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Hey y'all so I am a sophomore in undergrad and in the process of just starting to get PCE, shadow, and volunteer hours and etc, but I am super stressed out because I am itching to start getting PCE hours except its so difficult while in school. I was thinking about becoming an EMT and working for 2 years after I graduate but I wasn't sure if being an EMT is considered PCE among most colleges, does anyone know? (I also tried to work as a caregiver over summer and that job isn't for me) 


Also, I'm trying to compile a list of PA schools to apply to, so if anyone has any recommendations for schools on the east coast please let me know! 🙂

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EMT would count as PCE. Depending on if you're in a rig with a paramedic will decide how much you will learn. Some EMTs are basically BLS transport. Either way it will be PCE but still try to get the best experience. Id say become and EMT-a (or AEMT however they do it now) or hopefully get in a rig that has a paramedic. We have a couple EMTs in my class.

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A better approach would be to get your EMT.  Some colleges teach it, which would give you credit and a good way to boost your GPA.  Otherwise, you can find classes at most vocational school.  Then, become an ED tech.  That will be much better experience than you'll get driving a private ambulance doing interfacility transfers.  

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Absolutely agree with @ohiovolffemtp and @buttercakes! First off just want to say that as a sophomore in college it is the perfect time to be thinking about PCE and starting to get your hours. EMT is a great option and will open a lot of doors for you. I got my EMT and was able to use that on a lot of applications to apply for not only EMT related jobs but also medical assistant, patient care tech in the ED, and clinical research (clinical research is NOT PCE, just something I found interesting). Depending on where you are in the country, some places will train you on the job for things like nursing assistant or medical assistant, HOWEVER the best way to assure that you will qualify for the majority of quality PCE positions like medical assistant, certified nursing assistant, emergency room tech, etc. is to become an EMT. Personally, I agree with @buttercakes that after you get an EMT certification it will be more beneficial to find a position that is in the ER or on a hospital floor or even working out-patient as a medical assistant. Those are the positions where you will be working directly with physician assistants and other APP's, where as on an ambulance you will likely be working with other EMTs or, at best, paramedics (paramedics are extremely knowledgable and obviously are very useful parts of the healthcare system, however making connections with PAs and physicians is VERY valuable for the application process). 

I hope this was helpful, if you have any questions feel free to message me!

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One other point: it's very unlikely that a brand new EMT will get a job making 911 emergency responses.  In many areas, 911 response is provided by the fire department.  FD's that do EMS usually require their members to have both fire and EMS certifications.  Even in non-fire based EMS systems, there aren't that many jobs for new EMT's.  It's the 911 experience that teaches much more than interfacility transports.

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