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  1. Im just going to say that my cadaver lab greatly helped me understand anatomy. I'm sure programs without have very good apps and "anatomy tables" I'll call them but I'm not sure how much I would have like that in comparison. Just touching and tracing vessels, nerves, muscles, etc helped me understand.
  2. I would take the EMT an work in the ED. This is one of the best kinds of "non degree" PCE you can get IMO. You get a very broad exposure to disease and you always have clinicians that you can ask questions. Make it known what you are trying to go to school for and people will teach you. I vote this over PCT on the floor ever single time. I worked as an ED Nurse for years and the techs learn alot, especially if they want to.
  3. Most seems to be pretty open and for a large part separate from the religious aspect and just focus on education, but yeah it's school dependent. I'm not religious and my school is still awesome for me.
  4. Nursing school is incredibly easy compared to PA school. Just throwing that out there. Hopefully it all works out. Also, if you have an overall GPA below a 3.0 in my program, you lose.
  5. Yeah. I think you'll be alright.
  6. You can always try lol I mean it will not look good for PA school, plus this obviously looks like PA is just a fall back. Plus PA school isn't easy. They honestly may see a fail out of 2nd year as a sign you wouldn't get through IMO. Don't know anything about AA though
  7. If you don't have a bachelors then that's the first step. Then whatever pre requisites you do have done generally have, but not always, a 7-10 year expiration. Then GRE/PA-CAT if needed. Then apply via CASPA. Also, generally if the pre requisites were not for "pre med" students then alot of places will not accept them (but not always the case).
  8. Agree with what was said. Otherwise a pretty average profile. Probably will get some invites.
  9. I'd pick the one you did better in. They will still see the other grade either way. I feel like it's more just a box to check that you clearly made all the requirements. So then they are not getting a bunch of useless applications. If they do calculate a pre req GPA off that then there ya go. It's weird the school only needs 1 semester of each. Just make sure it doesn't say 1 year of the classes and/or 8cr hours. If it doesn't then that's awesome!
  10. All I had to do was send it on ETS website using the code and self report the score in CASPA. Never had a problem or this email. Hopefully you get it sorted.
  11. EMT would count as PCE. Depending on if you're in a rig with a paramedic will decide how much you will learn. Some EMTs are basically BLS transport. Either way it will be PCE but still try to get the best experience. Id say become and EMT-a (or AEMT however they do it now) or hopefully get in a rig that has a paramedic. We have a couple EMTs in my class.
  12. https://www.physicianassistantforum.com/forum/778-west-virginia-marshall-university/
  13. I don't think this will hold you back, but I've never had to deal with this.
  14. I am under the impression that it will not meet requirements. Also, you do not want to have a subpar anatomy before starting school lol. Even if you do want that, I don't think schools will accept it. Anatomy is one of the hardest, most time consuming classes in PA school and that is with good undergrad anatomy classes. I think most schools are requiring like 8 credits of undergrad a&p that is for the pre med majors. In my nursing program that's what we took and it was sufficient. If you want PA school then i would not do this.
  15. That's up to you, but that score will put you back. At the same time most schools just see it as a box to tick. The gre does not have a strong correlation with PA school success. Although, school will still use it to compare candidates. If there is no minimum and you think you fit the school well, then I'd still apply
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