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Less than 3.0 science GPA :(

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My hard work post-bacc to raise my science GPA seems to all be in vain! I just calculated my science GPA including my post-bacc science classes (all A's) and it is only a 2.977 


I thought it would finally be raised to above a 3.0 but with my repeated courses being added in, I guess I didn't make the cut!


My non-science GPA is a 3.54 and pre-reqs are 3.3


I know this science GPA will get me auto-rejected from all the schools that require 3.0 or higher on CASPA. I am devastated! I worked very hard the past summer and fall semester taking science courses while working full-time. My degree is a BS in Molecular Genetics from a private university. I have a few C/C-'s in some hard upper level sciences that were cross-listed as graduate courses (undergrads and grads in the same class)


I have 8,000+ healthcare hours working full-time in the Emergency Department as a tech for the past 3 years. I have thousands of hours of volunteer work and leadership positions.


My letters of rec. are from the lead PA in the ED, a geriatric PA I shadowed the past year, and our clinical nurse educator in the ED who has appointed me to precept the new staff and knows my clinical skills.


Does anyone know of any schools that I can apply to that will either do grade replacement for my repeated classes, which would put my GPA above a 3.0 or schools that focus on last 60 credits? If it matters, I live in NY and was looking at schools on the eastern coast - NY, PA, OH, VA, MD, NC, KY, TN, MA, CT, DE etc... basically along the eastern coast and within a days drive for my parents sake!


Any advice is GREATLY appreciated!! I am taking the GRE within the next few weeks (I have been scoring 152-156 consistently on ETS exams). I am hoping to submit by end of June!


I can try to take a random "other science" course over summer because I have literally taken every biology offered over summer! However, it would delay my application because I would need that grade to be factored in for the GPA verification. 

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1 course! I only found ONE course out of the 3 local colleges here that I can take that is listed as an "other-science" course on CASPA. The class runs from 6/23-7/26. I am nervous about waiting until August to submit my CASPA but I would rather try that than wait an additional year. I have waited 3 years already, I am ready to begin as soon as possible.


I am tired of the daily questions from my patients and coworkers in the ED lol


I guess I will start looking at the 160+ programs and going through them again but looking for schools I can apply to without my 3.0 sGPA.


Thanks for the input Chris.

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Good luck TheLou!! I have found at least 20 schools that I can apply to without a 3.0 science GPA... most require a cGPA of 3.0 and a prereq GPA of 3.0 or higher which I have for both. My prereq GPA calculated by some programs is as high as a 3.77 so I have hope that with my healthcare experience and LOR, I can get an interview somewhere!


I am taking the GRE June 14th and submitting my application as soon as my GRE scores post to CASPA :)


Good luck with your summer courses!

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