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  1. Any advice on how to set up these rotations as a visiting student? I reached out using one of the emails you provided and the person told me that they do not accept students from schools they do not have a contract
  2. Does anyone know if we should be doing anything right now? I did my background check and since then i haven't heard anything except today an Email from Ms Sheila Faulkner talking about a registration process? I feel like I'm missing something?
  3. To anyone on the waitlist for the Dual Degree program (MPH and PA), I just got off the waitlist, was reached by Christian by phone yesterday. I declined the offer as I got into a program already. Hope this helps someone waiting to hear back
  4. I got my call at about 7:30pm, It was the professor who interviewed me as well, and I'm SO beyond happy! Good luck guys, can't wait to meet all of you!
  5. I thought the interview process was actually a lot more relaxed and laid back as compared to my other interviews. Everyone was super nice and the group interview was a lot more chill than I had anticipated. Good luck to everyone!
  6. Nothing yet, Their deadline is Jan 15th, so they not be notifying anyone till then?
  7. you get there, they take a photo of you and you get to hang out with the other interviewees until its time to go upstairs. You head upstairs and get a presentation and meet some of the staff and faculty. Then as they call a few people up to have their first interview, the remaining students get to work on the essay (which was very straightforward and not at all intense.) Once everyone has interviewed (and the dual degree students interview twice in the morning) you have a Q and A session with current PA students and then go on a tour. After the tour me and the other dual degree students get sp
  8. Oh okay. I was verified June 25th, Received an invite to interview July 31st, picked my interview date in October. And then waitlisted 2 days after i interviewed. They did say that they only have 10 spots for the dual degree students each year, so it seems like a tough spot to get. Anyways, good luck!
  9. Received an invite and registered for Jan 9th. Look forward to meeting you all. And good luck!
  10. I applied for the dual degree, interviewed on 10/1, waitlisted 2 days later. HBU?
  11. Anyone on the Waitlist hear anything? I applied for the dual degree MPH/ PA, interviewed on October 1st, waitlisted on the 3rd, and haven't heard anything since. I know they said they only accept 10 students for the dual degree so I'm not getting my hopes up
  12. SPRING? wow, okay. I guess i just need to be patient, haha. Thanks for the info!
  13. Anyone who applied in Mid/ Late June Hear back yet? Or are they still on the May applicants?
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