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  1. Lol that kind of attitude you're not gonna get into any schools. At least I hope you don't. It would probably be best to stay in your sheltered democratic city of Denver where you won't be exposed to such scum.
  2. Dont know if you're looking for specifics but I was told it's a combination of three things. Group interview, individual interview and a 30 minute writing assignment.
  3. I haven't received anything from them. Let us know what they say if you contact them.
  4. No one can accurately answer your question. If you don't speak English like you said and don't have any healthcare experience and you just decided a few months ago to go this route your odds aren't going to be good. Why not wait until next year when you can strengthen everything?
  5. There wasn't any school that I applied to that asked for proof and none had a specific place to submit it on CASPA. They always have the ability to call whoever you put down so I think that's enough to keep people honest because if they catch you lying they will inform everyone. Anyone that I have seen that had a document as proof just made up a generic excel spreadsheet with all of their hours and locations.
  6. I just got it. Little anticlimactic after reading it haha
  7. I was verified July 10th. I joined an info session today and Jamie said she had a stack of apps she was going through right now and hoping to have most invites sent this week and next. Hope you get a call!
  8. They start a new class every year in Sep/Oct. This current cycle would be for Sep/Oct of 2022 start date assuming you applied this cycle starting in April. Which is why it's confusing they are interviewing students already for next year when this year's class hasn't started yet. Unless they are trying to get a few more people for the class that starts in a few months.
  9. They're already doing interviews? I haven't applied yet but their website said interviews aren't until January-May which makes sense with their late application deadline of March.
  10. I got my call today for an interview in September. As for the prior post about additional information I just wrote that I felt everything was covered well in the Caspa application and left it at that.
  11. Brenau University Georgia https://www.brenau.edu/healthsciences/physician-assistant-studies/
  12. Taking the GRE would open up a lot more options for schools for you. Also I would make sure none of the schools know that you're applying to 15+ schools. Doubtful that you have told them that but for future reference, don't. Any other part of your app you haven't told us about? A lot of withdrawals from courses? Criminal history? History of not staying dedicated to a career or school? Your GPA certainly isn't low enough to get automatically rejected unless you're applying to schools with 3.25+ gpa requirements or something. Are you sure your personal statement is solid? Maybe get some more sol
  13. I just got a call for an interview in September. My first interview invite so thats exciting! Haven't been able to find much from any students that started in their first class in January so it would be great if anyone could let me know how it's going!
  14. I finished the supplemental the day I submitted CASPA.
  15. I did. I knew they would be watching it so might as well look your best.
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