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Hey everyone!

I am slowly coming up on my 1st year in family med as a new grad. I wanted to get your thoughts on what I should negotiate 🧐

I work in Maryland Mon-Fri from 8-5 which does not include a 1 hr lunch. no admin time. I see about 17-21 patients a day. I also speak Spanish to about half of my patients. well known in the office for seeing a full schedule earlier than normal as a new grad. I am pretty happy with the staff and flow of the office.

My benefits currently:

- 110k salary, 10 days PTO, 7 paid holidays, 2 days CME, 1k CME, 5k signing bonus.

- 401k 3% matching, health, dental, vision, life insurance, malpractice claims made, tail insurance. 

- 4 month notice, non compete clause 7 miles x 12 months.

Thanks again! 👩🏽‍⚕️

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- 8k salary increase

- 3 more PTO days

- $500 more for CME expenses

- MD license and delegation fee coverage 

I did some homework on my reimbursements and looks like Im averaging $140/pt with 17 pt/day. I would also work hard and get physicals in with follow ups but after this I am separating them now which has made my days smooth. Boss is also considering my request for working at home once a day or decreasing work hours by 5 each week. Im pretty happy with this practice so I'll stay but will work on increasing PTO for next year. Hopefully this helps others in my position! 🙂

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