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  1. If it's on a transcript, or done to satisfy another requirement on the transcript, then I would put it as "received academic credit." That's just what I would do.
  2. https://www.physicianassistantforum.com/forum/418-texas-university-of-north-texas/ There is a school thread for UNT which is the ideal location to start the 2021-22 post. It will be more organized, there will not be two areas of information exchange, and people will be able to follow better. Especially once this post may fall to the 2nd page. Good luck.
  3. My anatomy was from 2010-11 and was able to find schools. Even had one school waive it but that doesn't happen often. You should be able to find enough schools to apply to. I literally spent a month just looking up schools and making a list. In regard to the other question. I took the GRE and self reported my scores that I got right after the test. Then you can apply before the scores get to the school from ETS. I don't think you can apply before the test, but you can apply after with self reported scores while you wait. Hopefully I'm not steering you wrong.
  4. @LaurenG98Transcripts to CASPA. For GRE scores each school should have a school code (usually 4 digits I think) which you will use to send your scores. You will send GRE scores using the ETS website. After the test you get the free sends, then after that there is a small fee to send the others. Always fees....
  5. Yeah. Been a travel nurse 3.5 years. I listed the hospital and supervisor. Job title included the word traveling, and use the job description section of you need anything else.
  6. @jhn112It would ultimately be up to the schools if those duties count, schools will differ. My opinion on the matter would start with asking some questions. What kind of medical foundation would this job provide? How broad of a knowledge base would you get working here? How many diseases and different presentations will you see? Sick patients? To me it seems like it would be fairly limited, and with this I would say it would be poor PCE if accepted at all. If you have an option for something else then I would try that. Most schools will *probabaly* take some of these ho
  7. I'd even just consider it HCE. Virtually would not provide you patient interaction. Go somewhere else for experience.
  8. Yeah, just that GPA! Take some more credits! There are some schools that will take your most recent credits (30-60) and maybe you'll have some luck with those. Don't really know them off the top of my head though.
  9. Hmmm well GPAs are average, PCE slightly below the last average. Classes completed seem to be the normal except a few in there. It's good to see you switch to ED tech which I think will help out. I'm personally not the biggest fan of scribe experience, which some people think it's the greatest thing on this earth. Now with that GRE check what schools you apply to because some have a minimum score requirement of 300. Also, some use percentiles as cut off instead of overall score. Good shadowing hours. All I would say you need to improve from that list is tech PCE and th
  10. Havent actually heard this one yet. I'm assuming if it is 6 credits of class and 2 of lab then it would be accepted (since the important thing is 8cr total). Although you might have to go through the step of getting it cleared by the school. Which is an extra step. Then when adding classes to caspa you may run into a snag when matching classes to prerequisites. I do not remember if you can match a class to more than one prerequisite. It sounds like it shouldn't be a problem though. I hope someone may have a more concrete answer. You can always start early and ask the schools at this time.
  11. Just hear to say the recent average for PCE hours is about 2600 and supposedly 90% of applicants have 1000 hours.
  12. Most nursing programs will not satisfy prerequisites. You will generally have to go back for a year or two after.
  13. 2500 on the 2020-21 cycle
  14. The LORs have to be requested after it opens. They will not transfer over (same with PS). I would have your LOR writers write it up and then copy and paste it when the request is sent through CASPA. The transcripts can transfer to next cycle. CASPA takes about a day to transfer one apps information to the next year's application. This MAY be different if you did not apply the 20-21 cycle so I may be wrong. I did in fact apply, but i would be safe and request the LORs after it opens.
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