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  1. Got the call yesterday with an acceptance! Two hours after the interview as well. Congrats to everyone, and good luck to people interviewing in the future!
  2. I just got an email to fill out the supplemental form, no word about an interview offer though. Hope this info helps for those wondering about a supplemental!!
  3. Look on their website.. they list 4 hotels and all the closest airports. There also was a little interview schedule as well. CONGRATS!
  4. I am staying at the comfort inn and suites and will be driving since the closest airport is an hour away and I do not feel like paying for a rental car. 13 hour drive it is! I can't wait. Also, I saw on their website that family members are "welcome and encouraged" to join in on the tour and Q&A session. Anyone planning on bringing someone along with them? Congrats to all that got an interview. All of mine have been virtual so far so I am excited to finally see people in person.
  5. 7/13 application received! 8/30 eligible for interview consideration!
  6. Got an interview for the 17th, so excited!
  7. There is about 11 more questions and essays to answer. That is just me pulling up my google doc to remember. About 5 of them were decently long answers (1 paragraph-4 paragraphs)
  8. Just got notification that I was waitlisted. Best of luck to everyone interviewing in the future and admitted students! Hoping to get off waitlist :)
  9. I was in group 4, still nothin!
  10. I have not heard back from the 8/12 interview.
  11. Looks like the other 2021 application cycle got taken down or deleted so I thought I would start a new one? Someone correct me if I am wrong.
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