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  1. Some schools are GPA focused, some seem to be moderately focused on both, some have an interest in people with high quality PCE (by no means is this black and white). Look for schools with accepted class stats similar to yours(high GPA/low PCE) and you should have a good chance. Keep racking up PCE if you can, but it sounds like your PCE job is not current. And if you haven't I guess you would have to make sure your PCE is accepted. I feel like you would have to confirm this for any training/experience from out of the US...but I have absolutely no idea lol
  2. The most appropriate place to post this is under the physician assistant schools section under the Tufts University thread. It will make life easier for everyone. Since this is the General Discussion section. https://www.physicianassistantforum.com/forum/658-massachusetts-tufts-university/
  3. I am not completely sure about the CR/NC thing. I really don't understand how you can decide whether a class is credit/no credit or how can you opt to not have a grade. I didn't know this was a thing, so hopefully someone will know so I can learn as well.
  4. Yes, you add it as its own class using CHEM 22301 and put it as 0 cr. If it was 0 cr then CASPA has you put NG or NA in the grade spot. I can't remember. (OR you just match the transcript whether it is NG, NA, or CR) All my labs were 0 cr and NG (the grade was factored into the lecture) which I had to just put 0 Cr, and NG (no grade) in the grade slot. Which would be the same for REC if it was 0 cr Just don't skip anything on the transcript lol This is from my CASPA app
  5. While being in plenty of extracurriculars is great, It will be hard to spin that in a way that puts positive light on the GPA. Most of the low GPAs are looked positively due to a low to high trend, and the whole "bettering myself" stance. My opinion is that being pre professional and activism organizations will not be the best excuse. If that was the only reason for the GPA, and you truly want to explain, then I would just say it and hope the admissions committee will give the benefit of the doubt. Although, keep in mind that a lot of people are active and work while in school. Your GPA
  6. I did not have genetics but there were an abundance of programs that didn't require it. As the fat man said, you would have to ask the programs. Sometimes they will need you to submit a syllabus to them for review.
  7. The lowest minimum GPA I have seen is 2.75 and that isn't the norm. Most need a 3.0 and this is to just qualify to apply. So this is your main goal, to increase GPA by taking more classes or retaking classes. Otherwise I don't think schools will even accept the application.
  8. I had a W from organic 2 and it turned out just fine for me! You'll be alright!
  9. I don't feel like completing the chem will greatly increase chances. As long as your GPAs are adequate then I don't think the actual degree would help THAT much. Your As and Bs will be fine. I had more than a few Bs and i think I had 2 or 3 Cs on my transcript...and one was in anatomy and I was alright. Granted I worked in a heavy anatomy field for 5 years up until application. Just finish strong and I think you will be fine. If the GPAs are low then you may need more classes to boost, or retake.
  10. Check the school as well. See if they specify PCE up until application or up until matriculation, I have seen an applied to both. No matter what you choose. Good luck!
  11. well a few things to note. 1. Make sure your RN stuff will cover for PA school. I am an RN to PA route and i had to go back for 3 semesters to get the pre reqs done. 2. 0 PCE will hinder your profile greatly even if their is no minimum requirement (even though many have this). The average applicant has somewhere in the 2K range (I don't remember the number) but weighs heavy in decisions. 3. 0 Shadowing hours will greatly hinder app and some schools require this as well. 4. You don't get much experience from applying on CASPA. Just a couple clicks and a could hundred dollars
  12. Alot will transfer over but personal statements and LORs do not. I can't exactly remember what else, but those are the important ones. You could just re-upload the PS but the LORs will need to be requested again.
  13. Along with things mentioned I also want to add that programs which had a PA specific cadaver lab stood out to me. I want that experience, whether or not other people think that it is important. Sometimes learning that info you had to ask, or take part in an information session. It was something that had some weight in my decisions.
  14. This thread is years old and Timon has not logged in for 6 months. Unless he/she is lurking with another account, don't keep your hopes too high for a quick response lol Maybe someone else will have your answer. So bumping it may still work out.
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