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  1. You are absolutely correct. I apologise, you weren't the conservative forum member who sent me a private message. Again I APOLOGISE FOR THE MIX-UP.
  2. Hey y'all! What does everyone's welcome message in your PURL state? Mine has changed from"we've forwarded your app to the committee" back to "congrats, we've received your application". My document upload tab is also no longer in the drop-down menu. Just curious if anyone else has seen any changes. Thanks!
  3. @Boatswain2PA I couldn't imagine being constantly and consistently called a racist, bigot, behind the times etc everytime I voiced my opinion. That's got to, in the words of a millennial, suck. But when does one self reflect and ask ..."WHY is everyone calling me racist, bigoted and/or behind the time?" As much as I can't imagine having your experience of being what feels like being silenced, I have a much harder time imagining being so blind and ornery as to ignore all the reveille to curb/change/acknowledge your unpleasant intolerant speech (ultimately, thought). Please no need t
  4. When did you guys apply, if you don't mind me asking?
  5. FYI: The tuition waiver possibility only applies to the Pocatello and Meridian campuses. It does NOT apply to Caldwell
  6. Congratulations . As much as I love this program and the faculty (they are the absolute best), I am afraid they may not receive accreditation again. (No evidence, just my own worries.) It worries me to wait until September to find out about their status especially in light of turning down summer and fall start programs that are fully accredited. One major pro is that the inaugural cohort is phenomenal. The class is already feeling like a family. I doubt there is a better group of students out there. Good luck on your decision. It's a tough one for sure.
  7. Acceptances went out today! Glad to be accepted to ISU (Caldwell!). Can't wait to meet everyone. B
  8. Congratulations!!!!! I am so happy someone from the wait list made it through! Good luck!
  9. Several students have moved on to different programs where they have gained acceptance. As far as accreditation, the KSU website should now be updated with more information and dates ( I'm not sure if the specifics.) Has anyone on the wait list been offered a seat recently?
  10. Does anyone else now have the document upload link in their PURL? it's located in the drop down menu to the top right.
  11. It is a traditional interview style. Very relaxed but the processed is highly organized. Just be yourself and you will do well. When is your interview date?
  12. Good luck to all of those who haven't heard back for an interview. (Today is the last day for calls off the interview waitlist.) Don't fret ; there are still plenty of opportunities remaining for admission to other programs this cycle. Keep your heads up and look forward toward your future as a PA (or hopefully MCP if our name changes). If your heart is absolutely set on UW-Madison, sharpen up your application, and reapply. I was given this advice by a current student in the program so I am passing it along to you all. One more year of the stressful application process is worth it to ga
  13. Congratulations!!! There is hope after all. I'm sure you will do great on your interview. Which day did you chose?
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