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  1. Hello everyone, on behalf of the CSOM PA Club, I'd like to invite you to attend our PA club hours hosted every Thursday at 12:30 PM via zoom. These 1-hour sessions are hosted by current PA students and we answer prospective students' questions about our journey into PA school, the CASPA application, pre-requisites, etc. It is an informal environment in which you can come ask all the questions you have and have a feel for what the future might look like for you. If interested, please fill out the attached form and email it back to us at csompaclub@gmail.com at the beginning of the week corresponding to the session you like to attend in order to confirm attendance and receive the meeting link. We look forward to seeing you there. PA Club Interest Form.pdf
  2. I saw a thread started somewhere but it wasn’t connected to this board. I feel like we are slacking this year! Where is everyone??
  3. I’m 31 years old, male from NY. My gpa is 3.66 and my science gpa is 3.88 bachelors degree in history from 2013 but I completed all prerequisite courses in the last two years all with grades of A. I’ve been an EMT/Paramedic full time for 10 years and have over 15,000 hours of hands on patient care experience with significant scope of practice. I scored in the top quartile on CASPer so far only one school has interviewed me. I’m interviewing for a wait list spot at another and haven’t heard a single thing from the other 6 or so schools I applied to even while others who submitted apps at the same time have heard about interviews and rejections. did I miss something? Am I doing something wrong?
  4. Hello! I made an account just for this, lol. I need some advice. You may have seen this question before, but I am seeing that many of the teachers who became PAs were high school science teachers or had some sort of science background. So basically I come from an Indian family, so success, high achievement, and a prestigious career are extremely necessary. I was never particularly great in school, due to issues with motivation, not understanding things well, and possible ADHD which I am soon getting treated. I enjoy learning but it was very hard for me to do "hard" things and I have to usually work twice as hard as everyone else. Anyway, I never had a clue what I wanted to do in my life. Obviously parents wanted me to be an engineer but anything in corporate sounds like I'd suck at it. I blindly chose teaching, thinking I'd like it, because I care about people. I never realized that I wasn't cut out for teaching until I did it. The amount of babysitting and controlling kids involved fucking sucks. I also just couldn't keep up with the million tasks for such low pay. But the benefits were good. I realized it wasn't my path. I feel like a failure because I feel like there is no career out there that I am genuinely interested in. I honestly would much rather sit at home and I would be happy. I am looking to completely reinvent the wheel and do something else. My mind keeps coming back to PA because I like the idea of being a provider, still doing educating, good pay, good work life balance, set hours, etc. and it's less time to become a provider than say, a doctor. I would absolutely hate being a nurse. I considered it, but I honestly hate cleaning up poop and gross stuff. I know that sounds ironic because many PAs have to be ok with dealing with that. Ideally, I would like to be in primary care or psych. I also want the option to work from home. Telehealth sounds chill. I am also working on my social anxiety. I considered other human service paths like social work, public admin, etc. but I always think to myself, why should I do those jobs for low pay when I could just become a PA and still help people but also make good cash. I am ideally looking for a job that's 9-5, doesn't bring work home, and is straightforward. I want to clock in and clock out. I do well in jobs where the tasks are straightforward, where I know what I am expected to do, rather than say a corporate environment, where I have to attend boring ass product meetings, make workflow diagrams, and whatever other bullshit. There is never one right answer and the work never ends. This was the same with teaching. At least with science there is one (or a few possible) right answer. PA is also in demand, and I don't have to make a stupid resume that I constantly have to update with my skills and certifications or whatever. I am afraid of misdiagnosing. I make mistakes easily. Like I said, I struggle to understand difficult things. I don't know if maybe I am overestimating my abilities to do this job. I also am disgusted by the idea of being a CNA. I considered something that doesn't involve butt wiping, like an EKG tech, medical assistant, or something. I am also maybe considering sonography. I already have my bachelor's degree in elementary education, but I don't have the prerequisites. I am willing to do those at a community college. Also I am hoping that going on ADHD meds will help me focus more and become a better student. What do you guys advise? Do I sound like someone not cut out for this?
  5. Hello, My name is Jazmin and I am looking to shadow a PA in the IE/OC/LA area. I am currently a PT aide for almost a year now and have my bachelors. I am willing to learn great things before applying into graduate school and excited for a new profession. email: jazmindelgadomua@gmail.com Thank you.
  6. Any ophthalmic PAs out there who can share their experiences? Is it too hard for an ophthalmologist to employ a PA? I currently work as a scribe/tech in an ophthalmologist office, just wondering if there any further careers out there in the same field. Will be applying next cycle!
