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Tentative Timeline From 2020 - 2021 Cycle's thread

August 21, 2020                rejected notice

                                         I got an interview invite. Sent through email with a link to schedule the interview.

                                       I was put on the waitlist for an interview.

August 27, 2020                My interview is on the 4th of September.

                                       Mine is September 25th.

September 22, 2020          The information packet sent out before the interview stated there                                                 was 382 applicants.

                                        They interview 60 and accept 30.

October 1, 2020                 Just got my call guys!   /   Just got the acceptance call about 2 hours ago.


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    • By diggitydog
      Tentative Timeline From 2020 - 2021 Cycle's thread
      December 7, 2020              I just received an interview invite!
                                              For Jan 6th?
      January 14                          from my understanding it’s call for acceptance and email for waitlist or denial
      January 15                          I just got a phone call at 1100!! I got accepted!!! Mine showed no caller ID, keep that in mind!
      January 17                          Just got waitlisted
      February 8                         Just got accepted off the waitlist!
    • By diggitydog
      Tentative Timeline From 2020 - 2021 Cycle's thread
      July 13, 2020                   Just got an interview invite!
                                            Received an interview this evening for August 1st!
      August 7, 2020                 I just got my acceptance!
                                            I was waitlisted around the same time.
      August 17, 2020               I receive an email today with an invitation for an interview on Aug. 29.
      August 31, 2020              I was waitlisted from the 8/29 interview
      September 9, 2020         Received a interview for 9/26
      September 28, 2020       I got waitlisted   /   Got my acceptance today
      October 20, 2020           Got accepted off the waitlist last night!
      November 16, 2020        Just got accepted off the waitlist!
    • By hemeoncpro
      Didn't see a thread on the 2021-2022 app cycle for Shenandoah, so figured I'd start this one. 
      Submitted application on 06/07/21. Not yet verified.
      Good luck to everyone!
    • By student1776
      Hi all,
      It is my first cycle applying and I am wondering if anyone has any guidance or suggestions towards interview preparation. I know that there are resources for mock interviews but they are usually $100+ just for one. Does anyone have any other ideas especially just to get started or how to become confident and ready on interview day? i am very personable and don't typically struggle during interview situations but with these I know I will be nervous and I don't want that to be the only impression left on the adcoms.
      Or when is a good time to begin the preparation and everything we should know about the schools before interviews? 
      Any feedback on things that helped you or you plan to do is much appreciated!
      Thanks and good luck to everyone!
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