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  1. Is there anybody who still hasn't heard anything besides them receiving your application? I applied in September.
  2. Congratulations! Did you just get a call this morning and if so when did you interview?
  3. I just got my rejection too, good luck to everyone!
  4. I agree, it's under their FAQ page, in the "What's happen once I submit my application?" tab.
  5. I read on their website that the MS program interviews won't be offered until Spring.
  6. Did you apply via the BS/MS dual pathways for incoming freshmen, or did you apply via CASPA for the traditional Master's Program route? You may have contingency offer, I know they messaged me that if I was offered a slot, it would be contingent upon me passing my Calculus course this spring.
  7. I just received my interview for the Knoxville location on February 22! Anyone else interviewing then?!
  8. Does anyone know if all of the interview dates have passed or not?
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