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  1. Boatswain2PA....funny you list those skilled workers as possible side jobs. People with those skills are killing it right now, at least in my area real estate is booming. My plan B was to go back to teaching piano.
  2. I honestly thought all of this was exagerrated until I started looking for new employment myself. 18 years experience, no gaps in employment, squeaky clean resume. No calls at all. Fortunately my current employment has improved and I plan to stay where I am, honestly hopefully until I can retire in 5-6 years. I feel like even 5-10 years ago things were so much better. A Physician that works for a larger group or hospital does not want to take on the "supervision" role. If it does not directly benefit them, why would they want to spend the time and "liability" to do that. It is eye openi
  3. I have 18 years experience and recently applied to a handful of positions. Most of my experience is in a specialty, and I applied for other positions not in the area I have the most experience, but did not get even one email or phone call. I could not believe how many of the positions advertised for NP and did not even have PA in the advertisement. I still think that I could find something in my specialty at some point, but it is not one that is hiring right now due to COVID decreasing patient visits and procedures. I also recently saw an add for a temp position doing COVID swabbing
  4. I am still making 30 percent less of my former salary, however without hours cut or reduction in my workload. I never would have thought I would be here for 4 months. I am employed in a group, but each Physician makes decisions about their own staff pay. I do not think this is going on group wide, from what I have heard most people had hours and pay reinstated in June. I confronted the Physician I work for about it 2 weeks ago and was told he woul keep me updated but they could not reinstate my pay right now. I am considering going to the CFO of the company and asking what the deal i
  5. Thanks everyone for sharing. It does help to see where everyone is at, seems like some of us were not affected at all, to completely losing your job, to cut hours, or cut hours and pay. I honestly would not have minded having my hours cut, I still have teenagers at home and would have enjoyed those extra days with them. The pay cut especially such a big one for doing the same thing I have been doing is the frustration. I also am not sure why my company did not apply for the CARES act paycheck protection program. I think it was only for companies up to 500 people, so we must not qualify.
  6. Thanks for all the replies, helps to know what is going on at other practicies. I am in GI as well, I think because they rely on scopes so much that has been a factor. My volume is down a bit, but not tremendously. I am still seeing in person or doing video consults on 15-18 per day. I also have a hard time with the fact that I know other GI practices in the area that have not cut their PAs at all. I am going to wait it out until at least July. I know if I discuss the topic now it will not go well. I am really hoping by the end of the summer another opportunity will be available
  7. Wow, 50 percent, that's crazy. Do you mind me asking what type of group your work for, is it a specialty, are you hospital employee? I know this is not happening everywhere, I have some colleagues in the same type of specialty that have not had a pay cut or hours cut. It is just wrong on so many levels. They know we don't have any options right now though, although eventually that will change and how we were treated will be remembered. I think at least two of us will leave when we are able.
  8. Ya, that's what I would love to do. I wouldn't mind taking an extra day off a week, that's exactly what I am not getting paid for at a 30 percent cut. I would feel a lot better if it was just a reduction in hours, I would get that. But, cutting your pay, when you are doing the same job and same hours is just insulting. I have been with this group, (but with a different Physician) for 18 years. I honestly think I have a target on my back right now because I am way up there on the pay scale. I negotiated that though and they had no problem paying it to me before. I am in a very proc
  9. Wanted to see where some of you were at as far as salary. I know alot of us were furloughed or had hours or salary cut. I did mostly telehealth visits up until the last couple weeks but still kept my same hours. However, my hourly rate was decreased 30 percent in April. I feel like most PAs that were furloughed are probably back in some capacity, and I know at least one of the PAs in our organization her pay is back to previous levels. I have heard nothing from the two doctor's I work for. No timeline to when my pay will go back, nothing. I am getting more frustrated by the minute, but
  10. I totally agree, it does make it really hard if you count on your benefits. I know I am super fortunate that my spouse is military and we have Tricare. I really wish there were better options for everyone. I am 1099 for one position and W2 for the other, and I think the thing I enjoy the most is that I call the shots completely on my schedule and I don't feel like I am "owned" by any one employer. It has taken me 15 years to get to this place though.
  11. Many of us have felt as you do, I have struggled with burnout for at least the last few years, if not more. A couple things that can help I think if you can manage to find this type of position and afford to take these measures. Cut back to part time Find a lower acuity clinical position Now I am working one day a week in clinic and doing insurance reviews from home. Unfortunately the insurance review position is dependent on the doc I am helping. I help him organize the reviews, I do not actually have the final say. This is not something that PAs can do on their ow
  12. We have definately had the advantage of geographic arbitrage. Above average pay on my end, husband is a Major in the Air National Guard with 15 years time in service. LCOL area, bought custom built brick home (2300 sq ft) on 1 acre for 280k. Have been at a practice in an outlying rural area, about an hour from the "popular" areas where we live. Have taken advantage of this by living in very nice area with low cost of living but working in a less desirable area. I agree that comparing a salary in different geographic areas is not the best comparison.
  13. 85 per hour, GI practice. Worked 3 days per week, 95k per year. Now working one day per week.
