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  1. Had many FTE MAs making 10-12/ hr in family practice! Most had families to care for and ironically couldnt receive services at our clinic because most were on medicaid. Of course many of the staff left for better pay and better quality of life (family practice is brutal on everyone member of the healthcare team). I once had to beg HR to give $1 raise to get my lowest earning MA to $11. It was like pulling teeth. Low and mid level management is also paid pennies btw. Unless you have RN in your title as a manager, in my experience, clinic management gets shafted.
  2. I'm not sure but knowing how much more money they have this year to spend I am guessing there are more "days", if you will, of credit checks than in previous years. I would be surprised if this was the only round of credit checks. Also- capitalone may have just reported my check a day late. Who knows.
  3. CreditWise (CapitalOne) sent me an alert this morning. Experian was checked on 06/15/2021 by "Nhsc Lrp/sp/hrsa". Looks like the credit checks may span a few days. Hoping this leads to becoming a finalist!
  4. I wonder if you can request your quartiles from last years test. I am curious to know where I landed.
  5. @CardiacKiddo what location are you attending?
  6. Of course, leave it to our wonderful legislative body in this backwards a$$ state to vote 39 to 39. The bill did NOT pass. I hate this state. The NP bill passed 61 to 40. Again I hate this state, I hate the money that is involved with paying to get legislation passed and I absolutely HATE the good-ol-boy politics. I worked with the current director of the LA medical board and his sidekick , who both presented testimony neither in support nor opposition. (Yeah right, they both opposed in so many words.) They are friends and both MDs with ties to a family medicine residency program. One of them is a doctor for Rep. R. Carter (who voted nay). Where is the conflict of interest?!?!? Get assistant out of our name!!! This is killing us. I doubt there would have been so many dumb, excuse me... unorthodox, questions from our mainly high school educated legislative body if our name rhymed with nurse practitioner. Ok rant over. Any advice on what I can do. I am thinking of penning a letter to the speaker of the house that Rep Carter's vote should be stricken due to clear and obvious conflict of interest.
  7. So yesterday the LA HOD passed legislation to approve NP FPA in the great state or Louzziana. I watched and was honestly surprised that it passed. Now the bill is off to the LA Senate. LAPA played the game pretty smart in my humble opinion: they placed HB442 back on the calendar to be debated today 5/6/2021. Basically they let the NP bill get debated, questions answered (horribly by the State Reps authoring the bill) and passed prior to the final presentation of the PA modernization bill. In essence, what's good for the goose etc etc. Yesterday's session is available to view here: https://www.house.louisiana.gov/H_Video/VideoArchivePlayer?v=house/2021/may/0505_21_Day15_2021RS . The NP Bill (HB 495) debate starts at timestamp 2:49:50 . Very interesting to watch if you guys have some time. Back to the PA bill. Here's what is stands to accomplish: The full bill can be read here: https://www.legis.la.gov/legis/ViewDocument.aspx?d=1218613
  8. Why we (black folks) always gotta get thrown in the mix. Leave us out of this one lady! We get care from whomever can write that script for our HCTZ okay. Lordy
  9. You are absolutely correct. I apologise, you weren't the conservative forum member who sent me a private message. Again I APOLOGISE FOR THE MIX-UP.
  10. Hey y'all! What does everyone's welcome message in your PURL state? Mine has changed from"we've forwarded your app to the committee" back to "congrats, we've received your application". My document upload tab is also no longer in the drop-down menu. Just curious if anyone else has seen any changes. Thanks!
  11. @Boatswain2PA I couldn't imagine being constantly and consistently called a racist, bigot, behind the times etc everytime I voiced my opinion. That's got to, in the words of a millennial, suck. But when does one self reflect and ask ..."WHY is everyone calling me racist, bigoted and/or behind the time?" As much as I can't imagine having your experience of being what feels like being silenced, I have a much harder time imagining being so blind and ornery as to ignore all the reveille to curb/change/acknowledge your unpleasant intolerant speech (ultimately, thought). Please no need to send me a private message excusing your behavior and rhetoric on your "southern" upbringing in Georgia. We've crossed that bridge and it left me more confused than alleviated. Just instead maybe lay off the Tucker Carlson at night. As to why the forum doesn't see much action, my oopinion is that its because no one wants to engage when it almost always becomes political. I'm interested in the PA professional experience, treatment plans, DDx and rare case reviews. Not being inundated with crazy debates over gun laws or cancel culture vs woke-ism. Give us the goods; leave the rest for facebook. Fwiw: had a corneal abrasion, sent home with no analgesics, pain was excruciating BUT motivated me to get to an ophthalmologist asap. Immediate relief from the corneal contact! If you can offer it to your patients in the ER or UC please do.
  12. When did you guys apply, if you don't mind me asking?
  13. FYI: The tuition waiver possibility only applies to the Pocatello and Meridian campuses. It does NOT apply to Caldwell
  14. Congratulations . As much as I love this program and the faculty (they are the absolute best), I am afraid they may not receive accreditation again. (No evidence, just my own worries.) It worries me to wait until September to find out about their status especially in light of turning down summer and fall start programs that are fully accredited. One major pro is that the inaugural cohort is phenomenal. The class is already feeling like a family. I doubt there is a better group of students out there. Good luck on your decision. It's a tough one for sure.
  15. Acceptances went out today! Glad to be accepted to ISU (Caldwell!). Can't wait to meet everyone. B
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