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How much does having an MPH help when applying to PA school/life after PA school?

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Hi all! I am currently a junior at Auburn University, and my major is biomedical sciences with a minor in leadership. I am currently working on report that determines the common secondary master's degree that some PAs have, examines the benefits and drawbacks of acquiring a master's degree before applying to PA school, and analyzing life after graduating from PA school with and without an additional master's degree. 

My research so far has showed me that most PAs have a MPH if they have an additional master's degree. I am looking to gain some first hand information from people who are already in the field on if having an MPH helps in the application process as well as how it impacts life after PA school. I would greatly appreciate any responses to this thread, and I want to thank you in advance!

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Any masters' helps, in that it shows you can do graduate level work. I had an MS in religion and an MDiv when I applied to PA school. Indirectly, that graduate work helped with my GRE verbal score, which increased significantly in the 15+ years from right after undergrad to right before PA school.

I don't have an MPH, but with the relevant parts of my DMSc, I'm not sure it's really focused on the day-to-day patient care that entry level PAs are expected to provide. Based on my situation, if I were to acquire additional graduate degrees to further pad my CV and diversify my portfolio, public health might be my 4th choice, after medical ethics, counseling, and business.

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I've never been on an admissions committee, so I can't speak to whether it would help with admittability.  But, for clinical practice, not at all relevant.  For getting hired, extremely unlikely to be relevant.  An undergrad degree in athletic training for attractiveness to an ortho practice - yes, prior EMS experience for an EM job - yes.  Relevance to the job is key.

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