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  1. I have a lot of review books up for sale, some never used (one still in shrink wrap)! Message me for details, all are OBO and price includes shipping if you're okay with media mail. PayPal for payments! 1. The ultimate medical mnemonic comic book color edition - $65 shipped, never used. 2. Pance & Panre question book by Dwayne Williams - still in shrink wrap! $35 3. Lange 7th edition Q&A question book - $40 shipped 4. A comprehensive review for the certification and recertification examinations for physician assistants, 5th edition - $25 5. Step up to medicine, 4th edition - $25
  2. I'm selling pance prep pearls 1st edition $40 including shipping OBO. No highlighting or markings. PM me if interested! :)
  3. I don't know if I'm allowed to say because I'm probably not supposed to know that information about salary... but it's one of the hospitals that is part of Rochester Regional Health System
  4. Thanks guys. I am getting through school fine. But my concern, which maybe didn't come across the right way, is that some material is out of left field and no where to be seen in a PANCE book. So yes, for my grades and getting A's on my exams, I study to pass my exams with the material my professor gives me. But I would like to pass the PANCE as well :) 2 of our professors just recently took the PANRE within this past month so they do point out "this was one of my questions" for material, but I'm a sponge so I'll take any advice I can get! :)
  5. Thank you Deanj59, that is really helpful! What is the level of knowledge most people study for those conditions listed? I saw blepharitis, which we discussed in gen med. We discussed anterior vs posterior blepharitis, etiology, symptoms, treatment, short and long-term meds, complications etc. Is that what I should be doing for everything listed?
  6. How much outside of the review books did everyone study for the PANCE? I'm currently in didactic and I bought Pance Prep Pearls and the Comprehensive book mentioned above. I also pre-ordered Lange 7th edition. I'm concerned because my teacher in Gen Med mentions things that are not mentioned anywhere in the review books, like going way in-depth on topics. I know PANCE is more comprehensive but I just wanted to get a feel for it you need all of the outside information you're learning in didactic or if you studied just based off review books and something extra? Any input?!?! I want to start studying now to keep everything fresh but I just need some guidance on the best approach! Thank you!! :)
  7. I think Pharm could be different at different schools. We take Pharmacology with the 2nd year medical students so it's taught by the COM. Also, I have to memorize 100 drugs for an exam with MOA, therapeutics, side effects, drug class etc... does every school test on knowing EVERY therapeutic or MOA? I'm not sure. And that's just the drugs... not any other material on the exam. I think studying pharm before taking it wouldn't have helped me but just sayin! There are drug tables in the PANCE books which correlated pretty well to what we learned so far, so that is a plus! :)
  8. In my honest opinion, you can't really "prepare" unless you talk to 1st years in your individual program and ask them for advice. I say this because, every school has different class structures, sequence of classes etc. Even though I took anatomy over the summer in my program, I might have had to memorize super specific details and certain nerves and someone in another program focused on different things. I know we didn't get tested on every single nerve in the entire body (though it felt that way) even if we reviewed it in cadaver lab. I took anatomy in 2010 so I was nervous taking a 9 credit anatomy course in 2015 in PA school, but I still managed to get an A. It is really learning what your program is looking for on exams and studying to the best of your ability to do well in classes. I worked in an ED so I read EKG books for fun and I had CMDT a few months before classes but I would just relax if I were you! :) If you really want to get an idea for the future, you can buy PANCE review books. I know mostly everyone in my class has them already and we are only in our 5th month of didactic but it is good to start reviewing now to keep the important facts fresh in your mind! Congratulations on your acceptance!
  9. Rochester for the win!! :) I do HATE the snow but if the salary in NYS in really that much higher than what is being posted in other states... I might have to tough it out here because 26 years just isn't enough torture! :) I'm not sure if the 92.5k is before or AFTER we get slaughtered with taxes... but with OT ability, maybe it is still great - plus the benefits!
  10. This seems crazy to me. I can only speak from being in NYS but the PAs who work in our Emergency Department were started as new grads at $92.5k with 6 weeks PTO and 1 week PTO for CME. They also get OT pay, health insurance, and bonuses as far as I know! This is in western NY (Rochester).
  11. If anyone has any questions, feel free to private message me! I am a current first-year student at Upstate! Good luck applying and maybe I will see some of you next June!
  12. Thank you Crystal! :) I will look into those :)
  13. Do you have any recommendations for a specific review book that would be the most helpful in terms of the same type of question formatting? Our program director just took her PANRE and told us the format was different than the last time she took it. She said they have moved away from using "buzz words" and the questions were a lot more deductive reasoning based. Being a first year student, that scared me! For example, a question might not say there are Kerley B lines on an X-ray, but instead describe symptoms of CHF or something.
  14. Hi Awiest - we accepted 1 student from out of state. We have a class of 35. They told us they had over 800 applications last cycle. I am a first year in the program currently and I love it! Anyone with any questions can private message me. I will try to answer all your questions! Good luck!
  15. No, the sleep specialist is the one who said, "Well, school will have a more set schedule that should help". I asked if there was something they could give me since I've tried everything that my doctor told me. After finding a sleep disorder, I was pretty surprised at the apprehension to prescribe medication. I think at 26, the problem isn't going away - especially when I will be continuing to work in the hospital setting with "swing shifts", but what do I know?! ;)
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