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How will you celebrate your acceptance?

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When I graduated with my Master's degree over the summer I gifted myself a pair of morganite and diamond earrings to "celebrate" by success. With SARS-CoV-2 among us there wasn't much else to do to celebrate other than gifting myself something. I'm thinking when I gain acceptance to a PA program I am going to celebrate a bit more creatively with a tattoo cover-up I've been eyeing.

Future PAs - what will you do to celebrate when you get that wonderful acceptance email or phone call? 

PA-S and PA-C folks - how did you celebrate acceptance or graduation, for that matter?

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5 minutes ago, NOLAPALady said:


A trip to Ireland sounds amazing but alas...CoVID

True: it was 2004. A different world. Just worried more about terrorism s/p 9-11. Did get to track down some of my wife's family and meet some cousins she had never seen. Pretty cool time and place.

You could rent an airBnB somewhere in the US (since other countries won't accept us these days anyway).

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9 hours ago, dukkulisur said:

I celebrated with a 3 week solo trip to Italy.  Had always wanted to go but put it off for years, finally decided it was now or never.  This was in January, right before COVID shut everything down... glad I went when I did! 😬

Nice! Italy is definitely on my list of must go places. A three week solo trio sounds both amazing and terrifying at the same time. 

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For acceptance....mine was kind of muted (to be brutally honest).

After I received my first acceptance and put down my deposit, two days later I received another acceptance.  Three days after that I received my third.  The last school was highest on the list however also had a start date 5 months later than the first.  I went with that one....

So trying to celebrate I got in, however adjusting from a Jan start to May start thinking why did I do that?  I could be 5 months into my program and I haven't started yet - an lost $1000 deposit in the process....

So I planned a great April.  Easter out of town with Family, Annual fishing trip, guys from college getaway and one last blowout going away - however COVID hit.

On the positive side I saved a lot of money, put my priorities in check and prepared for the rigors....

So those who have graduated - looking for your what you did since I hope to have two celebrations in one! 


PA- Student

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Guest mands

eep, I love this thread! 

lol @nathang ME TOO!!!


Acceptance: I'm gonna get myself an ipad! a new backpack for school (I had the same one my senior year of high school + whole undergrad + 1 year of post-bac)...aaandd maybe foster a cat or something?
Graduation: Not sure yet - Maybe a trip somewhere?! 

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Another laptop story.... I'm currently using mine from Senior year in HS!   It works and not having issues (except poor battery).   Received a new one for Xmas last year and didn't think I needed it.  Delayed in getting it set up and then BOOM - classes started.   No time to try and set up another.  Hoping I make it through 4 more weeks and then will set up my new one for Fall semester.

Advice - Do NOT procrastinate!!!

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