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Found 35 results

  1. I am trying to decide whether or not to get certified in this and get PCE from it. I want to know if most schools accept this or if they don’t really care for it. Any feedback helps!
  2. I am currently on deployment with AMR in New York. I was wondering how I should count those hours on my CASPA application?
  3. I worked as a PRN rehab technician for about 3 months (roughly 20 hours a week) before I became Full-Time (40 hours a week). How do I record this change in hours? Do I make two separate entries or average the hours per week? My hours for PRN also varied each week, with weeks working up to 30 hours and sometimes only 15 hours. Do I need to record this somehow? I also do not understand how PA schools validate that the numbers of hours stated are honest. Is there some sort of validation document needed from each employer from past jobs. Any advice is appreciated, thank you!
  4. Hi- I currently work as a Hospitalist PA at an academic medical center. Wondering what schedule other PAs have for Hospital Medicine PAs. The two most common schedules that I have discovered include: 1) 7 on, 7 off 2) 12 or 13 12 hour shifts/month Any other models? What are your PTO benefits? Thanks!
  5. Hey guys, I'm currently considering applying next year and was wondering if anyone could share their stats for getting into nova or any other school in florida, especially how many pce hours, since they don't seem to require it but I'm not sure how many most applicants have.
  6. Hi all, When I first started my job I was solely a research coordinator part time. Then they allowed me to scale back on research and start medical assisting too. How to I correctly input my hours if my hours changed from ~20 hours a week to ~12 in my position as a research coordinator?
  7. Hi all! I am really struggling narrowing down the list of schools I want to apply to. I have already weeded out those that don't offer a masters, those where I do not fit the pre-requisites, and those that are too rural. I am not picky on location, but I would like to be somewhere suburban or urban. I also would like to be somewhere that the clinical rotations are not a very far drive (I am having trouble figuring this out because it is not explicitly listed on most schools' websites). I am mostly struggling to eliminate schools because I am worried about not getting in. I graduate this semester from a great school and will be applying as soon as the application is released. I am most concerned with my limited shadowing hours and limited service to under-represented populations. Here are my stats for applications: 3.63 GPA, Physiology major that has taken many upper-level biology courses, only alarming grades are C+ in Organic Chem 2 LAB and Gen Chem 2 LAB (My last 64 hour GPA is higher), only 18 shadowing hours (going to get 8 more hopefully before application), probably about 200 community service hrs (haven't fully calculated), 3-5 strong letters of rec lined up, 150 Verbal GRE, 157 Quant, 4.5 Writing, and roughly 3,000 clinical hours before matriculation. I am extremely worried about getting in, and this is making it difficult to narrow my options. I would like to apply to schools that I think I have a realistic chance of getting into. The following are the schools I am interested in. Does anyone have any advice on narrowing down my search? I have over 60 schools listed that I would consider applying for, but the following are my favorites: University of Utah, University of Colorado, Arcadia University, Rush University, Mercer University, Butler, LSU, Augsburg University, PCOM, DeSales University, Penn State, UT San Antonio, Elon, MCPHS, Emory, UT Southwestern, Baylor and Eastern Virginia Medical. Please please please any help or advice is welcome! I am so stressed!!
  8. Hello all! I am going to be applying for the PA class starting in 2019. Can anyone give me a ballpark answer on how much patient experience is needed? I have 520 hours patient contact and 160 PA shadow hours. The website only says 80 is competitive but I thought it must be much more than that!
  9. I’m currently attending a quarterly-based credit college and get 3 credits in some of my crucial prerequisite classes. All the pre-pa programs I’ve looked at say something along the lines of “Organic Chemistry - 3 semester hours or 4 quarter hours” but my college only gives 3 quarter hours for a class like this. I have no idea what I’m supposed to do. If my college gives 3 hours when I need 4, how do I get that additional hour? So confused!
