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GRE score sent as subject score to CASPA

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I went on my pdf application and it shows the official score as a subject score. It only lists my verbal score without the quantitative and writing score. Is anyone else having this problem? I heard from someone else it is a technical difficulty that ets is having right now but wanted to see if many others are experiencing this.

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This happened to me as well. After many calls with CASPA it was fixed. They said it was an issue recently for GRE confirmations. Everyone there was very helpful and kind but it was difficult for them to understand what I was talking about as each time a new person was unaware of the issue and what could have occurred to make it report like that. Try downloading the school view again to see if it is fixed. If it is not, try calling CASPA and asking what schools have verified scores on their end. For me, that is how they were able to detect the issue as my screen had 10 scores sent, while theirs had 5. They can see the student view as well so they were able to see what I meant. Good luck! Hope that helps!

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