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To take the GRE again or not (?)....that is the question.

Take it again?  

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I am looking for opinions because I am unsure if my GRE score is "okay" or if it will hinder my acceptance into a program. All input is welcome. This is the first time I have applied to PA school and I would prefer, like most, to only apply once.


My stats:


<12,000 hrs. of patient care experience.

Free Clinic volunteer hours and overseas volunteer hours.

2 years of research, Co-investigator, 2 separate studies.


Undergrad GPA: 3.37

Science GPA: 3.57


***GRE: V: 156 (69%) Q:149 (39%)<---EEK A: 4.0


I guess the question is is it worth retaking with a quant so low? My combined score seems a-okay compared to the "average accepted applicant" at most schools. I am afraid to A) take it again and score lower or B) not take it again and have an admissions committee freak at the Q of 149. With that said I have taking multiple college level math courses and received As and one B. Does that make up for a crappy GRE score in the Q section?


Again any input welcome!

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from what i remember during the application process, most schools said the GRE is just a formality and didnt stress it. I got a crappy score in a section (i believe the writing component) and it was never mentioned during interviews. If your grades and healthcare hours are strong then i wouldnt worry about it...


however if you do retake it, i believe you can now pick and choose which score report you send to schools, so if you happen to do worse on the next one (knock on wood) you can pick the better score to send schools

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