  7. Hello everyone. This tread is directed at those who have gone the route of RT to PA but anyone who can help is welcome to comment. My situation is that, I have decided I will be doing respiratory therapy program at my local CC while also pursing BS online from the local university and I was just wondering if the classes I take while in the RT program will be counted towards my sGPA and even my cGPA in CASPA? Also, for HCE, is working in mental health hospital as a tech be considered good HCE? Thanks for your inputs.
  8. Hi all! I'm a second year PA student and have a bit of free time in the evenings for mentor sessions! If any pre-PAs are looking for a mentor to help with application, deciding on PCE, pre-reqs, etc. and would like an experienced PA student to help, I'm your girl! I know how difficult this process is to navigate, and I'd love to lend a helping hand. Message me at packtopac@gmail.com OR schedule with me here: http://www.packtopac.com
  9. I'm trying to decide whether Abnormal Psychology or Lifespan Human Growth & Development would be a better second psychology course to take. I've looked at my top programs and either they don't mention which is better or they mention both. Anyone willing to tell me which one would look better to admission panels? Which is most helpful when becoming a PA? Which one would be more interesting? I've included course descriptions below. The Abnormal Psychology course does have a higher course number, if that matters. Abnormal Psychology: An introduction to the psychological science of mental disorders including problems of emotion, mood, mind, schizophrenia and personality disorders. Diagnosis and treatment will also be considered. Lifespan Human Growth and Development: A multidimensional approach to studying human growth and development across the lifespan involving theory, research, and practical applications.
  10. I am trying to decide whether or not to get certified in this and get PCE from it. I want to know if most schools accept this or if they don’t really care for it. Any feedback helps!
  11. Hello, looking for any shadowing opportunities in any specialty, located in Phoenix, Az 85304. I am willing to commute up to 20 miles. If its a summer shadowing position (May-August) only, that works too!
  12. Hi, I am new here and this is my first post. I am currently finishing a masters program in NYC to become a licensed mental health counselor (LMHC/LPC) but have lost passion for the discipline. In fact, my heart was never really in it and did it as a safety net. My true passion was always for medicine. I recently decided to follow through on this dream because I am miserable doing anything else. I have worked as a CNA in 2 hospitals for 1 year and fell in love with medicine. I miss working with the nurses, doctors, and medical staff and even patients families to help patients. My plan after graduating next fall with my MA degree in mental health is to become a volunteer EMT-B. After that, I want to fulfill the pre-reqs for PA school but I have no idea how I will afford it or how to do it. I have no pre-reqs except for stats and psychology. Thank you for any feedback. How do most post-bacc students afford pre-reqs? Is it okay to do pre-reqs at a community college? or should I do a post-bacc program? How do students afford a post-bacc pre-PA program? How long does it take to fulfill the pre-reqs? How expensive is it to fulfull the pre-reqs? What is the age cut off? I'll be in my 30s when I apply. Is that too late? Does mental health counseling/substance abuse counseling count as direct patient care hours?
  13. Hi all, I am seeking a shadowing opportunity in or near the central Massachusetts area before I apply to PA programs in the upcoming cycle. A bit about myself - I attended the University of Miami and graduated with a degree in Health Science this past December. I have worked as an EMT and currently work as a medical assistant at a local pediatric practice to experience working with patients. I am hoping to gain firsthand experience with the profession by shadowing a practicing PA-C in any specialty. I have attended virtual shadowing sessions with PAs but feel as though an in-person shadowing opportunity (and mentor if possible) would allow me to get a better grasp on the PA’s role within a healthcare team and insight on the day-to-day of the profession. I am located in Worcester county, but will travel anywhere for an opportunity like this. If you, or someone you know, are willing to open your doors to me so I can observe and learn about the profession, please send me a PM, email me at jackcgingrich@gmail.com, or leave a comment below. Thank you for your time and consideration!
  14. Hi! I am a second year pre-PA student. I am currently working as a PT aide for my patient care experience, and I really love it! The PTs I work with are great and I love the patients. Because of this I've recently considered switching to PT, and would want to do pediatric or neonatal PT. However, I greatly prefer the science of medicine over kinesiology/anatomy, which is primarily what PT focuses on. I have started shadowing a PA and I decided that outpatient is not really for me because I would like more hands-on experience. My ideal PA specialty is neonatal/working in the NICU or OBGYN, but I am not sure how many opportunities for PAs there are in those fields. I really love the medicine that comes with being a PA, but I also love the abundance of patient interaction and guaranteed hands on experience that comes with being a PT. I am just wondering what anyone's perspectives are on my situation.
