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  1. I used to work five 12 hour shifts, then was off for 5 days. I loved the 5 days off, but five 12s in a row SUCKS. I can't imagine 7. That was in ER working 2p-2a/10a-10p, alternating every other time I worked which was rough on my sleep schedule being jacked up too. It sounds like your 7-5 though is a dream job with the pay your going to get. I agree though, your going to work your butt off in a 220 bed hospital. Enjoy! Id say take it!
  2. Hey guys and gals, I got a request. My 8 month old daughter is in a baby contest online, she is in the final 20. She needs all the votes she can get. From one PA to another, can you help us out by going to the link and hitting "like"? She gets sponsor gifts if she wins and is put in a magazine. I would greatly appreciate your time and vote!!! Her name is Haven Larbey. http://www.417mag.com/Cutest-Baby/Haven-Larbey/ PA-Larb
  3. After reading your post, all I can say is, PAIN SO CAL. Horrific deal, you might as well be a nurse. And yes, 50 a day is absolutely insane for a new grad. I work urgent care and I see between 30-60 a day. 50-60 a day is not enjoyable, and that is over 12 hours. You might as well plan on moving to make a better living and to have a good job.
  4. I am an independent contractor for an ER group. I have always used my health insurance premiums as a tax deduction. Perfectly okay.
  5. 2nd offer sounds way better. 1st offer is pretty crappy. You could always pick up a PRN gig in ER fast track some where if you like urgent care.
  6. Agreed. Same for me. Large hospital, no need for contract if hired as an employee.
  7. Just found out I have been approved for the loan repayment, pending final review! I had a score of 15. Hang in there if anyone else is hopefully waiting.
  8. Anybody else heard anything from NHSC? My application still says Under Review.
  9. Congrats Humble. I'm praying hard and hopeful I will be approved! Ive read that if not approved you get a denial email. Is that true?
  10. Have you heard from NHSC yet? I've applied as well, and haven't heard anything via email or snail mail. I read somewhere that Sept 30 is the date when awards will be issued. I can't remember where I read that.
  11. Great comments. Thank you all. MKSAP has really caught my eye. Has anyone used this?
  12. Please tell me what you all have used your CME money for. I'm in a predicament. 1000 dollars to spend, but not sure how to spend it. CME Vacation does not appeal to me, I want to spend time with family if we go on vacation. Books just sit on a shelf, I use Uptodate that is paid for through my PRN ER gig. I have an iphone. All ideas appreciated!
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