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  1. Literally from the CDC's website about return to work for HCW. Your wife counts as high-risk and should be restricted from work for 14 days after last exposure. The other high-risk features are to limit losing HCW who were around COVID+ patients at work, but were appropriately protected. High risk exposure – Close contact (being within 2 meters for a total of 15 minutes or more with a person with COVID-19 ) with a person with COVID-19 in the community[1]; OR
  2. The full expansion of the Associate/Assistant Physician will kill PA schools. Who in their right mind would enter in to a program that requires close to the same amount of time/effort input to become a PA instead of an Assistant Physician (AP)? The AP is likely to still have more authority, to be paid, at least, equivalently to the PA, and will/could seemingly have the opportunity to stay as an AP or continue to search for a residency slot. If physicians are looking to kill us off, this is the silver bullet. In fact, I would fully support it if they would grandfather us PAs all in as APs and a
  3. I’ll be curious to see what happens. So many new grad PAs, students, and even some older PAs are happy being assistants. I think there has been a rosy picture painted of our career and name that just hasn’t jived with reality for several years for a lot of people. Way too many people are of the “I’ve got mine” mentality and couldn’t care less that the whole profession needs to move forward for the greater good.
  4. And we could do it in a secure testing center. Gotta make certain no one cheats! I jest! I would love to basically just take the test at home instead of the craziness that is a testing site. I like getting all of the mess out of the way at once and not drawn out over 2 years, hence I took the test.
  5. It doesn't read as a highly politicized article, but it is a bit sensationalist in nature. Regeneron hasn't even really completed clinical trials yet, but this article presumes it to potentially be some sort of end to the nightmare. I guess I am just uber skeptical. We've had how many "super promising" treatments get through 1 or 2 RCTs and basically look stale or actually cause harm? The cost of therapy is in the tens of thousands also, and I'm under the impression that getting sufficient amounts of the medicine available isn't actually much of a reality. I'll hope for the best, but expect an
  6. I have been working once weekly regularly for almost 2 years at a position. I just saw my schedule for next month and I am no longer on the schedule at all. I get that I am no longer "needed", and that is fine as the position implies the risk, but how have you all been let go from this type of position? I guess I would have appreciated more than a week and a half notice before I knew about the upcoming pay cut/job loss.
  7. Interesting for those of us with jobs already. Last year was terrible for a big chunk of (at least our) new graduates. This year is looking dismal with C19. Physicians like to complain about our desire for “independence”, but I’ve seen them do next to nothing to help us compete for jobs against NPs. I really hate all of the doomsayer conversations, but it is starting to feel like we are getting behind an eight ball of some sort. It might not be our profession dying, but something is going to give...
  8. Exactly my point. As a medical professional, this should not be viewed as a political issue. Be it what it is outside of the medical sphere, within it, it is a known and enormous factor regarding people’s health. It is the height of arrogance and almost malfeasance to let one’s political beliefs shape their views on topics that are not controversial within the world of medicine as a means to further your own agenda (i.e., abortion rights). It is easy to create thought experiments and draw parallels to highlight how mind numbingly ignorant one sounds to question such statements. E.g., AAPA endo
  9. You are assuming that this doesn’t generate interest or respect from people who aren’t currently members or stakeholders. I’d love to know the AAPAs percentage of membership capture amongst all PAs. You are also assuming that one must remain neutral on all topics as an organization representing a larger body for fear of extinction. Imagine if we did that right now in the face of huge physician groups not supporting our advancement (yes, a really controversial topic). You pick and choose your battles. Staying neutral on abortion probably makes sense since the crux of the medical argume
  10. The main problem is that many people have politicized a topic in medicine that shouldn’t be politicized. People these days try to make everything a political issue. It divides us on topics that we shouldn’t be divided on. No where in either of the AAPA statements did they favor 1 political faction over another. We are PAs at the hospital, not republicans or democrats. Racially-based health disparities exist. They are at the forefront of our thoughts right now, for good reason. They need recognized and addressed better in medicine. The AAPA made a statement somewhere along those lines and
  11. I am not here to say these tests are perfect or ready, but coronaviruses don’t lie dormant or sequestered from the immune system like hepatitis or HSV. When the evidence isn’t available, we should at least rely on the basic sciences to bolster claims. Other coronaviruses generate immunity for 2-4 years after infection. Even in the setting of asymptomatic exposure and a weaker immune response, the general theory is that memory T/B cells are stored and would provide a quicker and more robust response to reinfection (provided there isn’t some crazy mutation). The differential rates of a
  12. There are more reasonable tests on the market. Tests with sensitivities and specificities in the high 90s. That still results in a lot of false positives with such low seroprevalence, but you simply need to just repeat the test twice (not unlike HIV testing). We also effectively have no specific treatment and thus some immune response is obviously occurring to allow people to have disease resolution. The most likely situation is that immunity last 2-4 years, like other corona viruses. Sure, that isn’t to say that these specific antibodies are the ones that indicate immunity, but a test where a
  13. What a tangent we are on... haha. But an interesting conversation! Thanks for partaking. I think we established earlier the hypocrisy of practicing medicine under the guise of preserving some historical life. There is a nasty underbelly to it all. I feel now that you are building a straw man argument around population-based abortion ideals (which are riddled by sampling bias to begin with). Our patients can have whatever view they like. They can tell us not to vaccinate them. The medical provider, an expert in their field, shouldn’t employ such views to their end (I.e., to not vaccin
  14. That people may have differing views regarding the sanctity of life. That patients are likely to not share your ethics and you are still willing to impose them on the patient. The equating of science and religion with respect to moral authority. I understand that there is a ton of nuance in how science and morality shape each other, but we are not talking about nuance here. My concern is when any doctrine clashes so diametrically with what are considered core measures of medical care. Vaccinating appropriately will save more lives than all of your years put together assisting in cardi
  15. I am allowed to be intolerant of those who are intolerant themselves. You don’t get to hold extreme views without repercussions. Thinking you are doing the right thing ethically and actually doing the right thing ethically are two different things. Religion doesn’t give you a pass to make bad decisions, especially about other people’s lives. Religion also doesn’t allow you to hold some moral high ground regarding the sanctity of life. People want to be able to hold and act out their own views, but don’t find it fair that other people can hold and act out theirs also. Freedom from religion is j
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