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  1. Hi I was wondering if anyone ever took the Masters in Medical Science program from UNTHSC before applying for PA school? It's a 1 rigorous program. I am interested in applying for it to possibly strengthen my application, but I would love some insight from anyone who had taken it too.
  2. Hi! I need to retake the Genetics class and need at least a B or above. I need to be able to finish the course as soon as possible, self-pace would be great or a shorter class period. I know there's the UNE but I would LOVE some input about them, as much information as possible would be great. I heard that Doane is also pretty good. Are they strictly just 8 weeks? How is the class? I also heard that University of Phoenix has one for 5 weeks but I can't seem to find anything about it. Any recommendation would be great. I just need a online genetics course that isn't too lon
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