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  1. Base is low as mentioned unless that bonus can make up for it. I know of an FQHC in WA starting folks at 85K but with the RVU bonuses some make 150-200K. Have you asked how much people usually get in bonuses? Caveat to that is it's taxed a lot AND it's affected by your productivity. COVID shutdown? No bonus. Vacation? No bonus. You see where I'm going. If you've been looking for a year then you may be sh!+ out of luck though.
  2. Happy to hear this. Wishing you guys the very best!
  3. My experience has only been outpatient so I do feel like some of the material goes over my head. But that's exactly what I'm paying for so I don't regret it. I'm learning a ton. All clinical, no fluff.
  4. Current student. One of our classmates is blogging the experience: https://thepadoctor.com/
  5. I saw this on the Huddle and have been meaning to respond. These are excellent points! One of the users here also brought up that physicians don't see us associates, instead, we're property. The MCP title can break us from that. We are not physician anything. I hope you keep your passion for the profession when you graduate.
  6. I'm sad to say that these things no longer surprise me. It's America, everyone has the right to be an idiot if they want to apparently. The 300 person wedding recently in Eastern Washington was attended by a supposedly prominent family in the area, family members of the local FQHC's CEO. I heard from providers there that their entire higher administration is on quarantine including the CEO himself. https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/health/17-cases-two-covid-19-outbreaks-connected-to-washington-state-wedding-with-300-guests/
  7. I hear you. You are speaking to a female PA. Work-life balance is a nebulous cloud. It's ultimately dependent on the specialty, practice, and how much you really want to work. What I've seen is that "work-life balance" is frequently touted by pre-PAs but what they mean is "shorter formal education and training." The subject of PA vs MD/DO has been beaten to death in this forum. I suggest using the search feature. Good luck to you.
  8. Finish medical school. You're going to be 37 either way. Why not be the doctor you've always wanted to be? As a physician, the buck stops with you.
  9. What happens to the HSA if you switch jobs that doesn’t offer it?
  10. IDK. But that sounds like a terrific question for the AAPA. I've read some of the comments and they were all physicians who oppose this because NPs and PAs are not qualified to practice without them. Where is the cavalry? We should be flooding the comments section.
  11. https://www.aapa.org/news-central/2020/11/va-establishes-path-to-adopt-full-practice-authority-for-pas/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=aapa_post&utm_campaign=news_central&fbclid=IwAR099bVSTqjojjp3gnwNFA3DOyQO7A22z3dJwHxjgvmyX1Wc5HMz1A0AALE It looks like AAPA is working on it. We should encourage everyone to submit a formal comment to support this rule: https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2020/11/12/2020-24817/authority-of-va-professionals-to-practice-health-care
  12. I would document exactly that in the patient chart, " 2.5% burden of AF, patient has not started anticoagulant because PCP told him not start any medications the PA orders...only if the cardiologist orders it." Then fax over the visit note to the PCP. But maybe I'm just petty.
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