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What to catch at conference... recommendations?

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I practice emergency medicine and teach part time.

I am going to mostly emed related lectures, workshops and case presentations.

The PA that runs CME 4 life is lecturing, John Bielinski, want to hear what he says about medical errors.

He is also lecturing on AMI.

I am attending the ultrasound workshop sat afternoon.

Also will attend some of the PAEA sponsored lectures about precepting and teaching.

Overall , I am good for about 5-6 sessions a day, otherwise I tend to stop paying attention.

George Brothers PA-C

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Anyone know any awesome presenters? Any topics that you think will be really interesting, useful?


I saw the other post, but I am more curious about great things happening within the conference versus Boston itself (not that Boston isn't wonderful!).



Personally I think this talk will be great :)

Sunday, 05/25/2014 4:00PM - 4:45PM , Room 206 AB   PAs play an increasing part of the ICU workforce. As part of this AAPA and the Society of Critical Care Medicine embarked on a survey of the PA workforce in the ICU. In addition there have been several new studies looking at the PA in the ICU. Finally with the advent of the PA workforce several barriers have been identified in processing payments for PAs in Critical Care. This session will examine these issues.
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