  10. Hi all, I am crafting a letter to some schools to see if they would accept my role as a clinical systems educator as clinical hours. It is a fairly unique role with new EMRs coming out like our big Cerner implementation in Concord, New Hampshire. Do you think Clinical Education counts towards clinical hours? I highlighted where I discuss my job so no need to read through the whole thing. Dear (SCHOOL), My professional goal is to pursue a career as a surgical physician assistant and I am most interested in your program at Tufts. My request of you is to consider my current work as filling some of the direct patient care requirements. I had a unique opportunity presented to me this past year which has impacted notable time I have to work my other position as an EMT. I had worked at Concord Hospital as a scribe in the emergency department and based on my interactions with the staff I was contacted to be considered for a role as a clinical system educator. This was a new position created as the organization transferred from the current Legacy systems to an integrated Cerner electronic health record. This offer was very intriguing; I have worked full time as a clinical system educator during the transition which occurred on December 1, 2017. The position includes training new users on the Cerner system as well as providing at the elbow support during the implementation phase. I have worked with all levels of clinical staff and have learned much about the interdependencies of the various clinical disciplines. I have had significant contact with providers helping them navigate the new system to deliver patient care. This support includes all aspects of using the EMR including computerized provider order entry and clinical documentation. I also have been front-line support in the emergency department and in the operating room giving me unique perspectives on the complexity of care delivered in these areas. As your website states, “The Admissions Committee is looking for direct patient care experience that will allow candidates to mature, experience whether health care is the right career path for them, and be exposed to the types of duties and functions that a healthcare professional provides.” I feel strongly that my role as a clinical educator encompasses these standards. I do have direct patient care experience as an EMT and as a medical technician during a medical mission to Guatemala. My total direct patient care hours prior to my current job are about 1000 hours. I plan to continue to do EMT work but my current time is limited because of the job demands as a clinical system educator, preparing for my upcoming MCAT exam, and for filling my military requirements. I will accumulate more hours but would still like to apply to your program and would like your consideration to count my current clinical system educator hours towards this requirement. Thank you for your consideration,
  11. Hello i don't post often but i wanted to ask civilians how your day works, Me: Just about to graduate. knows will be in family health, knows requirements of schedual My immediate future: Pass the pance, start my first job. Schedule: -First patient at 0730. Last morning pt at 1105. Last afternoon pt 1530. total pt 18/day. -I have one tech, likely a high school grad with some training but not used well. He will get vitals and do med rec but nothing else really. See first morning patient ~5-10 mins late. we often behind out of the gate -minimal charting in room, ordering labs/meds/imaging -stay until 1800 charting -must see 90 patients a week + military reindeer games Qualms: -0600-1800 to scrub clinic list read and chart x 5 days a week sometimes charting on weekends = 60 hours a week -stuck in family for 4 years Questions: Do you have more patients? Do you have better support? Does your doc respect you? Do nurses pretty much own the command structure of your hospital? How much in words or paragraphs do you chart in HPI? In A/P? Are you happy with your EMR? If so what is it? Do you get paid hourly or salary? Do you get paid for charting? Do you get over time? typical, is the grass greener? Thanks for your valuable time.
  12. Hi all! I'm completing my CASPA application for the 2017-2018 cycle and was wondering when getting health care hours on a letterhead from a supervisor do they need to include anything other than the hours? Does it have to be brief with a few sentences stating I worked from these range of dates and made these many hours or a paragraph on what I did, how well I did it and then the hours? Thank you in advance!
  13. I have had the same CNA job since the beginning of my senior year in high school and was wondering if it would be acceptable to list all of the hours I have accumulated since then for my healthcare experience or should I only include the hours I have worked since my first semester of college?
  14. Hello forum! Unfortunately, I recently decided that dental school was something I am not willing to do. It is a great career but the main reason I was doing it was because that would make my dad happy. Anyways we had a talk and he was content with my decision. Anyways a little background about me; I am senior undergraduate studying abroad until August 2017. I am intern at a hospital in Madrid working in a schizophrenia research project and part time surgical labatory with rodents. I decided I want to become a physician assistant for many reasons but mainly because it does not require the stress level of a physician has. I will be graduating in May 2018 so even though that is two years from now I am a little behind! I am a biomedical science major and I have an idea of the perquisites to become a PA but I a new to this so all the information is welcomed. The only thing I am really concerned on is shadowing hours. I shadowed my local dentist for about 100 hours but I have no experience with PA shadowing. Coming back to states as a full-time student will make it difficult for me to obtain shadowing experience before application deadlines. Do you any of y´all have any advice for me? It would be reliving if some PA schools didn´t have shadowing hours as a requirement. Anyway, any piece of useful information will be deeply appreciated it! Thanks!
