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Does my current Clinical Research Role counts as PCE

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Hello all, I graduated about 2 years ago with a BS in Human Biology with an average gpa of 3.4 and a science gpa of ~3.3. I am planning on working on this gpa at my local community college to make myself more competitive. I currently have about 150 hours of volunteer work at my local ED (mostly restocking, and patient transport). I’m looking to expand into other volunteer opportunities as well. I've left a lot of specifics out of course but just wanted to provide some background before getting into what I’ve been spending the last two years doing. 

After graduating, I got a job as a Clinical Research Associate at a well regarded Cancer Research Hospital. This role involves a lot patient interaction as I am one of the primary consenters for the study at one of the clinics. I go over the entire protocol with the patient, outline risks and benefits, and facilitate the consenting process if the patient agrees to move forward. I work along side multidisciplinary oncology teams on a daily basis. The services we offer as a part of the study could be extremely beneficial for some patients, so doctors regularly refer patients to our study. I am also, however, allowed to approach patients in my own purview. This would involve me screening the patients chart for eligibility. I’d say 85% of the role involves patient interaction, whether physically or facilitating consenting. The other 15% involves administrative work. I do not take vital signs, draw blood, or really come in any physical contact with the patient. I’ve been working here for about a year and half. The experience I’ve gained has been amazing and has further engrained my desire to become a PA. I’m just afraid that this won’t count as PCE. Can I please get some clarification? I now have around 3000 hours of experience working here. 

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