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  1. -confusing title / thread location, I know, but most relevant info i've found.
  2. UNE https://online.une.edu/science-prerequisites/organic-chemistry-i-lecture-lab/ pay price for convivence, most schools allowing online labs during this time
  3. ^^^^^^^Link to the above: https://school.wakehealth.edu/Education-and-Training/PA-Program/Class-Profiles
  4. Tentative Timeline From 2020 - 2021 Cycle's thread June 25, 2020 Submitted 5/19, verified 5/20, and invitation for interview 6/22 December 15, 2020 Received an interview offer for Jan 6th January 13 Got the call today! I was accepted from 01/06 interview February 8 I got accepted!
  5. Tentative Timeline From 2020 - 2021 Cycle's thread May 28, 2020 application verified and received confirmation about my supplemental August 26, 2020 received an interview invitation this morning for Harrogate on Oct 2nd. October 13, 2020 Just received an Interview for LMU Harrogate. October 27, 2020 I just got the acceptance call from Mrs. Wells November 12, 2020 acceptance call from Knoxville from interview on Nov 6th email that I am on the alternate list for the Harrogate Campus from 11/13 interview November 29, 2020 my email says final decisions regarding waitlist will be made in April or sooner December 3, 2020 Just received an interview to the Harrogate campus today for early January December 16, 2020 I just got the call from knoxville from 12/07 interview January 21 received an interview for LMU Knoxville for February 10 February 17 acceptance call this morning for the Knoxville program February 21 invited to interview on March 3rd for a spot in the Knoxville program March 5 accepted to LMU-Knox PA program March 21 got an email with a seat offer after being on the waitlist for a while March 29 I interviewed on 3/16, just received a waitlist email this morning.
  6. Tentative Timeline From 2020 - 2021 Cycle's thread May 20, 2020 email from Barry today letting me know they had my verified application review of applications would begin in June! June 22, 2020 graduate studies admin call to confirm application? July 17, 2020 email from Barry stating my application was processed/ under review August 13, 2020 email said that interviews will begin in September and final decisions made by April 2021. September 22, 2020 interview invitation for dates starting in October via email September 28, 2020 interview invite today for the Miami campus October 12, 2020 I just received an email for an interview invite! I picked 11/06 Acceptance response 4-6w post interview (realistically 7w) November 25, 2020 Just received an acceptance email! Waitlisted by email January 8 Accepted off the waitlist this afternoon! January 28 interviewing for Barry St. Pete 2/18 March 1 accepted off the waitlist! I interviewed on 11/13 March 18 Waitlisted for St. Petersburg, interviewed on 2/18. April 23 Got the official denial today... that's a wrap for this semester.
  7. Tentative Timeline From 2020 - 2021 Cycle's thread September 14, 2020 Just received an interview invite I scheduled Nov 5th at 12pm October 9, 2020 Interviewed 10/8, accepted 10/9 October 29, 2020 interviewed today! Yes!!! I was accepted 15 minutes ago by email November 19, 2020 Even if the class is full they will still be having interviews into January Interviewed today and accepted by email! December 11, 2020 Just got an “alternate” decision email January 13 Just got invited to an interview for 1/28! (class full, for alternative list) February 24 I was on the alternate list and received an acceptance call on 2/15! Interviewed 1/14 March 2 I was on the alternate list from the 1/14 interview and got accepted on 3/02!!!
