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  1. Got an “alternate interview” spot Luckily I am already accepted into another program, but I was pretty interested in UWL! Good luck all
  2. Hiya! I interviewed on 6/14 and I got my acceptance call on 6/18. I hope this helps, and good luck!!!
  3. It was so surprising and such an honor. But if I’m being honest, I’m struggling with waves of imposter syndrome Anyone else?? I interviewed on Monday, June 14th and got my acceptance on Friday June 18th
  4. Well everyone… My username is now true!!! I got ACCEPTED!!! I got the call Friday (6/18) afternoon, and I am still in shock. For those still anxiously awaiting to hear back, hold onto hope. There’s plenty of spots available, so don’t stress. And for those who get a no: you’re going to be a PA someday so don’t give up even though rejection hurts. Congratulations to all who have heard the ‘you’re in!’ and I can’t wait to get to know you. Best wishes all!
  5. Hey! I'm from Minnesota, and it is also my first time applying there.
  6. cGPA: 3.81 sGPA: 3.74 PCE: 3600+ GRE: 313 Volunteer: 373 hours Shadowing: 10 hours (all online) Various leadership and research experiences
  7. I got an interview! Yay, I can't believe it. Reviewed 5/19, interview offered 5/24.
  8. Hey all! I just wanted to kick off the 2021-2022 Application Cycle thread so we can all freak out together. I'm so excited to be applying this cycle. Best of luck to everyone!!!!
  9. Hey all! I applied to the GR campus and was verified on 5/18. Looking forward to the possibilities that this cycle will bring. It is my first cycle applying! My stats: cGPA 3.81, sGPA 3.74, PCE 3,000+ hrs Good luck everyone, we can do this!!!!
  10. Hey all, I thought I'd get the 2021-2022 Application Cycle thread rolling! I submitted on 5/11 and was verified on 5/12. Good luck everyone, I can't wait to see what this cycle brings!!!!!
  11. Hey guys! I'm applying to Yale Online this cycle. I submitted today, 5/18 and was verified already due to applying to a different program a week ago. I'm SO stinking nervous. It's my first cycle! Some stats: cGPA 3.81, sGPA 3.74, PCE 3000+ hours The supplemental application questions were doozies. I did my best not to be repetitive to my personal statement and to each question, but the prompts blended together so well! Now that I'm seeing that people are already getting interview invites, I'm going to be refreshing my email 24/7! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!
  12. Submitted 5/18 (and verified same day). Good luck everyone!!! It's my first cycle and I'm applying to 10 schools.
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