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I work in southwest Missouri as a EM PA at this time. I graduated and started with the EM group 1 1/2 years ago. Straight out of school here is what my contract entailed:

Independent contractor with no benefits

65/hr - 180 hours a month, 140k a year (10am-10pm 1/2 the time, 2pm-2am 1/2 the time)

Malpractice with tail paid


I have recently started looking for a new job, one with benefits and time off. I have been offered the following at an FP clinic that is starting a walk in service, where I would be the sole provider. Here is the brief overview of contract offering:

120k based on productivity and hr wage

Health, dental paid

CME $1000 allowance

11 days PTO first year, 21 days PTO 2nd year

disability insurance available

up to 1% matching 403b


I feel this is a good offer. Any opinions? Thanks!

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a buddy of mine took a job like this and his end of year bonus was a note that said "you owe us 5000 dollars for not meeting productivity goals for which you have already been paid".

life insurance/licenses/dea?

1000 cme is pretty low.

pto is fine.

retirement sucks.

1% seriously?

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I think your first contract is of questionable legality--if you're a contractor, you buy your own malpractice. If you're an employee, the practice buys it for you. You might be able to go back and argue your status and sue your current employer for the rest of the benefits besides malpractice, if they've done things poorly. Consult a lawyer!

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What's your scope of practice, i.e. I&D, X-ray interpretation, casting, splinting, etc...If you're the point of care from presentation through procedure then they're asking for significant revenue generating skills and your pay should be based on a % of revenue (irregardless of what's actually collected). Without specifying your expected responsibilities it's impossible to determine your worth (not enough info)

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