmit the virus. You can impregnate someone while wearing a condom but it sure as hell reduces the chances of that happening. https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/nejmc2106757 https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMoa2116597 https://www.thelancet.com/journals/laninf/article/PIIS1473-3099(21)00648-4/fulltext
  14. I work with a fair number of docs who attended medical school in India...I believe them at least
  15. Are you familiar with the ins and outs of nursing? I would have absolutely no idea where to start (or desire to do so). They work hard and put up with a ridiculous amount of abuse. Providers ARE exhausted but you can't just take a new grad PA and shove them into an overrun COVID unit.
  16. What is the benefit of this over an LPN? What do you consider a low/mid-level task? I sure as hell don't want an individual with a single year of training my patients in the ICU. Should a "generalist" PA be doing the current duties of an ICU nurse while I direct them as the specialized PA? Do you have any information of evidence to backup the idea that nursing or provider wages at all are what have driven up healthcare costs as opposed to administration? Can you show me a healthcare system that has had the life squeezed out of it by nurses asking for a fair wage? In my experience those complaining about the way healthcare systems (and insurance) manage their money has more to do with the distribution of the money as opposed to how much is made. The CEO :Average employee wage is off the charts. https://www.beckershospitalreview.com/rankings-and-ratings/the-7-highest-paid-health-system-ceos.html
  17. Yeah. RNs make more than a lot of PAs I know. The job is also completely different and not a fair comparison in my mind.
  18. *Details have been changed to protect patient identity* Had a patient transferred in from a sister hospital a while back. Gentleman in his 40s, hx of NICM with a VF arrest around 5 years beforehand, now with a DC AICD. I'm unsure of why the pacer portion was active. Came in with "feeling odd" and "chest flutters". Turns out had received 4 ICD discharges for VT>VF. Loaded with amio+infusion. Had 3 more discharges, appears to be PVC mediated. Loaded with lido+infusion, 2 more. Decision made to intubate and transfer for semi-emergent ablation (weird term). He was good for the first couple hours...followed by 86 ICD discharges. I reloaded amio+lido, thought about procainamide, multiple metoprolol doses. Unfortunately the ICD either ran out of juice or simply stopped functioning leading to several prolonged arrests. When morning came around they cath'd him, placed a support device and went to the EP lab, unfortunately arrested again and decision made to halt resus. One of the more frustrating nights I've had. Questions for the group: Have you ever used procainamide for VT storm? Experience using propranolol or esmolol rather than metoprolol? Ever seen a stellate ganglion block actually performed (I've seen one) or know if there is utility in PVC mediated storm? I know we have some Cards-CC folks on here, feel free to tag them if you remember who they are!
  19. What kind of hospital? Private or academic? I'll PM you a bit later with what information I've got from my group starting one
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