  15. Hey! I am wondering if any of you guys have found ways to get experience in the OR as part of your HCE aside from becoming a certified surgical tech? I am planning to apply to PA school next cycle (to matriculate 2018) and I'm currently working as a certified medical assistant (after getting my B.S. in biotechnology), but I'd love to get a job in an OR. However, all the OR jobs I've found require at least the two year surgical tech degree and I definitely don't want to spend all the time and money becoming a surg tech when I'm planning to apply to PA school. Has anybody ever gotten to work in the OR without becoming a surgical tech?
  16. Seen by a PA, presumed ingestion and missed meningitis. Reserving any judgements as details are unknown. Lawsuit filed by family. The husband of a Brooklyn woman who died of an untreated form of meningitis, slammed Coney Island Hospital with a lawsuit Thursday alleging that his wife was misdiagnosed as emotionally disturbed or suffering from an illegal drug reaction by "careless" and "negligent" medical staff. Grisel Soto, 47, spent her last hours alive strapped to a gurney and prescribed anti-psychotic medication, while the lethal infection raged in her brain. After she arrived in the emergency room last January, Soto was seen only by a nurse and a physician's assistant until she went into cardiac arrest several hours later, according to lawyer Sanford Rubenstein who filed the suit in Brooklyn Supreme Court on behalf of widower Jorge Matos. http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/brooklyn/coney-island-hospital-hit-wrongful-death-lawsuit-article-1.2659362
  17. Hello, I am new to this forum and I am seeking some advice. I am currently going onto my 3rd year of undergrad and I plan to acquire healthcare hours after I graduate. This is were I am confused: it seems that most pre-PA hours are obtained by becoming a CNA, EMT, CMA, PCT, LVN etc. But every time I look up for one of these positions the usual requirements are a 2-year certification before you can start working. So do most people finish these 2-year certification AFTER they finish their bachelors? and then work for a couple more years before they apply to PA school? Bachelors -> 2-year certification -> HCE -> PA school ? or do you guys do your 2-year certifications for these jobs along with your bachelor classes? Because if you guys do that, then how are you able to manage all those classes at the same while completing both degrees? Bachelors + 2-year certification -> HCE -> PA school ? I am missing something here? How are people getting around this. I know there is shadowing and volunteer options, but it seems schools prefer "paid working" hours. Also after I finish my bachelors I need to make some kind of money to survive, I can't just be shadowing/volunteering my whole time for free.
  18. I am an anatomy teacher and also a coach. I frequently help the AT at my school tape ankles, figure out if students have pulled muscle, knee injuries, refer students to specialists if its serious, etc. If I put this down as assisting/shadowing can it count towards pre-pa hours? I know it can't hurt and I could still use it in my essay/personal experience but not sure if it can count towards hours as well? Thank you!
  19. I am at a loss for how to rack up the HCE hours for my PA application without a certification. I have heard many people say that it is just worth it to get certified, but if I don't have the money to spend how can I? I am looking for suggestions on how to enter the medical care world and interact with patients without obtaining a certification (i.e. EMT, CNA, etc. are out!). I am open to trying anything! Thank you
  20. Hello Everyone! I am graduating in May with a degree in Biological Sciences. I did not apply this cycle (14-15) for PA programs because I have not obtained any hours yet. I am planning on taking an advanced EMT class that will begin in May and will be ending in the beginning of July. I was wondering if it would be smart to apply to schools when CASPA reopens for the (15-16) cycle, because I will not have many hours logged but all I plan on doing after EMT classes is working on getting my hours and shadowing. Or wait all the way to the (16-17) cycle to when I will actually have hours logged. I know that some of the schools I would like to apply to say that they do not require hours but its highly recommended. But then there are some schools that would like hours, but I am working on the hours during the application process, so could I still apply with them and then some how explain what I am doing, without them throwing out the application for seeing that I do not have my hours. Any help is greatly welcomed! Thank you!