  14. This is hilarious, so true and something I think to myself most days I practice....especially when I did Urgent Care, you have to have the patience of a saint to deal with cold season. Yes, I have had a couple senior moments at the old age of 41, charting in the wrong patient chart was one of them, I don't know who hasn't done that at some point?
  15. Cool to see like minded people on this forum and the great planning! I have seen so many docs in the mid to late 60s, that hate practicing medicine but cannot retire because they just live extravagantly, it is kind of sad. I think it's great if you WANT to continue to practice, but to be making a Physician's salary for over 30 years and not be able to retire has honestly been a great lesson for me. Husband is active duty Air National Guard, has 7 years left, will retire as an officer, so that has involved sacrifice on both of our parts, but will give us option to retire quite early.
  16. You are definately on the low side, especially if you are working up to 50 hours per week at times. You do have benefits though, and I think most people who are making in the 75-85 per hour range may not have benefits. I can tell you in my experience you will not get a bump up in pay without asking. Knowing your production can be tremendously helpful if you can get in a practice that will share that with you. When you know what you are bringing into the practice it is easier to ask for more pay. Also sometimes it takes going out and getting another offer, and then seeing if they will
  17. Agree with everything stated above. It may be a really good learning experience, but I would try to get a really good idea of how many patients they expect you to see a day and make sure someone is on site that you can ask questions. If you are limited in your offers it wouldn't necessarily be terrible to take as a new grad, just make sure you have support. That demographic is difficult, I have not done community health but see a very large percentage of that demographic and even for a seasoned provider it wears you down.
  18. I think just the fact that you will only work 5 hours per day on the days you do research, and then doing home health on other days will break up the monotony. I also felt like you did, the in and out of the office all day for 15 years in a high volume practice was leading to total burn out. I recently started working as an IC with no benefits. It was worth it for me to do something different, but if you look at it from a purely monetary standpoint being a W2 employee is almost always better unless you are at a really high rate of pay as an IC. It really makes contract and negotiations qui
  19. No harm done in asking, and I can see how you would find UNCC a good option possibly. My husband is a UNCC graduate from their engineering program which he said was excellent. And of course he is a brilliant engineer. However I agree that NC is very saturated, there are 11 PA programs when I last looked this up, Pfeiffer university is planning to offer a program as well. Elon and Wingate are both very close to Charlotte. I have lived in the Charlotte area for close to 15 years, the last two times I interviewed they told me how many applicants they had and I was very surprised. One
  20. A couple of thoughts from someone that wants to do something similar once we are close to retirement, I am only 40 though and have at least 10 more years so we have decided to hold off on buying any properties for now as our needs may change and keeping it as a rental for that long was not a desirable situation for us. I also spent 3 years living in Hawaii, various places on Oahu. Upsides of Island living is nobody really cares what type of car you have and you will spend very minimal on gas, although it is expensive. I found it to be much less materialistic there, no need to feel dresse
  21. You are completely being taken advantage of. Why in the world as a medical professional are you doing marketing calls? Ridiculous. Asking you to drive those extreme distances is a problem too. The problem is partly the nature of our employment. Most docs are reasonable and know what reasonable expectations are, but I have seen many circumstances such as yours where we are seen as an employee that can be asked to do anything and for any amount of hours, not as a professional. I have even experienced it myself. I agree you need to start saying these are the hours I can work, such as 8-6,
  22. I have been part time for the last 13 years, 24 hours a week. I have had CME, around 1000 per year, all licenses paid, malpractice and PTO covered. PTO is based on hours worked, so I do not have as much as I would for 40 hours, but have always had plenty to take four full weeks off a year, I am off four days a week anyway. I am part time but I have my own patient panel and usually see 75 patients a week so it is not like a typical per diem type position where I am just working as needed. I am actually transitioning to that and am asking for a higher per hour rate and no benefits at all.
  23. Katera, I am helping a local physician do chart reviews. I was just working for him very part time, he offered four days per week. I work from home and have great flexibility. Hourly rate is the same as I was offered by a local GI group recently. No benefits, but I do not need them. It is working well for me at this stage of my life. I need to be home more with my kids and have some mental capacity left at the end of the day. Currently my clinical practice is completely running me ragged. I really wish we had more non clinical options. I have found that you likely will not be able
  24. I agree with many of you above, I think PANCE has a place, the PANRE that is another thing altogether. The longer I practice in a specialty, the more I feel like the relevance of the PANRE just is not there. I think those that practice in family medicine or EM, IM, or even hospital medicine most likely would not have a problem with it. If you have been in a specialty for more than 10 years, it is stressful and time consuming. Each time I take the test (have taken it 3 times, always passed on first try) my score gets lower, but yet truthfully I am an excellent provider and have a huge dept
  25. Good points above, I agree with Bruce and ventana. We are definately a profit center, at least an experienced PA that is practicing to their full ability is. I am probably an outlier, I actually make about half of what my collections are. However, I see mostly medicaid and medicare (pretty much so the doc does not have to), and we have a terrible collection rate. Both of those things are out of my control, so really for how hard I work my compensation is probably more like a third of what my collections should be. I do wish that in general we were treated more like providers instead of
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