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What are my chances to get into a PA program? What programs would accept me? Or should I apply to post bacc/ or masters program? 

I have a 2.88 GPA. BS in Human Biology. I have not taken the GRE. I am 26yrs Female AA. I have well over 1000 hours of clinical experience (paid, nonpaid/volunteer).

I currently took a leave of absence from my position as a High-school science teacher, to take Biochemistry, Epidemiology and study for MCAT (plan on applying to Master of Biomedical to gain acceptance into DO school which is my ultimate dream). I am also considering PA school 

MY  Letters Of Recommendation is from a  Chief PA at a  hospital and 2 MDs that are Directors  of Hospital. 


I want to remain hopeful but my dreams seem like they are drifting further away from me each day. I need advice.


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If you have DO school in the back of your mind, you should do everything in your power to gain acceptance into DO school. If not, you will most likely have that "what if" lingering in your thoughts. 

As for PA school, you're not very competitive, and I mean that in the most neutral way. You have a 2.8 GPA which is far below the usual 3.5-3.7 admitted cohort. As for paid patient care experience (that is preferred by most schools), the average is somewhere between 1000-4000. Most programs also require a 3.0 for your application to even pass the initial screening.

I don't want to discourage you but you'll be looking at an uphill battle to be admitted into PA school. If you're going to put in the energy to make your application competitive for CASPA, you might as well dedicate that time to "your ultimate goal" of becoming a DO.

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If your ultimate goal is to become a DO, please do not distract yourself by trying to apply to PA school as a fall back/step up opportunity. You will ultimately regret it.

Focus on what you need to do to get yourself into DO school. 

Honestly, the biggest challenge for you is to raise that GPA as high as you possibly can. Be it via taking more science classes, pre req classes, or if time and finances accommodate you, Special Masters Program, Masters Program. 

As @Diggy mentioned above, don't waste your time making your application competitive for PA school if what you really want is to be a DO. Application process of MD, DO, PA school are all very competitive. 

Good luck. 

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