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  1. Waited a full 2 weeks as well. PA-C!
  2. So I called NCCPA today; they said they’re closed on Monday for MLK day, and if I don’t hear back by Tuesday mid afternoon to call them back. :-/ . looks like Tuesday morning it’ll be
  3. Also, NCCPA says exam results expected 2 weeks after the test... does everyone’s say that? That would put me waiting till next Tuesday
  4. I took it on Tuesday 1/2/18. No results posted yet, (im)patiently waiting Does anyone know if scores are only released in the morning? I don’t know what I’ll do if I have to wait another week!
  5. hey I found your link you posted of the excel sheet to be amazing. Thank you

     Is there any way you could email me the excel version so I can add on personal info I find ?



    thank you so much.


  6. Does anyone know where the Childrens hospital of colorado posts job openings? I haven't seen any for PAs, NPs, or even physicians on their career website, so think they must go through somewhere else.
  7. Seems as though to get around it they could hire a PA who is also a certified medic
  8. I'm currently having the same confusions over what to do between graduation and a hopeful residency start date. Especially since a lot of the residencies won't let you know if you've been accepted till ~ March, I've decided to try and find a job in the interim
  9. Check with the schools you're interested in going to. From your description of the mental health job, it absolutely would count as HCE for some programs. As far as the community college, there shouldn't be any problem attending a CC vs a 4 year.
  10. I placed a handful of difficult IVs during my inpatient rotation, and the nurses were always extremely grateful and remembered me for it. My preceptors also commented how nice it was having someone able to start lines, and appreciated me using my skills, with phlebotomy and trouble shooting patient equipment.
  11. A couple notes about Emory to add to your consideration list; - Look at the GHI program. There will be opportunities for fully funded work/ research abroad for 6 weeks in the summer of your MPH year, or possibly making it into a rotation during your PA clinical year - While I don't know about the MPH side of the program, there is a large focus on infectious disease within the PA didactic curriculum, and at some of the local hospitals, due to location (CDC + downtown Atlanta population). In my internal medicine rotation we ended up managing many patients with ID components. Feel fr
  12. I have waiverd a lot on the idea of doing an international rotation myself, for the aforementioned reasons. I initially was disappointed my school didn't have any well developed international rotations, but after looking at all the possible local rotations I could do, my opinion changed. I will always be able to volunteer abroad, but how often can you go spend 5 weeks in a specific specialty, just learning? Also, rotations are excellent networking opportunities for future jobs. That said, my opinion recently changed again after I was offered an amazing opportunity to partake a rotation t
  13. http://www.tulsaworld.com/news/government/physician-assistant-who-resigned-in-wake-of-veteran-s-death/article_ed574264-538f-5631-abc7-94c6df3ae217.html "“My dad’s legs, from the knee down, were failing and atrophying,” Parker said. “At some point, it was going to cause sepsis. He did not want his legs cut off due to his religious beliefs. He wanted to die as a whole man. I explained this to the administration and to the medical doctors and was ignored." ​While it seems there are other issues with the PA, there is a lot more to the story that was left out in many articles. It seems
  14. I have an opportunity to participate in an international rotation during my clinical year joining a (mostly funded) team that could actually make a tangible difference to women's health care health care in the country I would be. However, not all my time would be clinical (program requires >30%), and there would be a language barrier between myself and the other health care providers, and I will have a translator. While I've been assured I'll be able to do a lot, I'm questioning how much I will learn during the rotation. We have 10 clinical rotations in my program, including 3 electives,
  15. Have you considered utilizing an interview coaching service? At this point, even if you were interviewing well, and just weren't the right fit for a school, your confidence is probably shot. I did and found it worthwhile, if only just to know that I wasn't portraying any big red flag I wasn't aware of.
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