  21. Hi all, Although Stanford mentions on their website that applications that don't meet this 3,000-hour requirement are considered "incomplete," does anyone know about or have experience with their flexibility? I'm a graduating senior in college and have worked part-time as an EMT, clinical research assistant, and have done several volunteering gigs involving hands-on care. Estimating what I think makes sense gives me ~1,500 hours. I've accepted a two-year teaching position with Teach For America after graduation and, during this time of working a full-part time job, will have to complete some extra course requirements by taking night classes. So, I won't have much time to work as an EMT and volunteering will likely be difficult to fit in. How do I "keep my feet wet" or will it not look weird that my last real hands-on patient care experience was two-years ago (from the time of application)? Thanks for any information in advance!
  22. Hello, I am a business major (information systems) looking at a possible switch to PA. Here's a little background. I had the inkling that I wanted to be in the medical field after transferring to my university. It has actually always been in the back of my head but I pursued a degree in a hobby I enjoyed - computers. I was primarily focused on DO and/or Dental (did not shadow anyone at the time so wasn't sure). Being that both of those school require a bachelors degree, I found it faster and more economical to finish my business degree and then begin the path to getting into a medical/dental school (plus it was a solid degree to fall back on) Now that' I've graduated (working a very decent job, as well), I've found my work environment to be fairly dull. It's IT - can you imagine being around computers/servers/equipment all day and the only human contact you get is when a machine decides to randomly, and rarely, breakdown? I want to be around people. One of the things I LOVED LOVED LOVED about my past retail jobs was that I got to meet, speak to, and help people I hardly knew - and I felt good about it. I have considered DO and Dentistry but I am very attracted to the flexibility in specialization of PA's. For that reason, I am seriously considering pursuing the PA path instead of the DO/DMD/DDS path I was originally set on. I will admit, I need to shadow a PA to get more insight into the occupational nuances that come with the job, but from my searches online and youtube videos I've watched, it is something that seems to fit my personality and desired professional and personal lifestyle. My main question is this: Is my bachelor's degree in business something that could hurt my application? I understand that PA programs are typically geared towards professionals already working the the medical/health field? Also, I have no clinical experience. There are a few programs in CA that require no clinical hours. The ones that require them require between 2,000 and 4,000 hours. Does shadowing/volunteering count as clinical hours? How did any of you with no clinical experience obtain such high numbers of patient contact/clinical hours? Also, I am trying to get into a post-bacc program to fulfill the pre-requisite course requirements. It's going to cost me a tad over $20k w/out financial aid. Good move? I am doing it because if I get in, it will be faster than going a la carte at my community college (I have reached the max units my state has set that rescinds priority registration). I will never get into a science class at a CC; they fill up after day 1 of registration. Thank you for the help. I'm sure I will have more questions regarding PA and appreciate all of your patience.
  23. Hi everyone, I used to work in veterinary medicine, and recently I took 3 pre-req courses for PA. I am really interested in becoming a PA because it feels like the most important thing I can do. I like helping people with their health. However, I have a five year old son, and I worry that I won't be able to keep up with the workload of school. I've heard that UNT is school mostly M-F 8:00 - 5:00 with extra studying as well. How many hours per week do you typically study? Once you're out of school and practicing, what is realistic as far as your schedule? I always like to logically consider things and not have them sugar coated, so feel free to lay it out there :) Thank you! ~doglover
  24. http://www.clinicaladvisor.com/ugly-battle-in-the-california-academy-of-physician-assistants-needs-mediation/article/384271/?DCMP=EMC-CA_UPDATE&cpn=tyl&dl=0&spMailingID=9971679&spUserID=NDExODQ3NTk5NzES1&spJobID=421739301&spReportId=NDIxNzM5MzAxS0 "Problems within the California Academy of Physician Assistants and the state's PAs has escalated to such a degree that it impacts all PAs." I can't see the information....anyone have inside info?
  25. Hi guys! I've been a hospice volunteer for a little over a year now and am wondering if those hours count as direct patient care in CASPA. I am touching and holding and doing basic care for the people, much like I did in my CNA work. Does this count as direct patient care or does it go under volunteering hours, or both? Please help! Mricca1
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