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  1. Just received an interview invite today. So for those who haven't heard back yet they are still interviewing folks. Stay positive!
  2. Yeah okay..but my question is to you and the other medical professionals on this forum. Maybe I should rephrase so as to not get these 'defend Trump at all costs' responses: In your medical opinion, should the president of these United States of America have stayed at the Walter Reed medical facility to continue his treatment for CoVid-19 until his SARS-CoV-2 nasopharyngeal swab test or antibody assay came back negative for the virus? Can you answer that very specific question?
  3. My question was absolutely NOT rhetorical. Veteran PAs on this forum talk all day and night about % of billing, ICD-10 and RVUs. The vets know all to well how to calculate their RVUs to make sure their check is cut for the correct amount. I am certain folks here can provide a pretty good estimate of costs had Trump been an uninsured patient at their facility.
  4. Getting back on topic so that this thread isn't shut down (we youngins need to know how our PA "leaders" think and feel); 45 is now back in the white house "working". He is slated to receive his remaining treatment at the white house. Is that a good idea? Is his presence safe for the staff and press and all those that work in the white house daily? Should he have remained at Walter Reed until he no longer tests positive? Also, who can give a quick estimate of how much his hospital bill would be, including air transport, if he had no insurance? Or we can even be a bit more realistic and guess how many days he would have been "admitted" to the ER before they found a room for the indigent patient?
  5. Did I miss that Kamala Harris is the democratic presidential nominee?
  6. Thank you for this information. I'm glad the AAPA is on top of this issue. I will send a letter and will try to encourage my future classmates to send letters as well.
  7. To my veteran PAs: I recently received an email about the Student to Service HRSA scholarship that states NPs and Certified Midwives are now eligible disciplines for the upcoming scholarship cycle. The reason for the addition is the bolster primary care and obgyn providers in underserved and rural areas. Makes sense to me... however to my surprise PAs are not included in this scholarship opportunity. Is this an issue that the AAPA would take up? If not, who can I write about this issue other than the HRSA?
  8. You have a little time to mull it over. Congrats again!!!
  9. Wooooooo!!!! So happy for you!! Are you going to accept or are you planning to wait to hear back from other programs?
  10. Without going into detail, from my experience the essay leaned more toward an interview question. However, you should prepare for anything. I believe they have a pool of questions they use. Is it not a GRE style essay question, if that is your concern. But again , full disclaimer, there are probably several questions they choose from. Be yourself, have confidence, engage and have fun during the interview process. I think that's the most important thing at this stage. Good luck!
  11. Yes. Kansas State physician assistant class of 2023.
  12. I received an email a few moments ago.
  13. @jc6816 Yaaasss!!! My fingers are crossed for you too. Wait-list is not a rejection so there's still a good chance you're going to get in. @AjeBaje I'm accepted!! Just hoping everything goes well with the accreditation process bc I don't think I'll be applying to more schools like I originally planned. This entire process is exhausting. Did you check your email???
  14. Anyone receive an email this evening?
  15. I would dress business casual. It's more of an informal meet and greet. Good luck!
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