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  1. Verified 6/2, but still have not heard anything! Good luck everyone
  2. Congrats! That’s outstanding. You’re gonna do great things
  3. That was such a fun staff to interview with. Really made a great first impression of their program. If anyone has any questions about program specifics, feel free to message me. They had a lot to say that was not found on the website!
  4. Hello! I am not sure of how many people they are interviewing or many seats are left... however, I did just encourage one of my friends to apply and he decided why not. If you have already paid to take the Casper, then you would have to send your scores to them too. In my mind, it never hurts to have more apps in. Also, I have relatively lower stats of science GPA and shadowing hours, and I was offered an interview! If that gives you any inspiration! Again, I have no clue how they are conducting their interviews or what kind of people have been accepted Best of luck!
  5. Can anyone tell me if I log into this flipgram thing if I will have to do the videos right that second. Or can I log in, check it out, and then do it another time?
  6. In response to my last post, just received a “status update” in their portal 9/30. I was declined, but best of luck to all those still waiting to hear. Most importantly, congrats to those who are accepted. You’ll do great things
  7. HAHA for sure. I posted this in all the schools I applied to so I guess I could have taken out the "still haven't heard anything" DUH I HAVEN'T, silly me. Talk to you all in December I guess!
  8. I have not heard anything and I was verified 7/10. I was thinking about reaching out very soon. What do you think
  9. I typed out all my questions as well with numbers. Each answer was about 4-5 paragraphs long. I sent them in a large envelope. I know this is kind of a late response, but thought I would post so everyone else can view as well!
  10. Applied and was verified 7/9. Still have not heard anything back. Best of luck to everyone
  11. I applied and got verified 6/9. Still have not heard anything, anyone know how many seats have been filled?
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