  15. Hi guys, I didn't see a new thread. Hope this helps you guys. Just like in previous years they are moving forward, but it may look a bit different because COVID seems to be slowing down. Here's the email I received on 5/11/2021. I submitted my application on 5/3/2021 and verified on 5/11/2021. Thank you for applying to the Radford University Carilion PA program. This email is to let you know that your application is complete, has been marked as "Verified", and we have received your RU supplemental application. Your application will be put in a queue to be reviewed. You may still provide updates to your application through the CASPA website. Once applications are reviewed, we will make decisions on whom to interview. Our earliest interview dates will be in September. As we don't yet have exact dates selected for interviews, we will likely make offers for interviews in early July at the soonest. We will send out periodic updates to keep you apprised of your status. However, with the necessary changes in how we accomplish our tasks, those updates may not be as frequent as we would like them to be. We are happy to answer any questions that come up, and you are welcome to email me at rhadley1@radford.edu. Thank you, Bob Hadley
  16. Hi Everyone, My name is Kammie and I am currently an PA applicant for 2021-2022. I have obtained over 2,000 hours of patient care experience (PCE) as a medical assistant for a dermatology clinic. I am not certified and looking for students who want to obtain PCE as a medical assistant. If you would like to know more information please message below and I can get in contact with you about a great hands on opportunity in Fort Worth, Texas. Thank you.
  17. Hi! I’m a second yr pre- PA student and I’m wanting to go into neonatology and was just wondering if there are any PAs working in that field in the DFW area? I’m wanting to move there in the future for family and am just wanting to get a feel for the job outlook. Thanks!
  18. Hello World, I've been struggling so hard with picking a major. I'm in my first semester of University and I just decided I want to go Pre-Pa. I was talking to a family friend who is a PA to see what he would think is best for me to go into for a major. He mentioned computer science and it got me thinking. They make lots of money and given that the metaverse is an up and coming innovation there will be a lot of computer science careers out there. Also, there was a thought of psychology which has a lot of the pre reqs I would need for PA School the only problem is the job outlook for psychology majors isn't that good. My main problem is which one would look better for getting into PA school. It's my dream to become a Aesthetics Derm PA and I don't want a simple "wrong" pick of a major get in the way of my dream. Let me know your experiences and what you guys think. Thank you!
  19. Hey guys! Ive been feeling very defeated recently. This is my first cycle applying to PA school, I applied to about 30 programs (I wanted to optimize my chances and saved money for about 2 years to do this) and I’ve received 6 rejections so far. I know I still have a lot of programs to hear back from but I just feel like my chances are slim. A little background, I graduated in 2019 with a subpar GPA and made some mistakes in undergrad so I spent 2 years retaking every science class i didn’t initially do well in and took some more upper level science courses as well (altogether approx took 60 credits.) I also have been working nights as an ER Scribe and previously worked as a PT Aide and Pharm tech. Stats this cycle- Cgpa- 3.1 Sgpa- 3.09 GRE- quant: 147, verbal- 153, writing-4.5 PCE- approx 2000 as an ER scribe, 200 as PT Aide, 150 as Pharm tech Shadowing: 50 hours some with ER PA and some with Oncology PA I also have some HCE and leadership but nothing too crazy I have a huge Howard’s trend but I fear this may not be enough and want to make myself a better applicant for next cycle so what do you guys recommend? I did the math and for me to get my gpa to a 3.3 I’d need to take about 45 credits this only seems feasible through a masters program but not sure if that’s worth it. I’d love any advice. Thanks in advance!
  20. Does anyone have a recommendation if immunology or mammalian physiology would be more helpful for PA school to have background knowledge on? Or if it doesn't really matter? I already took A&P1 and 2 but they were online so I do not know how much of it I retained. Thanks!
  21. Hello, I am president of the Pre-PA club at SFSU. I am looking for shadowing opportunities here in the Bay Area. If the PA allows, I would like to share this opportunity to my club to shadow during the breaks at SFSU. Please feel free to reach out to me on here or you can follow us/DM us @sfsuppas
  22. I am a member of AAPA and maybe I am unfamiliar with the website, but I want to make the most learning from the site and using it. How do PA-S or PA-C use it? As a Pre-PA how can I use the site and its resources to help? I appreciate it!
  23. Hey guys my name is Geena and I'm a PA at a primary care in Philadelphia. We are currently hiring scribes and medical assistants (no experience required- we will train). This is a great opportunity for pre-PA's who need experience hours! Message me for details
  24. Hey y'all so I am a sophomore in undergrad and in the process of just starting to get PCE, shadow, and volunteer hours and etc, but I am super stressed out because I am itching to start getting PCE hours except its so difficult while in school. I was thinking about becoming an EMT and working for 2 years after I graduate but I wasn't sure if being an EMT is considered PCE among most colleges, does anyone know? (I also tried to work as a caregiver over summer and that job isn't for me) Also, I'm trying to compile a list of PA schools to apply to, so if anyone has any recommendations for schools on the east coast please let me know!
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