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  1. Hey everyone! I am starting a program in January and they require us to have an iPad. Just wanted to reach some feelers out to ask if people who have gone through school or currently in think that an iPad with a keyboard is enough? Or if a having a laptop/iPad combo is better? Thnx
  2. No problem! They said to accept by email ASAP, and then the deposit is due by October 18th.
  3. Haha that’s what I thought too. Just surprised nothing has come yet!
  4. Hmmmm there could be a variety of reasons besides being dishonest that a person would have that question. Probably best to not assume someone is lying based on one post and one question. This forum is meant for support and to help each other through this difficult process, not tear each other down.
  5. I got an invitation to interview at the Harrogate campus yesterday. Interviewing on October 15th!
  6. During interviews they mentioned that emails about acceptances, waitlist, and denials would all go out on October 4th.
  7. Congrats! Was it an email or phone call?
  8. They don’t review applications till after the September 1st deadline so you are good they send out all the invites at the same time in mid October according to their website. So we still have a minute to wait!
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