  8. Tentative Timeline From 2020 - 2021 Cycle's thread June 4, 2020 Was just offered an interview to take place via zoom on Thursday, June 18th. June 19, 2020 I got the acceptance call July 2, 2020 Received an email that I was placed on the alternate list July 8, 2020 received an interview for 7/23 August 28, 2020 got an email saying I was waitlisted from 08/14 interview I received a call this afternoon! They accepted me off the waitlist! I interviewed back in June. September 9, 2020 received notification that I was placed on the alternate list.. I interviewed on 08/27. Got an acceptance call yesterday from the 8/27 interview! October 2, 2020 I received my acceptance call off of waitlist November 9, 2020 Got the acceptance call this morning but will most likely be turning down
  9. Tentative Timeline From 2020 - 2021 Cycle's thread June 5, 2020 received email: "We have received your application....... July 2, 2020 I received a call just now inviting me to a virtual interview on July 31st July 8, 2020 Scheduled to interview July 31. Application received May 21 invite sent July 2. Super excited! July 20, 2020 got an interview invite for august 13th August 4, 2020 I'VE BEEN WAITLISTED LMAO received an email interview invitation for 8/28 I received an acceptance call today. August 19, 2020 Waitlisted from 8/13 interview Got my acceptance call September 2, 2020 Got an email that I am waitlisted October 5, 2020 I received a rejection email today stating that: “the admissions committee has concluded their selection process for the class of 2022.” October 27, 2020 pulled from the waitlist November 14, 2020 acceptance call and email this morning off the waitlist
  10. Tentative Timeline From 2020 - 2021 Cycle's thread December 7, 2020 I just received an interview invite! For Jan 6th? January 14 from my understanding it’s call for acceptance and email for waitlist or denial January 15 I just got a phone call at 1100!! I got accepted!!! Mine showed no caller ID, keep that in mind! January 17 Just got waitlisted February 8 Just got accepted off the waitlist!
  11. Tentative Timeline From 2020 - 2021 Cycle's thread July 13, 2020 Just got an interview invite! Received an interview this evening for August 1st! August 7, 2020 I just got my acceptance! I was waitlisted around the same time. August 17, 2020 I receive an email today with an invitation for an interview on Aug. 29. August 31, 2020 I was waitlisted from the 8/29 interview September 9, 2020 Received a interview for 9/26 September 28, 2020 I got waitlisted / Got my acceptance today October 20, 2020 Got accepted off the waitlist last night! November 16, 2020 Just got accepted off the waitlist!
  12. Tentative Timeline From 2020 - 2021 Cycle's thread September 2, 2020 I got an interview invite this morning! Me as well! Doing my interview next Thursday! October 1, 2020 Decisions are posted everybody! I was accepted I got an email that my portal had been updated. I was waitlisted October 20, 2020 I got a call yesterday and was told that I was accepted from the waitlist!!
  13. Tentative Timeline From 2020 - 2021 Cycle's thread August 21, 2020 rejected notice I got an interview invite. Sent through email with a link to schedule the interview. I was put on the waitlist for an interview. August 27, 2020 My interview is on the 4th of September. Mine is September 25th. September 22, 2020 The information packet sent out before the interview stated there was 382 applicants. They interview 60 and accept 30. October 1, 2020 Just got my call guys! / Just got the acceptance call about 2 hours ago. Waitlisted.
  14. "Applicants who are selected for interviews will be notified via the email on file in CASPA on September 10th, 2021." Tentative Timeline From 2020 - 2021 Cycle's thread Last year applicants received interviews / rejections on the respective date, interview dates were scheduled Acceptance / waitlist offers approximately 1mo later (Oct. 5th) One post from last year mentions: 120 interviews, 30 acceptances, 90 waitlisted: (6 groups of 15?)
  15. Tentative Timeline From 2020 - 2021 Cycle's thread May 26, 2020 Just received a link to the supplemental application! June 7, 2020 I received my confirmation email that my application was under review September 5, 2020 Got an interview for the 15th Received an interview invite for 10/6!! October 9, 2020 Just got the acceptance call!!! Interviewed 9/15!!! I was emailed and placed on the waitlist. October 10, 2020 received a rejection email today October 21, 2020 Rejected today / acceptance call! / Placed on the active applicant list yesterday via email. October 27, 2020 I just received an interview invite and am interviewing on 11/23 November 6, 2020 Just got THE call, interviewed 10/13 November 13, 2020 interview invite received today for December 1st! December 15, 2020 Got pulled off the active applicant list today!!! January 28 Accepted today from the 1/11 interview! Yay! February 22 interviewed in late September and was placed on the waitlist in October. Just received the call today that I am accepted!
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