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  1. I am currently working on finishing out my second to last didactic semester and starting to plan for clinical rotations. I worked as a ED tech prior to PA school and loved it. I also worked a telemetry/cardiac floor tech and between that and lots of shadowing was most interested in EM. I would consider primary care and hospital medicine as well. Is an emergency medicine residency a must in order to work ED? Can anyone give pros and cons? I am interested in a residency, but also would consider primary care or hospitalist medicine and maybe transitioning to ER eventually if I could not get an ER job right away without residency. Is that unreasonable to think of transitioning? As far as rotations are there any rotations to try to get to either prepare for a EM residency or to apply for ED jobs without residency? We have 3 electives, plan to do extra EM electives. Is that the best way to use all 3 extra electives? Or add Trauma surgery, urgent care, critical care/ICU?
  2. Has anyone gotten the letter in the mail yet? Or do you know when the deadline to respond is?
  3. I applied last year (obviously did not get in) and got an email on Wednesday for Lexington campus so I was hoping today too. Good luck to all of my fellow neurotic email checkers!
  4. I got an interview for lexingtin campus the 5th at 8:30. Anybody else going then? I am down for early coffee to wake up and cut nerves!
  5. Good luck everybody! Just a tad but anxious over here waiting to hear about interviews.
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